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10 Houses That Are Zombie Proof

10 Houses That Are Zombie Proof

#1 The Home in the Middle of the Ocean

If there were to be a zombie apocalypse, this would be the house that a person would want to live in. Zombies cannot swim and they don’t possess the intelligence to find a boat and drive it. This would keep you safe while waiting for what is left of the government to find a way to set things right. Also, you would be safe from most people who can lose their humanity during something like this, and try to take things that aren’t theirs. If there were a tsunami, however, you wouldn’t be very safe.

#2 The Camouflage House

This house is pretty amazing. It is built half above ground and half underground. It is made completely out of concrete, making it one of the strongest houses possible. The doors to get in and out are on the side of the home and they are reinforced and strong. The windows are in the front of the house and they are so high off the ground that nobody would be able to get in the house this way. If there is a herd of zombies trying to get inside, you will be safe. If you need to get away as fast as you can, there is a ramp to drive away on. This ramp could even be used as a landing strip if you have an airplane.

#3 The Super Reinforced House

This house is bright and sunny. It has plenty of windows and doors. If you feel threatened, however, it becomes a fortress. With just the push of a button, strong, secure metal doors will cover the doors and the windows. Nothing will get through these doors. It would take nothing short of a bomb to gain access to this house. During a zombie apocalypse, most people aren’t running around with bombs, therefore, you would be safe.

#4 The Elevated Vegetation Home

This is a great home during a zombie apocalypse since zombies cannot climb. As long as you stay on one of the higher floors, you will be safe. The other huge benefit of this house is that you can grow fruits and vegetable right outside your windows. During a zombie apocalypse, it isn’t safe to travel around foraging for food. This house allows you to get all of the food that you need without leaving the house.

#5 Luxury Houseboat

If you are going to wait out the zombie apocalypse, it is best to do it in luxury and style. Since zombies cannot swim, this houseboat is the safest and most luxurious place to live. The ship can move if necessary, but you can also just float in the middle of the ocean. On the front of the boat is a garden, making it possible to grow your own food so you won’t need to worry about going to shore and risking your life. If you do need to head to shore, there is a dingy that can take you. This way you can keep your boat in the middle of the ocean where it is safe.

#6 The Home With the Hidden Bunker

This rustic cabin style home is beautiful. It is a large home with an attached garage. It even has a landing strip for an airplane. Unfortunately, nice homes are targets for the living and easily accessible for zombies. This is why the homeowner built an underground bunker. There is a hatch above ground that leads to a complete two story house under the ground. This isn’t your typical bunker. It is designed just like a typical house. Once inside, you wouldn’t even realize that you were in a bunker. If the zombies and the humans cannot find you, they cannot hurt you. Living underground is one of the safest ways to wait out the zombie apocalypse.

#7 The Castle Fortress

Castles have very high walls to keep enemies out. The person who designed this house decided to use the same concept. Around the mansion is a tennis court and a basketball court. Most people would try to remain indoors during a zombie apocalypse because it is the safest place. This homeowner wanted to still go outside, so they built a large wall with four towers at each of the corners. This would give them a place to keep watch while being completely safe.

#8 The Armored House

This house is located in the middle of the ocean, therefore, it is zombie proof. Since zombies cannot swim, they can’t get to the house. This home would also protect the occupants from the living who are trying to take their supplies. The house is made out of bullet proof armor. There are fixed guns on the side of the house in case there is an attack. Getting food would require you to go to shore often, therefore, you would need to stock up on supplies.

#9 The House in the Hole

This is one of the safest places to be during a zombie apocalypse. It is located in the middle of the desert. There are very tall walls around the property keeping zombies and people out. The home is built in the middle of a hole. If anyone were to get over the wall, they likely wouldn’t survive the drop down. This allows the homeowner to go outside and be safe. It doesn’t look like there is much around, therefore, getting supplies could be tough.

#10 The House in the Cliff

This is one of the best 10 houses that are zombie proof. This house is built into the side of a cliff. This makes it virtually invisible to anyone on the other side of the cliff. Not only is it a safe and secure home, it is luxurious. There is even a swimming pool outside for exercise and recreation. If you have a fear of heights, however, this may not be the home for you since it is up in the clouds.

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