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    Actors Who Hated the Roles That Made Them Famous

    Hollywood seems like a world where everyone only cares about success and money, but this isn’t always true. Many actors and actresses wish they’d never taken on the breakout roles that shot them into stardom. Perhaps they hate the character they played, finding them boring, cruel, or a mixture of both. Maybe the role left […] More

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    What Don Knotts Did on His Deathbed, According to His Daughter

    Do you remember Barney Fife? What about Ralph Furley? Surely, you know about Mayor Turkey Lurkey! Of course, the genius behind these great characters was Don Knotts. Don Knotts was a versatile performer who’s now remembered as one of the great comedic entertainers. He’s arguably one of the greatest icons of American television. But what […] More

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    Huge Details You Missed in Perry Mason

    Are you a fan of the classic legal drama TV series Perry Mason? It was easily one of the best TV shows produced in America and one that displayed heroism, intelligence, and class –  qualities that we all crave to see in modern TV shows. If you’re a huge fan of the show, you know […] More

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    Actresses Who Went Braless for the Cameras

    While women traditionally tend to wear bras, even in our modern times, there are always going to be occasions where they’re better off without them! Whether for comfort reasons, for sex appeal, or to obey the laws of the space, there have been numerous times where Hollywood actresses have chosen to go braless for the […] More

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    Why Lana Wood Ended Her Affair With Sean Connery

    When starting her career, actress Lana Wood struggled to break free from the shadow of her famous sister, Natalie. Natalie Wood was one of the most prolific film stars of her era, yet Lana’s biggest claim to fame over the course of her life has been playing the character of Plenty O’Toole in the Bond […] More

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    This Was Marlon Brando’s Most Dangerous Affair

    Rita Moreno and Marlon Brando seemed as if they could be soulmates. She fell under his spell the moment she saw him, and he loved her Latin beauty. They kept their passionate rendezvous secret for years until their affair became something sinister. His infidelity hurt her so much that she attempted to make him jealous, […] More

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