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    Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Never Got His Father’s Blessing

    Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was an actor that seemed destined for stardom. However, the late star claimed that he got into the profession by accident. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. received his name from his father, who was the famous actor Douglas Fairbanks Sr. While one might’ve assumed that Douglas Fairbanks Sr. would’ve been happy to have seen […] More

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    New Book Confirms Who Elizabeth Montgomery Slept With

    Elizabeth Montgomery may have been no stranger to the male gaze thanks to her time playing Samantha Stephens on Bewitched, but most considered her a relatively wholesome figure until a posthumously released tell-all book revealed that she actually led a fairly salacious life. The book contained information that was shared with the author by Elizabeth […] More

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    Jennifer Coolidge is Very Proud of Her MILF Status

    Jennifer Coolidge is a comedic actress that has performed in a great many pieces of media over the course of her career. However, the role that has defined Jennifer’s career more than any other would have to be the role of Stifler’s mom in the 1999 smash hit American Pie. Jennifer played a MILF in […] More

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    How John Lennon Lived During His Final Hours

    One of the most shocking days in the history of contemporary popular music was December 8, 1980, when John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman. The assassination came as a complete shock and no one could have predicted that it would happen. As John Lennon went on throughout his day, Mark David Chapman was […] More

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    Tom Selleck’s Daughter Is a Model and She’s Stunning

    Tom Selleck is a celebrity figure that has always put his personal life before his fame. Ironically, this has led to the television star having a pretty sustainable career! Audiences love the family man, and they’re always anxious to get a glimpse of the star’s two adoring adult children. The younger of Tom’s two children […] More

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    Vikki Dougan Regrets Being Famous for Her Backside

    Many women who step into the limelight become famous from their talents whether it be singing, dancing, acting or even all three. On top of that, their beauty adds to their fame. But there are some female celebrities who became famous just for their beauty – and at times, for certain assets that they may […] More

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