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Jack Nicholson’s Affairs Led to Wild, Illegitimate Children

One doesn’t become one of the world’s most infamous playboys without fathering a few illegitimate children along the way. Jack Nicholson is perhaps one of Hollywood’s most notorious casanovas, and for good reason. The New Jersey native is rumored to have slept with upwards of a thousand women throughout his life, many of whom were superstars in their own right. From A-list actresses to legendary singers to some of the most celebrated fashion icons on the planet, Nicholson certainly kept himself busy in his younger years. Although he’s only actually ever been married once, Jack’s mind-blowing list of former lovers reads more like a who’s-who list of some of Tinseltown’s finest.

Nicholson fell for his co-star Sandra Knight when they worked alongside each other while on the set of the Roger Corman horror film The Terror and their relatively short-lived fling produced a child, fashion designer Jennifer Nicholson. And over the next few decades, Jack’s firstborn got a few half-siblings. While Jennifer’s father has been fairly open about discussing the kids that he has fathered during interviews, the acclaimed 12-time Oscar nominee has kept a tight lip when talking about his alleged love children, despite being repeatedly asked to recognize them publicly.

These requests have been routinely ignored in the past, but the rumors have never faded away, and the kids in question are all adults now. Just what was it like being the offspring of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated icons, and what are they up to these days? Let’s find out.

Jack Took His Adolescent Daughter To Wild Hollywood Parties

After Jack Nicholson and Sandra Knight split, their daughter, Jennifer, went to go live with her mom in Hawaii. Jennifer would occasionally fly back to LA to get stay with her dad during her preteen years, but Jack did very little in the way of changing his plans or curtailing his over-the-top lifestyle when she came to visit.

Jack would often take little Jennifer to the Bel-Air Hotel, Playboy Mansion, producer Robert Evans’ house, or wherever his buddies Marlon Brandon and Warren Beatty were partying. Nicholson’s own drug-crazed house parties were already pretty legendary by the time that he and Sandra Knight’s marriage came to an end, and she was very much aware of that reality. But she couldn’t do anything but hope and pray that her daughter didn’t get an eye-full of anything too disturbing while hanging out in the company of her father and all of his rowdy famous friends.

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And don’t go running off just yet. Stick around to see what kind of projects Jack Nicholson’s kids are up to these days now that they are all grown up.

Being Jack Nicholson’s Daughter Wasn’t Always A Walk In The Park

Jennifer Nicholson has paved her own path since reaching adulthood, although stepping out from under her father’s massive shadow wasn’t that simple of a task for her. Being the daughter of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars put an incredible amount of pressure on her shoulders.

After finishing up her degree in Art History, Jennifer first scored a gig as a set designer on one of her father’s films. For a brief period, she even gave acting a shot herself, but soon discovered that it wasn’t really her calling. She starred in a film produced by her dad called ‘Blue Champagne’ but it failed to be picked up for distribution.

She worked for a stint as an interior designer during which she redecorated Courtney Love’s abode. She then shifted gears and focused her talents on fashion, opening up a boutique and founding her own label.

While visiting her father in the United Kingdom while he was shooting ‘The Shining’, she fell in love with the punk aesthetic. She then became obsessed with slashing up articles of clothing and covering them with studs and patches. For a while, it became the look that she was known for.

Jennifer herself is a proud mother. Her son Duke Nicholson has become a much sought-after actor in recent years and has amassed quite a few credits to his name. In addition to appearing on the album cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’, Duke also landed a role in Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’.

Caleb Goddard Claims That Jack Privately Acknowledged Him As His Son

Actress Susan Anspach, who has since passed away, said that she birthed Jack Nicholson’s son shortly after they hooked up while working together on the set of 1970s ‘Five Easy Pieces’. Anspach married actor Mark Goddard of ‘Lost in Space’ fame while she was pregnant and her son, Caleb, was given his surname. When Nicholson was asked by Rolling Stone magazine back in 1984 whether or not Caleb was in fact his son, he replied by saying that he never really got the chance to find out for sure if he was. But even though he has never publicly acknowledged that he was Caleb’s dad, Nicholson has shared his courtside Lakers tickets with him as well as privately covering the costs of his education.

Caleb told People back in 1994 that Nicholson never really liked his mother and that he felt like she had used the press against him, but added that press doesn’t matter much once you took the issue to court. In that phone interview, Caleb did, however, mention that Nicholson finally admitted to being his father in private but he has never done so publicly.

Nicholson Is Rumored To Have Fathered More Than One Lovechild

Several reports over the years have claimed that Jack Nicholson fathered more than just Caleb Goddard and Jennifer during his philandering years, which he fully admits are now behind him. Jack is known to have had a brief relationship with Danish model Winnie Hollman, which perhaps resulted in the birth of Honey Hollman.

It’s also speculated that Nicholson fathered another daughter which he has never acknowledged with real estate broker Jennine Gourin. It’s been reported in the pages of the tabloids that Jennine had a fling with Nicholson when she was a 20-year-old waitress and that her daughter Tessa Gourin was born not long after that. According to one report, Jennine and Tessa lived in a New York apartment that Jack paid for along with Tessa’s education.

Jack Nicholson’s After With His Daughter’s Friends Resulted In Two Pregnancies

Jennifer Nicholson’s successful fashion line has been worn by quite a few famous women, including Anjelica Huston, who some are convinced was the one true love of Nicholson’s life. The two stars engaged in an on-again-off-again relationship that spanned the better part of twenty years, but their intense love affair came to a dramatic end when Jack impregnated one of his daughter’s friends. That friend was actress Rebecca Broussard, the mother of not just one but two of Jack’s children.

Those two kids, Lorraine and Ray Nicholson ended up taking a stab at acting themselves. Lorraine appeared in films like Click, Something’s Gotta Give, and The Princess Diaries 2 when she was a child before going on to star in the movie ‘Soul Surfer’ where she played pro-surfer Alana Blanchard. Since then, she has all but disappeared from the acting world but her little brother is still going strong.

Ray Nicholson landed his first cameo role in 2006s The Benchwarmers and has since starred in offerings like FX’s biker series Mayans MC, the Oscar-winning comedy Promising Young Woman, and Amazon Prime’s Panic, a young adult drama about a teen who competes in a life-or-death competition for a cash prize.

Lorraine and Ray Nicholson Brought Joy To Their Dad’s Life

In 2012, in an interview with The Sun, Nicholson revealed that he harbors some regrets over the way that he had placed his career above his kids in the past. He acknowledged that if he had known how much joy having children could bring, then he would have set aside more time to spend with them. He also openly admits that he hasn’t always been the best of role models for them but that he still tries to keep his kids on the ‘straight and narrow’ as he puts it.

Nicholson has always been leery about exerting too much influence over his kids but he still occasionally offers them sound life advice when it seems appropriate. He once told AARP that he has always tried to walk a fine line between enlightening his children and lecturing them. He claims that he wants to be inspirational to them without overburdening them.

Jack Enjoys Taking His Kids To Lakers Games

Even though Nicholson has had a historically poor relationship with some of his baby mamas, apparently he and Rebecca Broussard are on relatively good terms these days and have been for a while.

The actor has referred to their mutually agreed upon arrangement as ‘divided parenthood’. He also seems to have nothing but words of praise for his ex. Jack has called her a ‘wonderful mother’ and maintains that they have always gotten along even though their romantic relationship wasn’t built to last. Because of this, Lorraine and Ray Nicholson had a much more conventional upbringing than Nicholson’s older offspring.

When they were kids, he would read to them as often as he could and would take them out to things like the opera, ballet, and sporting events. But according to Lorraine, sitting courtside at Lakers games has always been her and her father’s biggest shared passion. Nicholson has had season tickets to the LA Lakers games for years and has been known to get a little flustered when things aren’t going his beloved team’s way. 

He still from time to time takes his kids to games. In 2018, he and Ray watched the Minnesota Timberwolves get clobbered during an outing at the Staples Center.

Ray Nicholson Is Just As Mysterious As His Father

In one interview. Lorraine called her father a ‘pretty mysterious character’, and from the looks of things, her brother is apparently just as enigmatic. Jack confirmed in an interview with AARP that his son is indeed quite the elusive figure. He shared that Ray isn’t the sort to just tell you precisely what he’s up to, but once he sets his mind to something, he sticks with it until he achieves his goals, no matter what anyone else has to say about it.

Jack rose to fame after playing the corrupt lawyer character George Hanson in the counterculture classic flick Easy Rider before going on to play a variety of bad boys on the big screen. While Ray’s debut role was in a television show, it was a role that Jack could have played equally as well when he was his son’s age.

While Ray is currently starring in Amazon’s Panic, his upcoming psychological thriller film Where Are You is slated to hit theaters later this year.

So what do you think? Is Jack Nicholson the womanizing, absent father that the press has made him out to be over the years, or do you think that he’s secretly a doting dad that just wants to be a part of his children’s lives? Let us know in the comments section below.

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