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My 600-LB Life Stars Who Died After the Show

The American reality show My 600-lb Life, which airs on the TLC network, is a program centered around morbidly obese individuals trying to lose weight. As the name suggests, it focuses on people whose body weight exceeds 600 pounds, a weight far exceeding the average window of obesity. Because of the extreme physical conditions featured on the show, it’s no surprise that many individuals that have been featured have suffered severe health problems. Although the show is centered around the conceit of these individuals overcoming their struggles, they aren’t always successful. Sometimes, it’s simply just too little too late. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at My 600-lb Life stars who died after the show.

My 600-lb Life has been on the air since 2012, with over 100 episodes having been produced so far. The show follows individuals whose body weight exceeds 600 pounds. An average episode will depict their struggle, and then show their attempts to overcome their struggle and reach a healthier body weight. They are aided by the show’s on-call doctor, Dr. Now. The methods used by Dr. Now can range from diet to surgery, and usually consist of a mix between the two. Sometimes stars are successful, sometimes they aren’t. When successful, that success doesn’t always carry on after the star’s time on the show is over. There have been many episodes produced that are centered around checking in on individuals from past episodes, but not all of the stars’ paths have ended in a happy story. In fact, eight people that have been featured on the show have died after appearing.

It’s no surprise that a show called My 600-lb Life is tailored around individuals that aren’t in the greatest health. 600 pounds far exceeds the average window for being considered “morbidly obese”, which is a label that carries with it a greater deal of weight than many people realize. Being morbidly obese means that your body weight exceeds the healthy average for your body type by 100 pounds or more. Given that the average healthy weight for an individual is generally something akin to around 200 pounds, the stars of My 600-lb Life are well beyond the boundaries of a stable weight. Excessive body weight can be incredibly dangerous. It’s only natural that when you are focusing on such morbidly obese individuals, some of them are bound to experience unpleasant fates at the hands of their weights.

First, let’s take a look at season one contestant Henry Foots. When Henry was first introduced to the show, he weighed 715 pounds. Henry’s journey on the show spanned several years. At first, it was a gigantic success. Over the course of seven years, he lost 440 pounds, reaching a much more ideal wight of 275 pounds. Henry proved to be one of the show’s greatest success stories. However, he went on to become one of the show’s greatest tragedies soon afterwards.

Henry’s successes were mired in tragedy from the beginning, with him suffering the loss of his father early into his journey. After this, Henry began to experience many health problems of his own. In 2012, he was driving a commercial bus when he lost control due to a medical problem and crashed into a pedestrian. The pedestrian was killed, and Henry’s own death was announced a year later. Although the cause of Henry’s death is unknown, his history of medical problems and the guilt he likely felt from accidentally killing this pedestrian must’ve been a heavy burden to bear.

Next, let’s take a look at Sean Milliken. Sean was brought onto the show during it’s fourth season. He was a grown man who was physically dependent on his mother as a result of his weight, having weighed 1003 pounds at his heaviest. Due to his weight, which was considered excessive even by the show’s already egregious standards, Sean was approved for weight loss surgery. This surgery removed 500 pounds from the man, but he went on to start gaining it back almost immediately. Seemingly averse to change, Sean’s life took a turn for the worse when his mother passed away in 2017. To make matters even worse, his home was devastated by Hurricane Harvey soon afterwards. In February of 2019, Sean was reported to have passed away as a result of his heart stopping. He simply stopped breathing, and couldn’t be resuscitated. At the time of his death, Sean was 29 years old.

Next up is season five’s James King. James grew to depend on food as a coping mechanism due to troubles at home when he was younger, and this lead him to an adult weight of 735 pounds. James’ bout with his weight on the show proved unsuccessful, with him weighing 788 by his episode’s end. A subsequent episode showed that he had gone up to over 800 pounds, before plummeting down to around 500 pounds around the time of his death in 2020. The cause of his death was given as septic shock leading to kidney failure. At the time of his death, James was 49 years old. Not long before his death, My 600-lb Life cut ties with James as a result of his apparent failure to follow the show’s weight loss regimen. However, James was at his lowest weight in years when he died. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

The sixth season of My 600-lb Life featured three stars that went on to die after appearing on the show. The first one was Robert Buchel. Robert experienced many traumas throughout his life, including sexual assault as a young child and the death of his brother. This trauma, mixed with the fact that his family owned a fried chicken restaurant, made Robert the ideal overeater. By the time Robert appeared on My 600-lb Life, he weighed 842 pounds. Although Robert saw some success with his weight loss program, he eventually became too depressed to comply with his regimen. He took to painkillers to quell his depression, and died of a heart attack in November of 2017. Although he did manage to lose over 300 pounds before the time of his death, the negative effects that the weight had already taken on his health were too severe to be undone.

James Bonner is the second of season six’s stars to have met a tragic end since appearing on My 600-lb Life. Bonner was a success during his time on the show, going from a relatively modest 642 pounds to 326 pounds. Despite this success, Bonner was still plagued by other issues that no one understood. In August of 2018, Bonner was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head in a public park. Even those closest to the man are unsure what caused him to pull the trigger, and his death stands as one of the most mysterious and tragic in My 600-lb Life‘s history.

Lisa Fleming was the last star to appear on the sixth season of My 600-lb Life that died afterwards. Strangely, she died the same exact month that James Bonner did, in August of 2018. When Lisa came onto the show, she weighed 704 pounds. Despite her time on the show being deemed unsuccessful, Lisa was reported by her daughter to have lost 200 pounds before the time of her death. At 50 years old, however, too much damage had already been done to her body by years of excessive body weight.

Kelly Mason was a star on My 600-lb Life‘s seventh season. She weighed 726 pounds when she came on the program. Similar to the sixth season’s Robert Buchel, Kelly Mason took to overeating as a result of trauma from a sexual assault that was perpetrated upon her at a young age by a neighbor. Kelly’s journey on the show was largely successful, with her losing 383 pounds. However, she died soon after this success due to heart failure. At the time of her death, she was 41 years old. Kelly was still in the midst of having her successful journey documented by the camera crew, which made her death that much more disturbing. According to the show’s doctor, Dr. Now, she had a lot of potential to make even more progress than she already had. He was also keen to point out that her death was in no way caused by any failure on her part to follow her weight loss regimen.

Finally, let’s take a look at the story of Coliesa McMillian, who appeared on My 600-lb Life‘s eighth season. When Coliesa came on the show, she was 643 pounds. She had struggled with heart issues previously, having survived a heart attack at the age of 39. This was only a short time prior to her appearance on the show. As a result of weight loss surgery, Coliesa managed to lose 145 pounds during her time on the show. However, she soon suffered a severe complication as a result of her surgery. Apparently, a suture popped. This caused severe internal hemorrhaging, resulting in her being put on life support. Despite her body putting up a fight, she passed away soon afterwards. Like Kelly, she was also 41 years old. Coliesa is the most recent star of My 600-lb Life to have died after her appearance on the show. Given that she show is still currently producing episodes, it’s likely that we’ll see a few more tragic stories before the show is finished. However, we’ll also get to see plenty of success stories!

My 600-lb Life has featured many success stories in addition to the above tragedies. Comment down below to share your favorite tale from the show’s past, or if you’re still interested in the program as it enter into it’s ninth year. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse content is on it’s way!

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