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New Details Might Solve Jim Morrison’s Mysterious Death

One of the most mysterious deaths in music history has always been the untimely demise of Jim Morrison. Jim, who was the lead singer of the legendary rock band the Doors, died on July 3, 1971. At the time of his death, he was only 27 years old. Although the cause of death believed to heart failure attributed to a drug overdose, no autopsy performed. As well, no one close to Jim ever saw his corpse to verify it was really his. These two facts have led many to speculate about whether or not the story behind Jim’s death is legitimate. Join Facts Verse as these new details might solve Jim Morrison’s mysterious death.

Jim Morrison had quit the Doors and moved to Paris with his girlfriend Pam shortly before discovered dead in his Parisian apartment. Pam woke up in the middle of the night and found that Jim was no longer by her side. She went to the bathroom and found the singer deceased in the tub. Authorities arrived, and pronounced Jim dead from heart failure that attributed to a drug overdose.

Although Jim was a gigantic celebrity figure at the time, the news of his death didn’t make big waves. In fact, it appeared as if the media was intentionally keeping the death quiet, and the funeral was similarly low-key. Not a single person close to Jim saw his corpse before the casket buried. All of these facts and more have led to many conspiracy theories rising around the death of the late singer.

Jim was born on December 8, 1943. Although he was born in Florida, his family moved around the country numerous times during his youth due to his father’s prestigious role in the United States Navy. Jim’s family had moved around the country four different times by the time the young star was only five. This constant moving made it hard for Jim to find friends, which caused the boy to socially isolate. As well, his parents never showed him the love that he deserved.

Before his death, Jim liked to recall an event that occurred while his family was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While driving, his family had come upon a severe automobile accident that had apparently resulted in many dead. Jim’s family pulled off to the side of the road so his father and grandfather could get out and help. Although Jim’s mother told him not to look out the windows, he did. The sight of the bodies left a traumatic impression on the boy. The bodies belonged to Native Americans, and Jim claimed that he believed the spirits of those Native Americans came into him that day and stayed their for the rest of his life. Join Facts Verse as these new details might solve Jim Morrison’s mysterious death.

Jim hated living his family, and believed that going to college was the only way out. Jim went to UCLA to study film, but eventually fell in love with poetry. The singer subsequently changed his major, and began studying the works of poets such as William Blake and Allen Ginsberg. Jim met some friends that had an interest in music, and Jim began to see music as a way to share his poetry with the world. The young star started putting his poetic words over his friend’s instrumentation. And the band that they formed became the Doors. Jim took the band’s name from Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception, which got it’s name from a poem by William Blake, quoted at the book’s beginning.

It didn’t take long for the Doors to find success with their music. They achieved mainstream success with singles like “People Are Strange”, “Light My Fire”, and “Touch Me”, all of which became massive radio hits upon release. Before long, the Doors were the newest rock sensation. And the band became immersed in the world of sex and drugs.

At the age of 22, Jim met Pamela Courson. She was the 19-year-old daughter of a public school headmaster and loved to rebel. Something that Jim very attracted to. The two viewed each other as soulmates, and remained together until Jim’s death several years later. Pam always encouraged Jim to quit the Doors and focus on his poetry, something that the young star ended up doing. Join Facts Verse as these new details might solve Jim Morrison’s mysterious death.

The Doors had been performing for six years before Jim decided to call it quits on the band. Their sixth and final recorded album was L.A. Woman, and Jim announced that he was going to quit during that album’s recording sessions. Although the rest of the band was understandably brokenhearted, they appreciated Jim’s need to take some time to focus on himself and his poetry.

After Jim quit the Doors, he and Pam moved to Paris for a change of scenery. The couple was hoping that this change could breathe some new life into their relationship. However, it only brought death. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Soon after arriving in Paris, Jim Morrison tragically found dead in the bathtub of his Parisian apartment on July 3, 1971. Jim had retained his drug habits from his time with the Doors. And he and Pam said to have been high for most of their Paris trip. Because of this, the authorities were quick to label the cause of death as heart failure attributed to drug overdose. In fact, they didn’t even bother to perform an autopsy. Subsequently, there has been some doubt about what the cause of Jim’s death truly was. Join Facts Verse as these new details might solve Jim Morrison’s mysterious death.

Not much attention brought to Jim’s death, despite the late singer’s immense popularity. This is another aspect of Jim’s death that many find suspicious. As well, Jim’s ceremony incredibly modest, and not a single person close to Jim said to have seen the singer’s corpse before it buried. Many use this fact to insinuate that not only that Jim never buried, but also that he never died. Jim buried on July 7, 1971, and conspiracy theories started coming about as soon as the casket was in the ground. In addition to him still being alive, these conspiracy theories included numerous alternative explanations for Jim’s death than the one given by the authorities.

Of the many conspiracy theories surrounding Jim’s death, there are two that seem to hold a great deal more weight than the others. These are the stories of Marianne Faithfull and Sam Bernett. These two have come forward since Jim’s death with two contradicting stories detailing what may have happened, both of which seem entirely plausible.

Marianne is perhaps most famously known as the ex-girlfriend of Mick Jagger. Mick Jagger was a figure that was perhaps even more famous than Jim Morrison at the time, being the lead singer of the rock band the Rolling Stones. In 1971, Marianne was travelling through Paris with her then-boyfriend, Jean de Breiteuil. Jean was a drug dealer, and apparently one that supplied to Jim and Pam.

Marianne alleged that one day Jean was about to make a trip to Jim’s. She decided not to tag along, as she felt that there was some dark energy in the air. Marianne then went on to allege that this trip resulted in Jean accidentally killing Jim by giving him some bad heroin. This story certainly holds some merit given the fact that both Jim and Pam were addicted to heroin at the time, but no one besides Marianne has ever corroborated her take on the events. However, Sam Bernett’s story holds even more water.

Sam Bernett was a nightclub manager in Paris at the time of Jim’s death. He ran the club Rock and Roll Circus, although he didn’t own it. He recalls that Jim came into the club at one in the morning on the day of his fateful overdose, alongside two men that were known to be drug dealers. After interacting with the men, Jim disappeared into the bathroom for the remainder of the club’s opening hours.

At close, the janitorial staff found that there was a bathroom stall door that was locked from the inside. A couple of bouncers were brought in to bang the door down, and they were shocked at what they saw. Inside the bathroom stall was Jim, with blood and foam covering his face. According to Sam, his initial reaction was to call the authorities. However, the club’s owner demanded that the episode be kept under wraps in order to prevent the club’s name from being sullied.

According to Sam, he had the bouncers take Jim’s body back to the singer’s apartment. There, the bouncers attempted to resuscitate Jim with running water. However, it was too late. As soon as it became apparent that Jim was never going to wake up, the bouncers fled the scene. Jim was left in the tub, only to be found by Pam later that morning. If Sam’s story is correct, it certainly adds a new layer of mystery to Jim’s death. Who were the two men that accompanied Jim to the Rock and Roll Circus, and could one of them have been Jean from Marianne’s story?

In recent years, the idea that Jim Morrison is still alive has been gaining traction. One of the biggest advocates for this theory is YouTube vlogger Brokkenstar. Brokkenstar has made numerous videos about a homeless man that he truly believes is Jim Morrison. Apparently, this man goes by the name Richard and likes to wander around New York City reciting poetry that is strikingly reminiscent of Jim’s. As well, the man strongly resembles how one might imagine Jim could after decades of living a vagrant lifestyle. Richard has been asked if he is Jim, and he refuses to give an answer.

Even with all this new information, there is still no solid answer for whether or not Jim Morrison is truly dead, or how exactly he died. Since there was no autopsy performed before his supposed burial, and no one that knew Jim saw the corpse, we’ll likely never have an answer. Comment down below to share if you have a strong opinion about what you think happened to Jim, or if you’re surprised to learn that there is still so much mystery behind his death. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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