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Jeff Bridges Gives Fans HUGE Cancer Update

For the past few years, actor Jeff Bridges has been battling a type of cancer known as lymphoma. While his fight against the cancer has been largely successful. A recent five-week battle with COVID made the Crazy Heart and Tron actor question whether or not it was his time to go. Join Facts Verse as Jeff Bridges gives fans a huge cancer update.

Recently, Jeff Bridges announced that his cancer had gone into remission. However, this announcement also came with the devastating news that the actor had diagnosed with COVID. According to the actor, this battle proved even tougher than his battle against the cancer. Though he has now made it past his five-week stay in the hospital. Jeff said that when he was in the hospital with COVID, he felt as if the battle was going to end up being his last.

Jeff had first announced that he had diagnosed with lymphoma around a year ago. At that point, he said that his tumor was nearly a foot wide. Now, the 71-year-old actor has shared that the tumor in question has shrunken down to just the size of a marble. While fans ecstatic to hear that Jeff’s lymphoma treatment largely successful. They shocked to learn that the actor had diagnosed with COVID. Although Jeff’s lymphoma treatment is arguably responsible for saving his life in another way. It was ironically the means by which he contracted the COVID. Join Facts Verse as Jeff Bridges gives fans a huge cancer update.

Apparently, Jeff learned about the fact that he may have contracted COVID upon receiving a letter from the facility where he has been receiving his lymphoma treatment. The letter expressed that there’s a chance that Jeff may have exposed to the illness. So Jeff and his wife taken by ambulance to the hospital and tested. As it turns out, both of them had contracted COVID. Although Jeff went on to share that his battle with COVID was more intense overall than his battle with cancer had been, he survived it. Jeff’s chemotherapy treatment has allowed him to fight his lymphoma, despite the fact that it caused him to catch COVID. All things considered, the actor is arguably coming out on top due to the fact that he is still alive.

Once Jeff and his wife diagnosed with COVID, they both realized that they had lengthy hospital stays ahead of them. However, Jeff’s turned out to be a great deal longer than his wife’s. Jeff’s wife is Susa Geston, and she had to spend five days in the hospital upon the event of her COVID diagnosis. Meanwhile, her husband had to spend five weeks in the hospital. This increased time was due to a variety of factors, including Jeff’s otherwise poor health and old age. During those five weeks, things seemed dark for Jeff. However, the actor eventually pulled through.

According to Jeff, the main reason that his stay in the hospital after diagnosed with COVID so much longer than his wife’s was the fact that the chemotherapy that he had been receiving had severely weakened his immune system. This is not uncommon for those who are going through chemotherapy. And chemotherapy is the most common form of treatment for lymphoma. Despite the fact that Jeff contracted COVID during his chemotherapy. The treatment is arguably responsible for having shrunken Jeff’s massive tumor down to only the size of a marble.

Jeff said that his battle with COVID was so much more intense and painful than his battle with lymphoma that it made his fight with cancer seem like a piece of cake by comparison. According to Jeff, he had to scream through some of the most intense moments. With the pain sometimes being so extreme that he felt that he might be about to enter into the afterlife. Jeff says he saw the lights, but eventually managed to crawl his way back to his hospital bed.

Although Jeff’s numerous health battles over the past few years have been incredibly intense for the elderly actor. He claims that the brushes with mortality have only made him that much more grateful for the time he has left. According to Jeff, he enjoys life much more now than he would likely enjoy it if he had never had to overcome both the cancer and the COVID. Jeff has recovered from COVID for a while, and is currently doing work with a therapist to try and get off the oxygen assistance the he currently needs to breathe. Join Facts Verse as Jeff Bridges gives fans a huge cancer update.

Jeff has required the oxygen assistance since the COVID battle due to the effect that the illness took on the aging actor’s lungs. However, he has made great strides in rehabilitating his lungs to the point where he will likely no longer have to walk around with his oxygen tank sometime fairly soon. Just recently, he was able to walk one of his three daughters down the isle without his tank: a small but commendable victory. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Jeff Bridges first revealed to his many fans that he had diagnosed with the type of cancer known as lymphoma in October of 2020. The announcement came via the social media website Twitter. And featured a reference to one of the actor’s most memorable performances. Of course, that performance was Jeff’s turn as the character of “the Dude” in the Coen Brothers’ classic cult comedy The Big Lebowski. While Jeff has had a long and storied career across both film and television. Few roles have managed to stay in the public’s psyche like the role of the Dude.

For many, the Dude has become a symbol for keeping cool in the face of adversity. Because of this, it’s not surprising that Jeff would pay homage to the character when coming to terms with the news that he had been diagnosed with a form of cancer. The announcement also expressed that Jeff was optimistic about his upcoming treatment schedule. As well as the team of doctors that was working with him. This optimism seems as if it wasn’t misplaced, because Jeff is doing great!

Although the lymphoma diagnosis was understandably terrifying for Jeff, he was given good odds that he was going to be able to pull through. Those odds paid off, and Jeff is now close to making a full recovery from his bout with cancer. Fairly soon, both COVID and the cancer will be a thing of the past for the 71-year-old actor. Once that occurs, he can finish filming the series that he was been working on.

Before the COVID situation and lymphoma diagnosis, Jeff had been hard at work on a drama series for the cable network FX. The series is still currently filming, with the production staff doing their best to try and overcome the hurdles brought about by Jeff’s newly limited schedule. The series would have been done filming years ago if it wasn’t for all of these unfortunate events. But it now appears as if the show will finally be finished and ready to premiere in 2022. Join Facts Verse as Jeff Bridges gives fans a huge cancer update.

The FX series that Jeff has been trying to finish is called The Old Man. And it is based upon the novel of the same name by author Thomas Perry. In addition to starring in the series, Jeff is also an executive producer. The series only has three episodes worth of scenes left to film with Jeff. However, since Jeff can’t return to filming until he has made a full recovery. It will likely be at least a short time before this occurs. Still, Jeff and the crew remain optimistic about a probable 2022 release given the actor’s current state.

In addition to Jeff Bridges, The Old Man will also feature John Lithgow and actress Alia Shawkat. The series will mark Jeff’s return to television after half of a century in film. The show was supposedly close to finishing it’s production before the COVID pandemic began. At which point filming was put on hold for the time being. Filming had resumed for a short period before Jeff was diagnosed with lymphoma. Jeff’s subsequent COVID diagnosis only made things worse.

In the time since Jeff entered into his health battles, the production team behind The Old Man has continued to film as many scenes as they can without the actor. According to the crew, this has allowed them to get nearly done with the series. However, there are still around three episodes that Jeff needs to film his scenes for. Which could require a significant amount of work from the aging actor.

The rest of the production team behind The Old Man has expressed that they are in no hurry to get the rest of the filming done. Preferring for Jeff to take his time and overcome his battles at his own pace. Without Jeff, there would be no series. And the production team are likely just happy that the 71-year-old actor is persevering. The series follows a former CIA agent attempting to live off the grid. When a mysterious assassin makes an attempt on the agent’s life. The titular old man has to come to terms with his past government work. Jeff plays the old man, whose name is Dan Chase. Director Jon Watts, who has recently become better known as the director of the most recent Spider-Man films. Helmed the pilot episode of the show.

Some of the things that are helping Jeff successfully fight the variety of illnesses that have plagued him are his positive outlook and his insistence to keep moving forward. Apparently, he got a dog soon after his diagnosis that provided him with plenty of comfort and love, as well. The dog’s name is Monty, and Jeff likes to share pictures of him with his fans on social media. At 71-years-old, Jeff still seems to be the same easy-going figure that audiences love! Join Facts Verse as Jeff Bridges gives fans a huge cancer update.

Besides that of the Dude in The Big Lebowski, Jeff also remains known for countless other iconic roles, including his turn in Crazy Heart. Comment down below to share what your favorite performance from Jeff Bridges is. Or if you were happy to hear that his tumor has shrunken considerably. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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