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    Actors Who Died Within Days of Each Other

    Have you ever heard of the ‘rule of three’? They that when a famous individual dies, two more other famous people will likely die not long after. Whether it’s pure coincidence or some spooky unknown force that’s taking the wheel and causing these deaths is up to you to decide, but if you look at […] More

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    The Unspoken Truth of Montgomery Clift

    Montgomery Clift was a four-time Academy Award-nominated American actor best remembered for his roles in films like Alfred Hitchcock’s I Confess, Fred Zinnemann’s From Here To Eternity, Howard Hawk’s Red River, John Huston’s The Misfits, and Stanley Kramer’s Judgment at Nuremberg.  Along with James Dean and Marlon Brandon, Clift was one of the original method […] More

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    RIP Michael Constantine (All Room 222 Cast Deaths)

    Emmy Award winning actor Michael Constantine proved himself to be an indispensable component of the Room 222 cast, where he flourished alongside actors like Lloyd Hanes, Denise Nicholas, and Karen Valentine. Sadly, decades after the beloved show ended, Michael Constantine’s life has drawn to its own close. At age 94, he’s finally lost his long […] More

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    Leave It to Beaver Star Tony Dow Hospitalized (Tragic)

    Tony Dow, the beloved television actor who rose to fame portraying older brother Wally Cleaver on the hit 1950s sitcom Leave It to Beaver, has recently been hospitalized with pneumonia. Due to the large number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the Los Angeles area, the star had to wait for 24 hours before being admitted into […] More

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    Tragic Secrets About Robert Redford’s Personal Life

    Over the course of his decades-spanning career, Robert Redford has achieved the status of a Hollywood legend. However, the actor has also suffered numerous tragedies in his personal life that are less widely known. Join Facts Verse as we uncover tragic secrets about Robert Redford’s personal life. Robert Redford was born in Santa Monica, California, […] More

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    Why Jackie Gleason Almost Sued the Flintstones

    The Honeymooners was one of the most influential television programs of it’s time. The 1950s sitcom followed a working class husband and wife in New York City as they engaged in comedic hijinks with their married neighbors. Not only has the show inspired pretty much every sitcom about married life that has come since, but […] More

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