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Bride Passes Out At Altar After Groom Whispers Secret In Her Ear

Caleb and Maggie

Caleb and Maggie were friends for a long time. They both grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, and they had been friends ever since high school. Caleb and Maggie had many mutual friends, which meant that they were often together. Having the same circle of friends meant that they spent a lot of time together in school. They went together to pep rallies, homecoming, and prom. They even studied for finals together in group study sessions. People always asked them why they didn’t get together. At the time, they weren’t interested in one another. They were happy with just being friends.


Part of the reason they never wanted to be more than just friends was because they were busy. They each had goals for after high school, and these goals kept them busy. Caleb wanted to become a marine, and he was determined. Maggie had her own dreams, and while still in high school, they supported one another. This meant that they both understood that they couldn’t get into serious relationships, because it would just distract them from their dreams of the future.

Things Changed

After high school, Caleb and Maggie started to see one another in a different light. When they got older, their priorities began to change. Over time, they began to realize that they might be more than just friends. The couple couldn’t pinpoint the exact time that it occurred, but something happened between them. Although they were both busy with their lives and trying to achieve their goals, they made time for one another. Both Caleb and Maggie wanted to see where their relationship would go, and they made this a priority. Their feelings were undeniable, and in the fall of 2013, they started dating officially. Both Caleb and Maggie’s families were happy for them. They had gotten to know the kids well in high school, and now that they were together, the families couldn’t have been happier. Getting to know each other as more than friends was exciting for the couple.

Considering Forever

Caleb knew that he was in love with Maggie and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He knew that he didn’t want to wait to declare his love for Maggie, and he started thinking about marriage. He went to a few different jewelry stores, and finally, he found the perfect ring for Maggie. He knew that he was ready, he had the ring, but would Maggie feel the same way? Would she be ready for marriage at such a young age?

An Important Question

Caleb had the perfect ring, he had his family’s blessing, and he had Maggie’s parents’ permission. With all of these things settled, Caleb knew that it was time to ask Maggie to be his wife. He knew that they were both young. They would only be 22-years-old when they were married, but Caleb was sure. He just hoped that Maggie felt the same way. When he asked, she said yes. They were young, in love, and planning a wedding. The world was theirs, and they couldn’t have been happier. They were going to have their forever.

Planning the Wedding

Maggie and Caleb never thought that planning a wedding would be so much work. Caleb, who was usually a really laid back guy, was getting stressed out. Maggie was also stressed, and the wedding planning was taking up most of their free time. Rather than spending time having fun and spending time with their families, they were working hard to plan the perfect wedding. As stressful as everything was, they knew that it would be worth it in the end. They would have a beautiful wedding, and they would be surrounded by their friends and family members. They knew that the work and the stress would all pay off.

Shared Faith

Caleb and Maggie loved each other, and what solidified this love was their shared, strong religious beliefs. They were sure that everything would happen the way that it should. The couple had faith in God that things would work out for the best on their wedding day. They also know that God would guide them during their marriage while they were sharing their lives together. Religion was important to both of them, which only made them sure that they belonged together and that their marriage would be beautiful.

Feeling Fortunate

Over the years, Maggie and Caleb had gone through some tough times. The fact that they had weathered every storm together just made Caleb even more confident that they belonged together. He may not have been Maggie’s boyfriend in high school, but he was always very protective of her, and also very proud. He took these feelings with him after high school, and now, these feelings were only stronger now that he and Maggie were committed to one another. He knew that he would feel this way forever, and he was incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful woman by his side.

Being Away

Maggie and Caleb didn’t have a typical relationship where they could spend every free moment together. Caleb was serious about his goals of becoming a United States Marine, and he made this dream come true. He believed that this was an honorable job, and serving his country was something that made him proud of himself. Being a Marine meant that Caleb would have to be away from home and away from Maggie for long periods of time. It was up to Maggie to hold things together back home while Caleb was gone. She was willing to do this, but it was difficult. Not knowing where Caleb was and whether or not he was safe was difficult for Maggie, but she knew that Caleb needed her to be strong. She believed that if Caleb could make such a big sacrifice for his country, that Maggie could make the same sacrifice for her husband.

Growing Up Fast

Caleb always wanted to be a Marine, and he reached this goal by the age of 19. Before he and Maggie got married, he had already been in the military for three years. He hoped that his time in the Marines would help prepare him for marriage and a life with Maggie. They both understood the effect that Caleb’s career would have on their wedding because they were never able to have a typical relationship. They both understood Caleb’s career choice and what it would do to their relationship and their future. Caleb only hoped that Maggie would continue to be understanding.

With God’s Help

Things weren’t always easy for Maggie and Caleb because they were apart so often. Fortunately, they had God by their sides. They knew that even when they weren’t together, God had a plan for them, and he trusted this. They treated one another with respect and knew that they were destined to be together forever. Having their faith in God made it easier for them to handle the distance that Caleb’s job put between them, and the danger that Caleb was in while on missions. Both Maggie and Caleb say that it was their faith in God that got them through these difficult times.

A Photographer

Planning the wedding wasn’t easy, but Caleb and Maggie didn’t have any ideas that were over the top. They wanted a simple ceremony that focused on their faith, their friends and family, and, most importantly, each other. Everything was coming together quickly, except for the photographer. The couple had called many photographers, but most of them were already booked on the day of Maggie and Caleb’s wedding. They were worried that they would have no photographic memories of their wedding day because it seemed like everyone was booked. The couple had faith that they would find someone when a friend made a suggestion. The friend told the couple about a photographer named Dwayne Schmidt. He was a well-known photographer, and he was very talented. The couple just hoped that since Dwayne was so well-known that he wouldn’t be booked on the day of the wedding. They prayed that he would be available at such short notice.

Meeting With Dwayne

A few weeks before the wedding, Maggie and Caleb sat down with Dwayne to see some of his work. When they looked through his portfolio, they were sure that he was the right person for the job. After seeing just a few of his previous wedding photos, Maggie and Caleb asked if he was available on the day of their wedding. Their prayers had been answered, and Dwayne wasn’t booked on that day. When they hired Dwayne to be their photographer, they had no idea that he would turn them into internet sensations.

A Roadblock

Everything was falling into place for the couple, and every detail on their list was checked off. Unfortunately, they got the news that could have ruined the wedding. Dwayne called Maggie and Caleb just a couple of weeks before the wedding. He told them that he needed to have emergency surgery to have kidney stones removed. The operation was scheduled only one week before the wedding. He was worried that he wouldn’t be healed in time for the wedding. Maggie and Caleb were worried, but they decided to stay the course. They were going to be married no matter what obstacles got in their way.

Putting Their Faith In God, Again

The couple decided to put their faith in God that things would work out the way that they were supposed to. So far, God hadn’t let them down. Their unwavering faith in God had already got them through so many obstacles that they were sure that God would help them through this as well. They trusted that things would work out fine and that things would work themselves out.

Their Prayers Were Answered

Fortunately, God heard their prayers, and Dwayne called them. He told them that he had his surgery, and it went well. He had a week to recover before the wedding, which would be plenty of time. Finally, everything was falling into place. The wedding was planned, they had a photographer, and all that was left was to get to the wedding, and say their vows.

Upholding Tradition

Caleb was a traditional guy, and he wanted his wedding day to be traditional as well. He had an idea, so he gave Dwayne a call. He told him that he wanted to uphold tradition, but he also wanted to do something unique and unusual. Dwayne was excited. It wasn’t too often that he was able to break away from traditional wedding photos. Thanks to Caleb’s idea, he would be able to show his love of composition and art.

The Big Day

Finally, the big day had arrived. Caleb was finally going to make Maggie his wife. Dwayne was going to be photographing Maggie while she was getting ready, and it was almost time for Caleb’s surprise. While Dwayne was shooting Maggie and her bridal party getting ready, he saw Caleb entering the area through a door in the back of the room. He could tell that Caleb was nervous, and he was prepared to take the photo. Caleb was on one side of the door, and his future bride was on the other. He didn’t want to break tradition by seeing his bride before the wedding, but he wanted to do something meaningful. Caleb wanted to pray with his future wife, so they met on either side of the door, and they held hands without looking at one another. Dwayne was right there to capture the whole thing on film.

An Emotional Moment

The women in the room with Maggie saw what was going on, and they all became incredibly emotional. Not only did Dwayne capture Maggie and Caleb’s touching moment on film, but he also captured the women’s emotions.

Internet Sensations

When the photo of Maggie and Caleb praying together got out, it quickly went viral and turned the couple into internet sensations. The couple had no idea that their photo would touch so many people until they read the comments on the picture. Bride passes out at altar after groom whispers secret in her ear, and it affected people all over the world.

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