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Celebs that Farted on Live TV

For some reason, farting is considered to be the most embarrassing and unforgivable of all bodily offenses and yet, one can really do nothing but let it all go once the body decides to play its tricks. We have all been in situations when we couldn’t stop ourselves from breaking the wind. Would it be possible for you to go about life as usual after releasing a gusty gaffe while on the sets of Dancing with the Stars? If ever you were caught farting on camera, would you apologize and move on like the bad-ass woman Whoopi Goldberg or try to sweep all allegations under the carpet like Max Kellerman and Mike Ditka? Think well and answer. For now, let us tell you about all the celebs who farted on live TV.

When Regis Philbin Couldn’t Keep Things Under Control

If you ask our opinion, we think Regis Philbin’s butt cough was intentional. Why? No man would indulge in such a blatant audio-visual pun while sitting next to someone as beautiful as Kelly Ripa.

In 2006, Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin launched a new segment called ‘Kelly’s Thanksgiving Secrets’ and Regis marked the inaugural ceremony with a loud banger. Kelly, though she looked surprised, managed to get the show back on course with a cute giggle. And while Ripa tried her best to draw the attention away from what would eventually become a fartgate, Regis showed his guilt by closing the buttons on his coat and asking what the fuss was about. However, this wasn’t the only time Regis let things get out of control. We have information that he farted once again in 2014 while entertaining zookeeper and conservationist Steve Irwin.

Julianne Hough Couldn’t Hold It In After Hearing the Scores

Julianne Hough – a contestant on Dancing With The Stars – turned heads for quite a different reason than one would imagine in October 2007. Hough and her partner on the show, Helio Castroneves, had just heard their scores when Hough broke wind. What could have been a humiliating experience passed off as mild awkwardness thanks to Hough’s brother, Derek, who couldn’t hold his laughter, and his cute response tided the situation over.

Dancing With The Stars has a history of on-air farts, which is not shocking since it’s a dance show. Let’s accept it, no matter how hard you try to hold it in, it’s pretty much impossible to do so in certain positions. In the same season of the show, Lindsay Arnold was heard letting one rip right in her dance partner’s face. One would think this would be as mortifying as it gets, but no. CBS greedily covered the story with a catchy headline to capitalize on the incident – cringe-worthy indeed.

Barney Frank’s Fart on Live TV, and How It Made It Big as News

Representative Barney Frank’s 2011 interview on The Rachel Maddow Show stayed in the news for quite a while, but not for reasons one may presume. Frank spoke about job creation and the money America was spending in Afghanistan and Iraq during the interview. But when audiences heard a certain noise, the focus shifted from politics to something else altogether. Unexpectedly, the following days saw Frank’s alleged gas bomb turn into a full-blown news story!

Daily Caller did a whole piece discussing whether the sound was a fart or something else. They concluded it was definitely a fart and even called Frank’s office for a comment. Good heavens, it’s like celebrities can’t fart without having to acknowledge it to the world.

Larry King Once Took Away All Seriousness out of a Serious Discussion with an Outburst

Would you believe us if we told you that veteran television host Larry King once started a live interview with a fart? Yes, that’s true. In 2006, while discussing the Hezbollah rockets hitting Israel, with Dana Rohrabacher, the former republican American politician, Larry turned the serious discussion into a not-so-serious situation by letting out a gusty gaffe. Dana had heard it too and the audiences could see it on his face.

Since AdWeek is always interested in getting to the bottom of fartgates, they immediately got down to digging the dirt for more details on Larry’s tooters and reported that the world-renowned television host was notorious for farting on air. GQ substantiated this claim by reporting that the veteran TV host keeps a fan under his desk to blow away the raspberries he blows from time to time. Larry King once asked his Twitter followers why was a fart considered funny and he apparently got many funny answers to the question.

Do you know what’s worst than being caught farting on camera? It’s to have someone standing next to you confirm to the world that you did it. That is exactly what happened with former NBA superstar Paul Pierce. We will tell you all about what happened with Paul in just a short while, so stick around. Meanwhile, if you are enjoying this video, please do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

Nancy Grace’s Not so Graceful Booty Cough

During a 2011 episode of Dancing with the Stars, Nancy Grace just couldn’t handle the pressure and decided to break the wind. It was a good day for Nancy — she, along with her partner Tristan MacManus, had impressed the judges with a beautiful waltz performance on ‘Moon River.’ It was all going well until co-host Brooke Burke started asking questions, giving Nancy no time to retire to a quiet corner. What she delivered that day was perhaps the most obnoxious soundbite of her career. Surprisingly, this happened only a few days after her famous wardrobe malfunction. When TMZ launched an investigation and gave Nancy a chance to come out clean, she tried her best to shift the blame to those sitting a few inches away. What’s funniest is that after the entire episode, the adult site Clips4Sale tried their best to buy the footage from ABC. Thankfully, ABC does not sell out easy.

Whoopi Goldberg Accepted and Apologized for Her Stinker

In 2014, during the ‘Hot Topic’ segment of one particular episode of The View, Whoopie Goldberg released a stinker which left both the guest Ashanti as well co-host Rossie O’Donnell grumbling badly. The noise was loud and clear and left no room for confusion. Of course, newspapers had to get involved. New York Daily News launched an investigation and reported that Golberg was a serial tooter who already had two ‘fartgates’ to her credit.

The first time she decided to release the hounds on national television was when she had Dr Oz as a guest. At the time, Barbara Walters was baffled and had quizzed Whoopie about her manners. Then, in 2011, while interviewing Claire Daines, Goldie had let out another whopper. What we admire the most though is that unlike other celebrities, Whoopie did not indulge in denial and instead, offered an on-air apology. Whoopie Goldberg just reminded us that women fart too and that’s completely alright.

Ditka’s Stinker During ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown

In 2015, during ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, Mike Ditka, the former coach of Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints, apparently, let it all out and though Ditka has never accepted the allegations, the sounds, as well as Cris Carter’s face, gave it all away. Even though the former coach tried his best to sweep all allegations under the carpet, news channels, papers and magazines immediately reported ‘Fartgate’ with NBC even suggesting that the incident raised many eyebrows. GQ went a step ahead and hired a body language expert to understand what had really happened during those five seconds that inevitably became a moment in history. Uproxx decided not to mince words and called Ditka’s stinker ‘a big old fart’. Ditka tried to defend himself and put the blame on someone else but in the end, no one was buying it.

Ben Carson Didn’t Just Fart on TV; He Did So While Quoting Scripture (At Least Vaguely)

In a 2017 interview, Ben Carson was seen discussing The EnVision Program for the poor. Carson sought citations from The Bible to drive his point home, which would have been fine had he actually quoted scripture as is. But Carson started quoting The Book of Proverbs, and the next thing you know, he was wildly off track, and out of the blue, he let one rip.

While the incident was mostly overlooked, Trevor Noah is not one to miss the chance to poke fun. On The Daily Show, Noah made fun of the gassy incident saying Carson’s fart was only made worse by him quoting scripture at the time and that he hoped Carson’s expensive chairs were equipped with fart suppressing tech.

Max Kellerman’s Alleged Cough Fart and Series of Farts

In 2019, sports commentator Max Kellerman was in the news as the media speculated he farted on ESPN’s First Take, a show he co-hosted. In the episode in question, Kellerman coughed during a noisy discussion, and many claimed it seemed as though he coughed to cover another noise. While this was just speculation that would have died out soon, a certain thread on Reddit made the story so much more interesting.

A Redditor claimed Kellerman farted a total of seven times during the episode. And this would have been ignored as a bizarre claim had the Redditor not cited the exact time for each of these seven farts. The story blew out of proportion, and to cut a long story short, Kellerman came on The Dan Le Batard Show the following day and claimed innocence of it all. He acknowledged he had farted on set in the past, but he said never broke wind during the broadcast in question.

Paul Pierce’s Fart Smelled So Bad, Co-Host Michelle Beadle Called Him Out For It

The former NBA star Paul Pierce was in the limelight for a particularly nasty fart in 2019. Pierce, who was an ESPN commentator at the time, allegedly farted on Michelle Beadle, who was his co-host on Off The Clock. Beadle wasn’t one to brush it under the rug; she called Pierce out for it and later even said it was “nasty.” When others tried to help Pierce save face and said Beadle may have been mistaken, she would have none of it. Beadle stood her ground as the whole social media drama unfolded.

There you have it. Clearly, celebrities don’t have it easy when it comes to awkward situations and embarrassing bodily functions on stage and camera in front of dozens or even millions. What’s interesting is farting can be humiliating, but it’s still normal and something that everyone does. So while it’s ok to poke fun – just like you would at a friend – it’s outright odd to see some publications and media houses make editorials out of such instants and ask said celebrities for comments.

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