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    Debbie Reynolds Made Mistake After Mistake (Especially With Men)

    Debbie Reynolds belongs with names like Sandra Dee and Doris Day on any list of beloved, wholesome musical actresses. They all brought an all-American charm to everything they worked on and won over audiences every time. Debbie’s breakout role was Singin’ in the Rain, and she worked through years of grueling filming to make a […] More

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    Shemp Howard’s Death Had Some Devastating Consequences

    By the mid-1950s, the beloved slapstick comedy troupe the Three Stooges had suffered the loss of iconic member Curly Howard. And previous member Shemp Howard had to brought back in to replace him. Shemp went on to pass away himself only a few years after returning to the troupe. Of which he had one of […] More

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    Waylon Jennings Took This One Terrible Regret to the Grave

    Known for his rugged individualism and for helping popularize the grittier, rock-infused genre known as outlaw country. Waylon Jennings always seen as a bit of a wild card in Nashville. He demanded the freedom to be able to record whatever material he pleased while working with his choice of musicians. And to be fair, as […] More

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    Actors Who Refuse to Watch Their Own Movies

    Films are a peculiar medium that comes with plenty of risk. No one who works on them knows how well they’re doing until the finished product comes out. This may make it seem like every actor goes to watch the films they were a part of, but that’s not always the case. Some only watch […] More

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    The Best Guest Stars on the Love Boat

    Airing on ABC from 1977 to 1987, The Love Boat one of the most popular television series of it’s time. A big part of the show’s popularity stemmed from the fact that the series, as well as it’s titular boat, proved the perfect vessel for numerous memorable guest stars to brush up on their television […] More

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