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Suzanne Somers Opens Up About Her Hot Sex Life

After 43 years of marriage, Susanne reveals her secret to having a lasting, healthy relationship; lots of steamy hot sex! Even the pandemic hasn’t kept her husband Alan Hamel from enjoying a little bit of marital bliss.

The Three’s Company star in Fox News that she and her hubby are still deeply in love with each other. Even after all of these years, they’re constantly kissing and laughing with each other. There isn’t a day that goes by where they didn’t remind each other how deep their love truly goes.

Susanne and Alan host a Facebook Live show that they do three or four times a week. The tenderness and compassion that they express to each other on that stream, she insists is genuine. There is also a tremendous amount of chemistry between the two that is unmistakable and heartwarming. Talking about relationship goals, am I right?

But their marriage hasn’t always been blissful. No relationship ever is. Hard work, compromise and there are always going to be those days when communication is difficult and problems come up.

Early on in Somer’s marriage, the couple runs into a little trouble. Today, she wants to share with the world what she learns about facing the obstacles that across in their relationship. 

Working Through Troubles In Paradise 

She and Alan apparently did a lot of fighting in the first decade or so of their marriage. They broke up and got back together seemingly on a weekly basis. One of her biggest pieces of advice for couples is to remember the early days of the relationship. Back when everything is about love and respect. It’s important to keep those memories alive and not let them fade away.

Somers describes her relationship with Alan as being ‘very strange. Even throughout the pandemic which forces them to spend every minute together, they still love each other’s side. In the last forty years, they haven’t spent even a night part. 

Last July, Susanne commemorated her husband’s birthday on social media with a beautiful post celebrating their love for each other. She describes how they first wraps their arms around each other 50 years ago. Also, she knows from that moment on that she will never let him go. If that’s not one of the sweetest things you’ve ever heard, then you just might not have a heart. Join Facts Verse to know the Details how Suzanne Somers opens up about her hot sex life.

When asked what the secret was behind their lasting marriage, she pointed out that the answer was fairly simple. After all these years, he still turns her on. She goes on a little rant about the things that she loves about him including his loyalty, smarts, and sexiness. The fact that he is apparently a great dancer, which is always a plus. 

On the flip side of things, Hamel says that Suzanne is easy to love and he’s happy to admit that he is still head-over-heels in love with her – just as much as he was on that fateful day in 1977 when they tied that ol’ metaphorical knot.

He also freely admits that they ‘fought like wild dogs’ as he put it in the early years of their union but they always knew that what they had was something real. Their passion, which sometimes erupted into conflict, just indicated that they cared very deeply about each other and were emotionally invested in the marriage. After working through those issues, their relationship deepened and their love continued to flourish. These days, he can’t even remember when the last time they got into a spat was. He further says that after 40+ years of marriage, that he still craves another 40 more.

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And don’t go anywhere just yet. In a moment, we’ll reveal what Suzanne says are her biggest secrets are to fighting the effects of aging. Join Facts Verse to know the Details how Suzanne Somers opens up about her hot sex life.

Hamel Was There To Support Suzanne Through Her Most Difficult Moments 

When Somers portrayed the curvaceous blonde Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company she began to think that she was being under-compensated for her work and insisted that she be paid what she believed she was worth.

When it came time to negotiate her contract for season 5, Somers requested that she be paid $150,000 per episode instead of the $30,000 she had been offered. That would have put her pay equal to her co-star John Ritter. ABC declined to appease her demand and instead only offered to hike her pay by $5,000.

She was insulted by that offer and wasn’t willing to budge. Hamel tried to go in and renegotiate the terms of her contract with ABC, but Somer’s suspected that the network was trying to make an example out of her. And they did just that, but Suzanne claims that no one came to her side to offer any kind of aid – Not even her co-stars or the National Organization for Women, an organization specifically devoted to helping women in the industry receive equal compensation and treatment as their male counterparts.

Instead of recognizing the fact that she was on a hit TV show in the Top 10 in terms of ratings, they told her to kick rocks. Just like that, she was turned into some kind of sacrificial lamb. Her firing was meant to send a clear message to other women in the industry that they didn’t deserve the same kind of pay as the boys. 

With Hamel’s encouragement though, Somers was able to secure a show deal in Las Vegas. She sold-out shows for the next 15 years raking in far more money than she would have if she had stayed with Three’s Company. In 1987, she even was awarded the Female Entertainer of the Year Award in Las Vegas – a crown that she would share with Frank Sinatra who was declared the Male Entertainer of the Year by the good citizens of Sin City.  Join Facts Verse to know the Details how Suzanne Somers opens up about her hot sex life.

Her Healthy Collaboration Witt Her Husband Continues To Shine 

A good relationship doesn’t just happen by chance. Luck has very little to do with maintaining a healthy, long-standing marriage. It’s really about putting in the effort and going out your way to communicate with your partner by showing them lots of attention and respect. But when you thow in the added benefit of still turning each other on, that’s what makes things really exciting.

But it hasn’t always been a walk in the park for Suzanne and Alan. Back in 2001, Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 51. While undergoing chemotherapy, she completely lost her libido.

Today, Somers is not only cancer-free, but she says that she feels happier, healthier, and sexier than ever. You would think that she would view her bout with cancer in a negative light, but instead, she says that her experience helped her advance in her journey of self-education and discovery.

Somers learned through her fight with the oft-deadly deadly disease that in order to have a happy, healthy existence, one has to make some serious lifestyle changes and sacrifices. They might seem daunting at first, but in the long run, she says they are invaluable for women hoping to gain control of their health and aging process.

For one thing, she learned that she needs to avoid processed foods as much as possible. She came up with a rule that she only eats food if she can pick, pluck, milk or shoot it, and that’s how she’s been living for the last few decades.

Suzanne loves to garden and tries to keep everything as organic as possible. She starts every day with Alan with a fresh green smoothie loaded up with kale, apples, ginger, spinach, and other fresh produce items that she grew on her land from seed.

Somers is also a huge advocate for personal fitness. For the last 19 years, she has started every day out with yoga. She claims that maintaining her active lifestyle has allowed her to remain agile and to avoid bone loss. She also makes it a point to regulate her hormones by getting lab tests done on an annual basis and supplementing her diet with vitamins and minerals like B12, magnesium, and zinc. One of her biggest health hacks though is her daily regimen of probiotics which helps keep her gut flora in the green. Join Facts Verse to know the Details how Suzanne Somers opens up about her hot sex life.

After making all of these lifestyle choices, Somers was able to recover from the major hit her libido took during her cancer battle. These days, she has a healthy sex life that she attributes to her decades-long prioritization of health and wellness. Not only does she still feel sexy at 73, but she brags that she and Alan enjoy each other’s ‘intimate touch’ twice a day or more.

Her Biggest Piece Of Advice To Those Advancing In Years 

Suzanne Somers wants you to listen to your body. Only you can really know what’s going on with your physical health. Sure, a doctor might be able to put everything into perspective and give you a diagnosis of some kind, but they will never be able to have your subjective experience with your own body.

She is an advocate for getting in tune with what your body is trying to tell you. It’s talking to us all the time in its own subtle way, but we rarely ever listen.

Our bodies ARE healing machines, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to give them regular care and maintenance. When you feel like something is out of sorts, it’s never good to ignore that. If Suzanne had ignored her symptoms twenty years ago, she likely would have died from her cancer diagnosis. But instead, she listened to what her body was trying to say and went to great lengths to treat it with as much care and respect as possible.

But at the end of the day, Suzanne’s biggest piece of advice in the realm of relationships is to never stop laughing with and enjoying the small things in life with your partner. Get out there and go dancing. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Take a hike, go camping, visit the Grand Canyon, live like you’re young and just starting to get to know each other, even if you’ve been together for nearly half a century like she and her husband. Regardless of your age, life isn’t over. It’s never too late to shine. Join Facts Verse to know the Details how Suzanne Somers opens up about her hot sex life.

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