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    Why James Baldwin Abandoned America

    Playwright, novelist, essayist, activist, and legend are some of the terms one can use to describe James Baldwin. Born in 1924 in Harlem, New York, Baldwin was an American who took to writing to express the ill-treatment of African Americans and those with different sexual orientations. A lot of his work features protagonists who struggle […] More

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    These Celebrity Couples Celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas

    It’s that time of year again, are you excited? Typically discussing the holiday season with interfaith couples can be a bit of a sensitive issue, but this year we’ve found several celebrity couples that have decided to fully embrace their theological and cultural differences and celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah – because, why not? Honestly […] More

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    Matthew McConaughey Is Getting Into Politics

    Matthew McConaughey has always been a celebrity known for his relaxed and slightly holier-than-thou demeanor, which makes his current flirtation with politics a surprise for some, but a given for others. Hailing from the state of Texas, it’s no stranger that McConaughey might be prone to the more conservative side of things. At a time […] More

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    Why Johnny Cash Was Banned From the Grand Ole Opry

    The Grand Ole Opry is much more than a radio show – it’s a tradition. Ever since its debut in 1925, this radio program has represented country music and its many fans and artists. But did you know that in its early years, the function of the Grand Ole Opry radio program was to sell […] More

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    These TV Stars Ruled the 70s

    For anyone that grew up watching Good Times, Charlie’s Angels, and MASH we have some great content in store for you today. We’re looking back at some of the hottest stars of the seventies and the television shows they starred in that turned them into household names. Make sure you stick around to the end: […] More

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    Shocking Secrets From the Get Smart TV Show

    Get Smart, quite possibly the greatest addition to the spy parody genre, sorry-not-sorry Austin Powers, premiered on September 18, 1965 on NBC. Mel Brooks and Buck Henry were the masterminds behind this hilarious series that pitted Don Adams as Agent Maxwell Smart, Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 and Edward Platt as Thaddeus The Chief – […] More

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