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Woman Adopts Tiny, Adorable Puppy. 1 Year-Later She Realizes Her Huge Mistake

Yumna Saloogee

Yumna had always wanted to adopt a pet. Growing up, she wasn’t allowed to have one, so when she was grown up and on her own, she was finally able to. The idea of having a pet to call her very own made her very happy.

Choosing An Adorable Puppy

When people start thinking about adopting a dog, they often think about how large the animal will get. If you don’t have the space for a large dog, you don’t want to adopt one. This can only cause problems in the future when he is full-grown. Larger pets also require more care, more food, and more exercise. These are things that people often take into consideration. Yumna didn’t think too much about any of this when she laid eyes on one particular dog.

Alaskan Malamute

When Yumna stumbled across an Alaskan malamute pup, she immediately fell in love. It was impossible to know how much the little furball would grow over the years, but she didn’t care. She knew right when she saw this puppy that he was the one she had been looking for. She knew that her life would change after adopting a dog because dogs need time and attention. The dog was only two weeks old; therefore, he would need to remain with his mother for a few more weeks so that he could continue nursing. Yumna agreed to take the dog; she just had to wait until he was ready to leave his mother.

Pick Up Day

Finally, the day came that Yumna would be able to pick up her puppy. She was very excited to see him again, and to bring him to his new home. She had already chosen a name for him. She was going to call him Tydus, which means, “great, giant warrior.” When she went to pick up her new pup, she noticed that he had grown a lot since she last saw him. She knew that he was going to grow up to be big because this breed tends to be substantial in size. She just had no idea that the dog would grow to be as big as he was.

Settling In

When Tydus came home, he settled into his new home quickly. He had a new bed, plenty of toys, delicious treats, and tons of attention from his new mother. From a young age, Tydus loved to run around outside and play with his toys. Yumna had plenty of space in her backyard, so it was perfect for her new fur baby. Immediately, Tydus knew that he was the king of the castle. He loved his new mother, and he gave her as much attention as she gave him. Yumna loved to take pictures of her new puppy doing adorable things.


Not only did the puppy love to run in the yard, but she also loved to sit out by the pool with his human. He wasn’t ready to jump into the pool yet, so he was happy just to be close to all the action. It didn’t take long for Yumna’s family and friends to fall in love with Trydus. He was so adorable, friendly, and lovable to everyone around him. This made it impossible not to love him.


Everyone who adopts a puppy knows that their dog will get bigger. Yumna understood this. She just expected him to stop growing at some point. When he had his first growth spurt, Yumna, assumed that he was full-grown. She knew that he would be a big dog, but she never expected him to keep growing. He was having growth spurt after growth spurt, and it felt as though he would never be full-grown.

A Very Big Dog

Tydus continued growing and growing; he was much bigger than the average Alaskan malamute. He grew to be 120-pounds. It was almost impossible to imagine that he would have grown to be this big, the first time Yumna saw him.

Cuddle Buddy

Yumna wasn’t too put off by Tydus’ size. She called him her cuddly buddy. The two would roll around on the floor playing, and he snuggled up with her at night. Even though he outgrew his puppy size very quickly, Yumna knew that she had found her dog version of a soulmate.

Social Media Star

This Woman Adpots Tiny, Adorable Puppy. 1 Year-Later She Realizes Her Huge Mistake. She made the mistake of thinking that her dog would be average size, but it didn’t bother her. She never once thought that bringing Tydus home was a mistake. She takes so many pictures of Tydus that she set up an Instagram account for him. Today, he is a social media sensation, with over 140,000 followers.

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