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Why Anna Kendrick Refuses to Do Nude Scenes

Until a few years ago, nudity was a taboo subject and reputable actors and actresses limited their on-screen activities to kissing. However, over the last few years, audiences have become far more accommodating about nudity on the screen. Today, it is normal for an Academy Award-winning actress, such as Kate Winslet, to bare it all for a good role. However, there still are actors who are shy about taking it all off on the screen. While some actors do not do nude scenes because they do not want to make things awkward with family, others prefer to keep things under wraps because they want to keep their private parts private. Do you know why Anna Kendrick refuses to do nude scenes? You will be surprised to hear Samuel Jackson’s reason for staying away from full-frontal shots and you would be even more surprised to hear Jamie Dornan’s reaction on the topic.

Mandy Moore

In 2007, Mandy Moore was at the top of her game, delivering one movie after the other. Between 2006 and 2007, the actress accepted almost ten projects and some say the number would have been much higher had the actress agreed to show a bit more skin on screen. In an interview, the actress confessed to declining several roles because the producers and directors weren’t okay with writing off scenes involving nudity. According to Moore, she doesn’t walk down the streets knowing most of the people have seen her fully undressed. Mandy Moore is not only averse to taking her clothes off on screen but does not pose nude for men’s magazine either.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has been an important part of the entertainment industry for almost four decades now. However, not once has the actress appeared nude on screen. In 2018, Sarah Jessica Parker gave an interview to the People magazine and explained her stance on the subject. She told the magazine that at the beginning of her career, she was often asked by directors and producers to consider baring it all for a role. However, she had a very smart manager who told her that if ever a person asked her to do something that she was not comfortable doing, she should simply say no. Further, Parker said there is nothing wrong with being nude on screen and women who are comfortable with their bodies should do such scenes if they like. However, since Parker never felt comfortable about baring it all, she has never done a nude scene.

Jamie Dornan

Let’s put it out in the open — Fifty Shades of Grey was a raunchy film and the audiences saw a lot of both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the film. Thus, when the filming began on the final film of the Fifty shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, all kinds of rumours began to make the rounds. One such rumour was that the producers of the film had offered to pay Jamie Dornan $150 million for a full-frontal shot. Jamie later told Elle magazine that he was offered $30 million to show off one testicle. However, Jamie denied because he was convinced that the story did not require him to appear completely nude and more importantly, he was of the opinion they were making a movie and not porn. Therefore, he decided to draw the line right there. Jamie wore what’s called a modesty pouch while filming all his scenes.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is not your typical actress. She is talented and funny and she has established herself as one of the leading names within the entertainment industry. Rebel used acting as a way to get over her shy attitude and given the way her career has developed over the years, we can say for certain that the actress has conquered her fears. However, there is still one thing that Rebel Wilson isn’t comfortable doing on the screen — taking off her clothes. Rebel confessed in an interview that while working on The Brothers Grimsby, the actress was asked to do a full-frontal shot. She declined because she didn’t feel comfortable about it back then. However, Rebel is open to doing a nude scene given the people behind the camera have the sensibility and decency to do it the right way. Unfortunately, according to her, most people in comedy lack those sensibilities.

Anna Kendrick

Within just a decade, Anna Kendrick has established herself as a major movie star. She has starred in hit films like Twilight, Up in the Air, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Pitch Perfect and Trolls. She has done all kinds of films, but there is one thing that she has never done: a nude scene. Anna has very clear opinions on nudity in films. According to her, she does not judge or criticize people who do nude scenes and she, herself, is fine with sex scenes, but she wants to keep her private parts private and does not want the world to see them. If you are thinking you saw her bare butt in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, you are wrong — she used a body double for the shot.

It is common for many actors to steer clear of nudity because they want to protect their bodies but some actors have completely different, sometimes even hilarious reasons to stay away from nudity. We were especially surprised to hear Samuel L. Jackson’s take on the topic. Stick around and we will tell you why the actor does not do full-frontal shots. Meanwhile, if you are enjoying this video, do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

After Sarah Michelle Gellar took on the role of Kathryn Merteuil, a woman who used her sex appeal to manipulate and trick men, most people saw her as a bold actress. Therefore, many thought that Sarah would be okay to take it all off. However, Gellar told New York Post in an interview that she would never go topless, even if offered a huge paycheck. She also said that she has rejected many scripts because they required her to pose topless. Well, according to Gellar, she doesn’t really have a reason why she is against posing nude for the camera. It’s just that she doesn’t like it, so she won’t do it. But you can make those kinds of calls when you’re a movie star!

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson believes in leaving things to the imagination. Therefore, she firmly believes that a shot in a tee shirt or lingerie is far more effective than a full-frontal shot and hence, Ashley doesn’t get pushed into doing nudity on-screen. She has a strict policy — if someone compels her to do a scene that she isn’t comfortable doing, she simply walks off the set.

Allison Williams

The HBO series Girls had a lot of nude scenes and most of the cast members experimented with nudity. However, Allison Williams is one of the actresses from the show who refused to go fully nude. Her reasons were simple. Allison comes from the entertainment background — her father was the editor and anchor of NBC Nightly News and her mother, Jane Gillian Stoddard, was a TV producer. Allison, therefore, knows what it is like to grow with a parent in the public eye. By giving a fully nude scene, she doesn’t want to make life more troublesome than it already would be for her future hypothetical children. Well, that’s a rather sweet reason. Don’t you think?

Megan Fox

Well, every man on this planet would probably give it all to see Megan Fox bare it all on camera. Though Megan Fox has never shied away from wearing scrimpy clothes on the screen (remember Transformers?), she has always been against taking it all off on camera. She addressed the topic during an interview in 2007and said her reasons are simple — she does not want her kids to see her nude on TV. Her stance on nudity is very clear and she has often said that this is one thing she won’t budge on. In another interview, Megan said she has declined roles simply because they demanded her to be nude on screen.

Ricky Gervais

During the promotions of The Invention of Lying, one reporter decided to indulge in some flattery and compared Ricky Gervais’ shirtless body in the film to that of Matthew McConaughey. Gervais being the funny man he is, gave the reporter a very appropriate reply. However, the banter between the two led to the topic of whether Gervais would ever consider going fully nude for a film. Ricky said that he would be okay to do a nude scene only if there was a body double to do his part. Interestingly enough, his co-actress in the film, Jennifer Garner, is also against baring it all on the screen.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba entered the entertainment world at the age of 12. She has done countless films since then and she has often taken up roles that required her to wear some quite revealing outfits. However, Jessica Alba has never done any nude scenes and for her, the reason is her family. The actress confessed in an interview that the reason she doesn’t do nude scenes is that she does not want her grandparents to see her boobs — the whole scenario would be too awkward during Christmas holidays.

Mila Kunis

Like Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis too started quite early — she got her first role at the age of 14. Since then, she has delivered one memorable performance after the other. However, when she did Friends with Benefits, everyone suddenly became far too interested in her body. For the film, she had to do a love scene with Justin Timberlake, who was a good friend of hers. However, when she was told about the scene, Mila said she would show her side boobs instead of her ass. According to Mila, audiences get to see one of the two, not both.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson’s career spans over five decades. The man has worked in over 200 projects. He has done it all. However, if there is one thing that he hasn’t done to this day, it’s appearing fully nude in a film. The actor was quizzed on the topic by Howard Stein and Jackson said that though he has done two nude scenes in his career, he has never done a full-frontal scene. The actor though has a very funny reason for not baring it all. Jackson told Stern that he has never done a fully nude scene because he does not know if it’s big enough to show on the screen. The actor said that he is scared that a full nude may draw criticism and debates on the size of his you know what – and that is exactly what he does not want.

So, did you enjoy this video on actors who refuse to go nude? Did you agree with their reasons or do you think they are simply being prudes? Do you think baring it all is liberating? Please share your views with us through the comments section. We love hearing from you guys.

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