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The Bill Cosby Tragedy Is Worse Than We Thought

Just to let you know, the following video contains a discussion of troubling topics like sexual assault and abuse. If those subjects disturb you, consider watching another one of our facts-packed videos.

Anyway, to put it lightly Bill Cosby’s life tale is a bit of a mess. Very few people will shed tears for a man who abused his status as ‘America’s Dad’ to allegedly drug and assault nearly 50 women.

But his incredibly disturbing story is somewhat reminiscent of Shakespeare’s tragedies in a way. I mean, he once was a great man who garnered quite a bit of positive publicity for his comedy and acting abilities but all of that was brought to ruin by his own doing.

Take Shakespeare’s Macbeth for example, the title character of that play let his cruel mother fill his head with vitriol until he was enraged enough to murder his own father, thus permanently tarnishing his conscience and subjecting himself to a life of endless torment.

In the real world, however, villains don’t always have such developed and thought-provoking inner monologues as Shakespearean scoundrels did. The former Cosby Show leading man and Jell-o Pudding spokesman has astonishingly shown little in the way of remorse for his decades of predatory behavior.

So perhaps the real tragedy here isn’t Cosby’s life story, but rather the lie that was essentially his brand. There are strikingly few men who were bigger stars than Cosby was. Back in 1986, The Cosby Show was the highest-rated show in America, luring in more than 30 million viewers every week.

Bill’s on-screen persona was so charming, so wholesome, and seemingly genuine that his unraveling was all the more so disturbing for the generation who grew up watching his idealized picture-perfect family.

Now, we’re not trying to say that nothing bad ever happened to Cosby as well, because bad things absolutely did come his way. But the comedian’s disgraceful history of ‘hypocritical moralizing’ as news outlet Vox put it, has alienated any of his dwindling potential supporters. Cosby might not have much in the way of having a conscience, but America collectively does – and abusers don’t typically fair to well when pitted against the court of public opinion. Just look at Harvey Weinstein’s devastating fall from grace. People these days have very little patience or sympathy for people that abuse their positions of power to exploit the vulnerable.

Bill Cosby’s Son Was Murdered

Even though he’s the father of five children, Cosby only ever had one son. Ennis William Cosby was an intelligent and talented young man who showed a lot of potential even though he suffered from dyslexia. He overcame that limitation, however, and graduated from Columbia University. When he was in his mid-20s before his death, he was even working on obtaining his second master’s degree.

In 1997, Ennis was driving his dad’s Mercedes on Mulholland Drive near the Skirball museum when he got a flat tire. A woman pulled over to help him swap it out with a spare but a man approached her vehicle and tapped on her window with a gun. Afraid of being shot, she drove off, but unfortunately, Ennis wasn’t able to get away so safely. He was fatally shot by the assailant’s firearm.

Mikail Markhasev, a 19-year-old Ukrainian immigrant was eventually caught and charged with the heinous crime. After a pretty open and shut trial, he was sentenced to life in prison. The police seemed to think that the killing was a robbery gone wrong, but when Ennis’s body was discovered, he still was wearing a Rolex wristwatch and had three $20 bills in his pocket. Markhasevn later wrote from his cell that the only thing Ennis was guilty of was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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And don’t you dare think about sneaking off so soon. Stick around to hear what damning revelation Bill Cosby made back in 2006 that pretty much definitively labels him as the abuser that his alleged victims claim he is. You won’t believe what he admitted to doing to young women without any remorse or regret.

Bill Cosby’s Only Older Brother Died

Bill Cosby was born in 1937 and he grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mom worked as a house cleaner and his dad did whatever odd jobs he could to support his family. Cosby was an intelligent kid but suffered from a lack of motivation. Even though he scored very high on the IQ test and was sent to a school for gifted children, he ended up dropping out of High School before graduating. He then joined the Navy in 1956 not knowing what else he should do with his life.

But let’s take a step back for a second and take a closer look at Bill’s childhood. When Cosby was just 8 years old, he was put into a position where he had to essentially be a father figure for his siblings. He was the oldest of four boys and his little brother James ended up coming down with a fatal case of rheumatic fever at the age of six. Losing his brother changed everything. Suddenly Bill had to be the man of the house.

Right around this time, Bill’s father, William Sr. started drinking heavily. His actions ended up plunging his family into an immense financial calamity. Bill stepped up to the plate and got a job at the local supermarket in hopes that he could help provide for his family.

Bill Sr then joined the Navy and not long after, he and his wife got divorced. Cosby would later credit his single mom’s continued love and support for saving him from a life on the streets. The only thing that prevented him from getting involved with drugs and crime as a teenager was the fear of going to jail and putting great shame on his mother.

Cosby’s Daughter Died At 44

One of Bill’s most outspoken advocates was his daughter Esna. She went on the popular morning radio program The Breakfast Club in 2017 to defend her father just a few months before he went to trial for the rape charges. She declared that her father was not the person the media was painting him as. She further added that the accusations against him were as she put it ‘one-sided since the beginning’.

Esna believed that her father was totally innocent of all the charges being brought against him. She also seemed to think that racism played a big role in the scandal. She went as far as to say that her dad was being publicly lynched by the media.

Esna, who worked as a yoga instructor, suddenly fell ill and died in 2018 of renal failure. She had dealt with kidney issues for many years. She was buried next to her murdered brothers at Bill’s Massachusetts compound.

Bill Was Extorted For $40 Million

In 1997 at the peak of Cosby’s career, a woman named Autumn Jackson came forward claiming that Bill Cosby was her biological father in a misguided attempt to extort the entertainer for millions of dollars. Jackson would have to stand trial with two other men who were in on the plot and she ended up getting convicted on federal charges of conspiracy for her failed attempt at extorting the comedian.

Interestingly, Autumn Jackson just might have been his actual daughter. Cosby did admit in court that he indeed had sexual relations with Jackson’s mother. Jackson might have gotten away with her crimes if it weren’t for the fact that she wrote an incriminating letter where she admitted to concocting the scheme to expose the actor as a ‘deadbeat dad’. The court ended up finding the issue of paternity in the case irrelevant and convicted her of the charges.

Jackson only ended up serving 14 months of her 26-month sentence. An appeals judge ruled that the original judge had improperly instructed the jury and ended up tossing out the conviction. However, not long after the same judge reversed his decision saying that the jury instructions were just a ‘harmless error’ on his part.

Bill Cosby’s Sexual Misconduct Goes Back To The 1960s

Bill’s inappropriate and abusive treatment of women goes all the way back to his early days as a fledgling standup comedian. According to Kristina Ruehli, his first accuser, the comedian approached her at work one day and asked her if she wanted to attend a party with him. But when she showed up at Cosby’s place, she was the only guest and Bill’s wife was nowhere to be seen. Ruehli claims that she only had two drinks but still somehow managed to blackout. She insists that Cosby must have drugged her. When she regained consciousness, allegedly she was naked and Cosby was in the act of sexually assaulting her. Somehow she managed to free herself and drive home.

Two years later, Cosby made an unwanted move on Carla Ferrigno, the future wife of The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno. Carla was 19 at the time and was working as a Playboy Bunny in LA. Cosby ended up inviting her to the movies rather awkwardly considering the fact that he was standing beside his wife Camille at the time.

When Camille stepped away for a second, Carla claims that Cosby swooped in to make his move. She claims that Bill kissed her rather aggressively on the mouth without warning. She was stunned by the unwanted advance and used all of her strength to push him off of her.

Bill Admits To Drugging Women

Lawsuit depositions from 2005 and 2006 came to light in 2015 when they were obtained by The New York Times. In those documents and audio recordings, Bill admitted to drugging women for sex. Cosby would play just about any card to lure in and assault young vulnerable women.

He once even seduced a young model by feigning interest in her father’s cancer diagnosis. He would oftentimes promise to mentor women and help advance their careers before pressuring them for sexual acts. And he would use his finances to try to hide the fact that he was constantly cheating on his wife.

In the tape recordings made during his disposition, Cosby painted himself as some kind of nonchalant playboy who used his fame, fortune, and a handful of sedatives to lure in as many women as he could. Cosby actually claims to have stopped drinking when he was 16 and doesn’t use the potent drugs he allegedly used to facilitate the assault of his victims. He says that they make him tired but he did admit to purchasing Quaaludes to increase his odds of having sex with women.

In 2018, the 81-year-old comedian was sentenced to three to ten years in prison. He has also been classified by the courts as a sexually violent predator.

But despite being handed the book so-to-speak, Bill Cosby hasn’t expressed any remorse for what he has done. In 2019 he gave an interview from prison to BlackpressUSA where he painted himself as a victim of a witch hunt. He also described the justice system that put him behind bars as a sham.

But what do you think? Do you think that Bill Cosby is guilty of the crimes that dozens of women have accused him of or do you think that he was unfairly depicted as a monster by people looking to financially benefit from his downfall? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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