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She’s a Respected Actress, but This Was Her Dirtiest Movie Role

While the life of an actress may seem glamorous, when it comes to acting – you often have to get your hands dirty. And sometimes, your entire role might be dirty or construed as such! There are many respected actresses who shocked us by some of their roles and we wonder how they got away with it!

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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore
01:14 – Kathleen Turner as Matty Tyler Walker
02:15 – Glenn Close as Alex Forrest
03:28 – Sharon Stone as Catherine Tremell
04:44 – Jane Fonda as Barbarella
05:39 – Halle Berry as Leticia Musgrove
06:36 – Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson
07:31 – Outro

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There’s nothing particularly dirty about Bond girls. They are glamorous and beautiful and it’s an honor for many actresses to be the object of 007’s desire. Yet when Honor Blackman played the Bond girl in Goldfinger, her character’s name in itself seemed a bit dirty. One wonders if they’d be able to get away with such a name today!

But it takes more than a name for a role to be risqué. Kathleen Turner starred in Lawrence Kasdan’s film Body Heat and this was the role that was her breakthrough. Her sultry voice added to the sexiness of the role and this is often considered her dirtiest movie role – even though it helped escalate her career.

Of course, you sometimes have to be careful about these dirty movie roles. As attractive as they may be, they can also be fatal. At least, that’s what Glenn Close tried to show in Fatal Attraction – the role which made her a star and one that’s still considered to be one of her best roles. The film made such a huge impact at the time that many men apparently thought twice about having an affair. Of course, it wasn’t just Glenn Close. Sharon Stone had one of the most famous and dirtiest roles of her career in Basic Instict. Once again, Michael Douglas falls in love with a mysterious woman who might just be a murderer! This film became the staple for darker female characters and features one of the most controversial and risqué scenes in Hollywood history! And these are just some of the dirtiest movie roles we’ll explore in this video.

FactsVerse is happy, and maybe just a bit guilty, to present: She’s a Respected Actress, But This was Her Dirtiest Movie Role…

She’s a Respected Actress, but This Was Her Dirtiest Movie Role

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