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The Real Reason 2 Broke Girls Got Canceled

2 Broke Girls, starring Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings as two cash-strapped women, was a unique show in many ways and therefore, many fans were disappointed when the show went off the air in 2017. 2 Broke Girls was the brainchild of standup comedian Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King, one of the main writers of Sex and the City. Though the show was never a critics’ favourite, it started off on a good note with audiences, with viewers mostly giving the show a positive response. However, by the sixth season, the show’s loyal fans had begun to leave the show for other favourites. More importantly, CBS, too, wasn’t very happy with the way the show was proceeding. And thus came the news that 2 Broke Girls won’t be revived for a seventh season. But there’s more to this story, so we’re going to look at all the reasons why 2 Broke Girls got cancelled.

Broke Girls Failed to Impress Critics Since the Very Start

2 Broke Girls premiered on CBS on September 19, 2011, and during its first season, received a mixed reaction from the critics. The Hollywood Reporter found 2 Broke Girls to be an interesting show that eventually became uninteresting due to all the unfunny and predictable jokes. Vulture, on the other hand, was quite harsh in its criticism of 2 Broke Girls. The magazine found the showto be rude and mean. Slate, on the other hand, was more forgiving to its flaws and declared 2 Broke Girls a good time-pass series. However, as the season advanced, the critics’ tone towards the show became harsher and harsher.

In 2012, while doing a promotional tour, the cast members were hammered by journalists unhappy with the use of racial jokes and sexual innuendos on the show. By 2015, the show had lost even those critics who had decided to be lenient in the beginning. The international online magazine Pop Matters criticized the show for becoming completely unfunny and the Boston Globe deemed 2 Broke Girls the worst sitcom on TV. It is, therefore, not very surprising that the show was eventually cancelled.

The Show Was Often Criticised for Being Too Racist in Terms of Character Treatment

Yet another problem with the show was that it had too many problematic characters. In one of its pieces, New Yorker observed that many characters on the show catered to many racial stereotypes, which was both baffling as well as offensive. In one particular review, Guardian found it offensive that the character of Han Lee, the diner’s owner, was short, asexual and obsessed with his work, catering to the Asian stereotype in many ways.

While the critics criticised the racial humour in 2 Broke Girls, the actors defended their roles. For instance, Matthew Moy who played Han Lee said in an interview that the comedy in the show was never meant to be rude or offensive. It came from a good place and therefore, none of the jokes involving his character offended him ever. Beth Behrs also dismissed all the accusations casually by saying that people will always have problems.

Angry Viewers Registered Complaints with the Federal Communications Commission

It is safe to say that through its 6-season-run, 2 Broke Girls was constantly criticized for catering to racial stereotypes and torturing the audiences with unfunny jokes. However, those were not the only things for which the show attracted brickbats. Many found the crude jokes and sexual innuendos in 2 Broke Girls’ equally repelling. Don’t believe us?

Well, in 2017, The Washington Post carried an opinion piece where the writer called 2 Broke Girls one of the filthiest shows on television. That’s not all, in 2014, the show offended some viewers so much they decided to lodge formal complaints with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). AdWeek got to the bottom of the controversy and reported that the FCC had received a total of 91 complaints against 2 Broke Girls and all the complaints, in one or the way, accused the show of being profane, full of sexual expletives and essentially, unfit for being a family watch.

The Show Offended Many Australian Fans with a Particularly Racist Joke

Whether you love 2 Broke Girls or you hate it, you can’t deny the series is quite bold when it comes to racist remarks and jokes. Sure, a lot of shows tend to stretch the boundary of what’s acceptable when it comes to comedy on sensitive topics, but 2 Broke Girls took it too far one too many times. While some targeted racist remarks changed as per the episode’s flavour, almost every episode was outright unacceptable if you consider the remarks directed at Han Lee, the guy who owns The Williamsburg Diner, where Max and Caroline wait tables.

While none if this is news, 2 Broke Girls took some serious heat from Australians for a particular joke at Aborigines’ expense. In the episode in question, Han – played by Matthew James Moy – jokes about Aboriginal women. Many Australians took to the series’ Facebook page to express their disgust at the lengths to which the show would go for a few laughs. The online rage caught the attention of Kevin Rudd, who has served as Australia’s Prime Minister in the past. Rudd condemned the joke on Twitter, stating 2 Broke Girls ought to apologize for the transgression.

Although 2 Broke Girls offended many people during its six-season run, this wasn’t the main reason why the show was cancelled. The real reason behind 2 Broke Girls’ cancellation was the profit war between the gigantic entertainment company, Warner Bros. and the broadcast television network, CBS. We will give you the details on this in a while. Meanwhile, if you are enjoying this video, do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

The Show Did Not Meet CBS’ Expectations of It

Here’s one more reason why 2 Broke Girls got cancelled — it didn’t live up to CBS’ expectations.

In 2013, CBS decided to expand its two-hour-long successful Monday night sitcom sessions to include Thursdays. It, therefore, shifted its most popular show, Two and a Half Men, to anchor the Thursday slot as well as decided to add new comedy shows to the lineup. CBS had hoped that 2 Broke Girls would take up the space allotted to Two and a Half Men on Mondays and therefore, they decided to squeeze in a new sitcom called We Are Men between How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls. However, when We Are Men failed to build up a following, CBS decided to cancel the show and move 2 Broke Girls from the 9 PM slot to the 8:30 PM slot. More importantly, instead of 2 Broke Girls, CBS decided to use Melissa McCarthy’s Mike & Molly as its 9 p.m. anchor show. In conclusion, CBS eventually realized it simply could not rely on 2 Broke Girls to take Two and a Half Men’s place and therefore, decided to bet on Mike & Molly instead.

CBS (Obviously) Chalked up 2 Broke Girls’ Untimely End to Creative Reasons

Fans were shocked with the abrupt end of 2 Broke Girls and felt the show had not run its course yet. Obviously, many questions were raised. Kelly Kahl, the scheduling chief at CBS, said 2 Broke Girls didn’t have as much to offer as upcoming shows on the network from a creative perspective when asked why the show was axed.

Kahl stressed that the end of 2 Broke Girls was purely a creative decision with no relevance to previous ownership issues. He claimed CBS had a great year of comedy development, and the network sought to bring in fresh content, which naturally led to some of the older shows being taken off.

2 Broke Girls Lost 2 Million Viewers During Its Sixth Season

By the end of the sixth season, everyone involved with the show knew they were not coming back for a seventh season. Reason? The show’s ratings had dropped significantly. During its season 6, the show registered an average viewership of 5.62 million viewers per episode. During its premiere episode, the show registered a 1.7 rating and a viewership of 6.3 million viewers. However, the last episode of the sixth season registered a rating of 1.04 and a viewership of 4.5 million. While 5.62 viewers per episode is not a bad number and most shows with such ratings get renewed, losing 2 million viewers was certainly not a good sign and therefore, CBS decided to finally take the show off the air.

TBS’s High-Value Deal with Warner Bros. Led to 2 Broke Girls’ Cancellation

Regardless of 2 Broke Girls‘ mixed reception, the series bore sizable profits for the producer, Warner Bros. Studios. While CBS aired the show and reaped revenue from prime-time advertising, Warner Bros. hit it big when it signed a deal with TBS for reruns worth a whopping $1.7 million per episode.

Of course, CBS didn’t get a cut of this since it had no ownership rights, but the syndication deal didn’t go down well with the network, since shortly after, 2 Broke Girls was cancelled. Before the deal went down, apparently, Warner Bros. Studios and CBS were engaged in a heated negotiation, with both trying to grab larger shares of the profit the series promised.

2 Broke Girls May Have Had a Different End If It Wasn’t for Ownership Issues

While Warner Bros. Television produced 2 Broke Girls, the show’s popularity was equally owed to CBS. It was a complicated situation where the studio made a great show, but the network made it popular. There’s no denying that Warner Bros. could never demand and get a price as high as $1.7 million per episode for off-network syndication if CBS hadn’t made the show as popular. So it isn’t shocking that CBS chose to pull the plug on 2 Broke Girls shortly after.

The sticky situation with 2 Broke Girls is why broadcast television networks choose to produce their own shows. Had 2 Broke Girls been produced by CBS, it’s highly probable it would have seen a few more seasons rather than being cut short so abruptly.

Kat Dennings Wanted a 2-Hour Special to Provide Closure to Cast and Viewers

When CBS suddenly pulled the plug on 2 Broke Girls, it was as much a shock to the cast as it was to fans. The leads Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs also claimed the news caught them unaware, and no one on the set realized the last episode they shot would end up the series finale instead of the finale for the sixth season.

With the show ending abruptly, 2 Broke Girls had many loose ends. In an interview shortly after the show’s cancellation, Kat Dennings said viewers deserved closure after following the story for six seasons. While there was nothing on the cards, she hoped there would be a two-hour special that gives viewers a proper end to the series.

Even if you’re not big on 2 Broke Girls‘ flavour of comedy, you can’t deny it is one of those light-hearted shows that you can watch to take your mind off things and relax. If you haven’t seen it yet, we suggest you watch a few episodes from the first couple of seasons. Even if it’s not something you would normally watch, 2 Broke Girls can be fun for everyone with Max’s quick and witty one-liners and Caroline’s over-the-top personality.

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