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Dad Invites This Unexpected Guest To Daughter’s Wedding


Each year, there are over 2 million weddings in the United States. Every bride that gets married wants her day to be perfect. They want the perfect dress, the perfect venue, beautiful weather, and a stress-free day. This is precisely what a woman named Krysten hoped for her wedding. She had no idea that there was a huge surprise in store for her on her wedding day. It is the daughter’s wedding.


Krysten grew up with an amazing and loving family. Her mother and father adored her from the second she was born. They always wanted the best for their little girl. Growing up, she was obsessed with Disney movies. She loved the happily ever after in movies like Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. Her favorite Disney movie of all time was The Little Mermaid. Growing up, she always wanted to have a happily ever after the way Ariel did.


Krysten met Chris in 2014. The pair happened to be visiting the same city at the same time. On a rainy day, their paths crossed. When the two got to talking, they discovered that they had a lot in common. They both loved to ski and snowboard and many other of the same activities. He had no idea where Krysten was from, but he knew that he had to see her again, so he asked her on a date. She said yes, and it was magical. Krysten says that Chris made her heart skip a beat every time he smiled. The two said goodbye to one another but agreed to keep in touch. The first date was so magical that they were both willing to try a long-distance relationship.

Getting Closer

The distance between Chris and Krysten didn’t cause them to drift apart. Instead, their bond grew closer. They became excited each time they got to see one another. They spent hours on the phone and visited one another every chance they got. They grew closer and closer every day, and they were in love. Chris knew that Krysten was the one for him, so he bought a ring, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. Krysten didn’t need to think about it, and said yes immediately. Soon, she was dreaming of her wedding. She had been dreaming about it since she was a little girl, and finally, she was going to have the wedding of her dreams.

Excited and Stressed

When the happy couple’s parents found out that they were engaged, they were thrilled. Krysten’s father was especially excited. He always dreamed of walking his little girl down the aisle, and now he would have his chance. He wanted to make sure that her wedding was perfect. Krysten and Chris were excited about their wedding, but they were stressed. There were plenty of plans to be made, and it was a bit overwhelming.

Guests and a Venue

As the wedding planning began, the couple realized that they were going to need a large venue. The guest list continued to grow, so they looked for large venues. They finally settled on The Icona Gold Inn, located in Avalon, New Jersey, which was a beachfront hotel. This meant that they could get married on the beach, and have the reception inside.

A Surprise

Krysten’s father knew that she hated surprises, but he had to do something special for his daughter’s wedding. All he could think about was her love for Disney movies. This got him thinking. He had an idea, but he didn’t know if he could pull it off.

Jodi Benson

Krysten’s father knew that Little Mermaid was her all-time favorite movie. After doing just a little bit of research, he found out that the actress who gave the Little Mermaid her voice was Jodi Benson. He thought that if he could get Jodi to sing at his daughter’s wedding, that it would be the fairy tale wedding that she had always dreamed of. Since he had no contact with the Disney, he would need to work really hard to get in touch with Jodi. Even if he could get her to do a video chat, it would be fantastic. It turned out that Krysten’s father was able to do much more than that.

The Big Day

Finally, Krysten’s wedding day arrived. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and Krysten and Chris were finally husband and wife. As they headed to the reception, Krysten had no idea of the surprise that her father had in store for her. Dad invites this unexpected guest to daughter’s wedding, and it was going to be incredible.

The Surprise

At the reception, the best man and the maid of honor gave their speeches. When they were done, Krysten’s father took the mic and told Krysten how much she loved her. Next, he started walking toward the door of the venue with the mic in his hand. Krysten had no idea where her father was going, and when he opened the door, a woman was standing there. Krysten didn’t recognize the woman, and she wondered why her father invited a stranger to her wedding. It was Jodi. He handed her the microphone, and she started to sing, Part of Your World, which was one of Krysten’s favorite songs from the movie. She couldn’t believe it; she had a real-life fairy tale wedding.

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