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50 Heart-Stopping Photos Taken Just Before Disaster

If you love photography, then you have come across some photos taken before things went really wrong. Some of the pictures are hilarious, while others are cringe-worthy. But that’s the beauty of photography.

Watch Out For The Cargo

The cargo ship almost toppled over. Believe it or not, the boat didn’t flip over, and nobody got hurt. What is impressive is that only three boxes ended up in water.

Perfect Grand Finale

This is a picture of a pilot when he ejects himself before the harrier crashes. Talk about perfect timing in front of a big audience at an air show. The best part is no one was injured, and everybody thought it was part of the show.

The Gator Photobomb

This grandma decided it won’t be a bad idea if she poses for a picture in the water. Then the gator also decided to come to take a picture with this beautiful granny. The grandma was not harmed, nor was the gator.

Swimming With Whales

This diver almost became the whale’s dinner, but luckily for him, he can swim fast. Or maybe the whale was full. This picture looks magnificent. The photographer did a great job.

Surviving A Motor Crash

Nigel Corner is a driver of the motor cars. In 1998 he survived a motor crash. The photographer took one of the best pictures when the driver was flying out of the car. How he survived is by miracle. The reason he survived according to an interview with motorsports magazine is that he forgot to tie the safety belt.

Run! Gators!

This picture is hilarious since the tour guide seems to be freaking out more than the tourists. In her defense, she may have more knowledge about the gators in the area. This picture was taken when the tourists were dumped into an alligator-infested swamp.

Missed It By An Inch

This picture was taken during a car race where one of the cars crashed into spectators. The ladies escaped the crash by an inch. Luckily no one was hurt, including the driver of the race car.

Python Whisper

Python is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. It can swallow a whole crocodile, so swimming with it is crazy. But this lady doesn’t seem to mind the proximity of the python.


The fear of clowns is not only experienced by children but also by adults. And it is a real thing, especially when they creep out of nowhere. This man is strolling happily pushing a cart of pastries only to be startled by clowns at the corner.

Daredevil Rider

Why not try a cool bike trick and have fun with it. This kid is a stunt master but too bad for him; he will end up getting soaked. And poor mum and daughter who seem to be enjoying a lovely boat ride.

You Almost Lost An Eye

This poor guy almost lost an eye to getting that one last look. Okay, the lady is gorgeous, but seriously you ran over a pole to get one last look. On the bright side he did get her attention.

Titanic Role Play Fail

One of the things couples like doing on a boat is re-enacting the famous titanic pose. Sadly for this couple, the seagull decided to make the picture even more exciting. The seagull flew right on the lady’s nose.

Water Skiing Or Flying?

This water skier seems to have enraged whoever was driving that boat. Instead of skiing, he was flying which is also cool. Despite the picture he never collided on the other skiers though he did fall and got some brutal burns.

Shark Surf

Great idea to go surfing with the shark. This surfer is not aware of the shark, and he is having the time of his life. Luckily the shark wasn’t interested in him either.

That Wasn’t Funny

The expression on this lady’s face is priceless. After realizing that the husband was holding a stingray on her back she freaked out. On the bright side, she became famous with her face being used to make memes.

Gator Standoff

This posture is hilarious officer chuck Lamm points a gun to a 6-foot alligator. He was doing his duties and tried to pull someone over when the gator decides to interrupt. The gator did not move for 20 minutes, and the person being pulled over left the officer to deal with the gator.

Encounter With A Killer Whale

Everybody has heard of the killer whale tales, but few have survived the encounter. This whale is huge, and when it lands on that boat, its game over for the fishermen. Luckily for them they survived to tell the story.

Elephant Love

Driving to nature in the hope of seeing a wild animal, how about a friendly elephant. This elephant came to sniff of this couples car and wondering what it was. It never tossed the car it calmly waited for it to pass.

Octopus Pack

The fun fact an octopus can leave you paralyzed, unable to swallow or breathe if it feels threatened. This couple knew about this, and they faked paralysis till the octopus was removed from the man’s back.

A Nibble Won’t Hurt

Camels are known to be aggressive towards each other but friendly to humans. You can pet them, play with their hair, and feed them with ease. This camel seemed to have gotten enough if the humans and tried biting this poor tourist.

Look At Me I Can Pole Dance

Never pull a pole dance stunt while holding a drink. That poor man was drenched in a drink in a public means of transport. You wonder why people hate public transportation.

A Cat Rocket

Look at that cat go, whatever it was chasing it was worth it. The cat was moving so fast it ended up looking like a rocket. That look of the determination made sure that it caught whatever it was chasing.

Bee Stings Also Hurt The Bee

Did you know that when a bee stings someone, it leaves its barbed stinger? Also, it leaves part of its abdomen, muscles, nerves, and digestive tract. This hurts so bad that it ends up dying.

Oops Dodge Ball

Playing ball while wearing glasses is risky. Have you ever been hit by a ball while wearing glasses? The frame turns to a weapon aimed at only your face. Hope this lady learned never to wear glasses while playing with a ball.

Special Delivery

People believe that stocks are a sign of good luck. Stocks are great parents, and they take care of their offspring even after they learn to fly. This picture looks like the stock is delivering the baby from the sky.

Duck! Here It Comes

This pigeon seems to have targeted this boy for revenge. Maybe he did not give it enough treats and wants revenge. This picture is classic as the boy runs to save his life, but the pigeon manages to poop over his head and clothes.

Sick Of This Party

This may perhaps be one of the most embarrassing moment for the young lady. She seems to have had enough of the party like literally. She had to throw up to prove how bad she wanted to go home.

Picture Perfect

You have to admit this picture is ideal for a wallpaper. From the gorgeous mountain behind to the fantastic car with a water reflection. Sadly this car ended up crashing in the lake doing a nosedive.

Watch Out For The Bat! Too Late

Going to see a live game is so much fun, but it turns to be a nightmare when a bat lands on your face. The fans are all ducking, but the poor guy was slow. His expression is priceless.

Fight Back!

Well, one of the birds seems not interested in fighting back. These birds are pulling some kungfu ninja kicks which can make the ninjas jealous. This is beyond hilarious when you see the birds fighting for a seedy snack.

Wait! Does She Have Horse Legs?

This is a hilarious picture that will make this couple laugh or mad at the photographer. The bride sitting on the horse looks like she has horse legs. The photographer needs to be congratulated for taking a great picture at the moment.

Walking On Clouds

This skydiver is walking on clouds, how cool is that? This proves that sky diving is fun and incredible. This guy is an advanced jumper as you can tell from the poses he is striking.

Lurking In The Shadows

This man is enjoying the fact that his hunting trip is a success, not knowing there is a cougar behind him. What would you do if you turned around and saw the mountain lion staring at you?

Hold On Tight!

Riding a horse is fun and amazing until the horse throws you and you end up flying. This sport is exciting and dangerous; you need to be ready for anything. Hopefully, the rider wasn’t severely injured.

Watch Out For The Recoil

If you know anything about a gun, then you know how the woman is holding it is wrong. She should shoulder the rifle for great support; otherwise, the recoil will punch the scope to her eyeball. Or maybe she knows what she is doing.

Am A Mermaid! Wait You Need A Fishtail Not A Head

This picture is hysterical the fish did a perfect photobomb. Nobody can tell who the diver is but the fish is sure smiling for the camera. If this picture doesn’t make you want to go snorkeling, I don’t know what will.

Ninja Cat

This cat has some ninja skills from the way it is hanging on the door frame. It can drop on the dogs back and give it a perfect scare.

Bike Stunt Went Wrong

Always make sure that you check the bolts and nuts of your motorbike. This guy seems to be enjoying riding his bike until the front tire came off. If not for the ultra-low clearance of a minibike, this guy would still be in the hospital.

A Little Leggy

You have to admit this is a little hilarious. The huge body of the waiter in comparison to the skinny legs of the customer. The waiter ends up looking like Johnny Bravo. But why do they have a waist height mirror in a bar?

Cheers To Bad Decision

These guys are the kings of bad decision. Seriously, using a front loader to hoist a ladder so that you can take down a tree? Not to mention the lawnmower isn’t that big. I hope they managed to finish their tasks.

Watch Out For The Vase!

This picture has a lot of loopholes in it. First one of the pieces is in a Plexiglas and the other in the open. Second, the pedestals are not bolted in a museum. But I hope the vase was not an original piece.

Hope She Can Swim

Why was she standing at the edge of the pool with her clothes on no less? The guy seems unbothered and striking a perfect pose. Hope the lady brought changing clothes though.


This picture is breathtakingly perfect for the gram or magazine. The posture and the waves look great. Both the photographer and the model did a great job in capturing this moment. Am sure you all want to try this pose.

Birthday Cake Disaster

This birthday might have been filled with disappointment for the one celebrating it. Hopefully, they had something special planned for the super sixteen birthday because cake cutting was a bust. The hilarious part is the guy at the back he doesn’t even flinch as the lady tries to save the cake.

Thank God For The Attack Suit

Training a canine police dog can be terrifying. You have to love the fact that there are attack suits; otherwise, you will end up being shredded. The dogs need to be trained how to tackle a robber and do a good job.

Careful! You Don’t Want To Land In The Fire

This costume party or Halloween party would have turned to a horror show real quick. Thankfully judging from the proximity to the farmer, the rider didn’t crash on the bonfire. He better learn to ride a bike before he gets on one again.

Bye-Bye Pizza

They better have a backup pizza because they are about to starve. Who holds up a thumb with the hand holding something though? The look on the lady’s face is drop-dead hysterical.

If You Aren’t Good At It, Don’t Try It

This guy seemed to have forgotten not to try a stunt in public unless you are good at it. He ended up nose first on the deck. He broke his nose what a bad luck in a public pool no less.

It’s Going Down. I’m Yelling Timber

Well, this is not the famous song timber is falling from a truck. What would you do if you are the driver behind the truck? This is scary even to think about it.

Monkeying Around

The photographer knows how to capture a moment. The look on the monkey’s face when the skirt flies up is one of a kind. Wonder what he was thinking at this moment.

All Fantastic

Photos taken before things went wrong are a fantastic way to capture a moment before everything goes haywire. A good photographer knows when to capture that perfect moment in a picture.

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