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10 substances that defy the laws of physics

10 Substances That Defy The Laws of Physics

#1 Hydrophobic Materials

Hydrophobic materials are special coverings that can protect against water, liquids, and even dirt. For years, these substances were only used in laboratories. Today, hydrophobic materials are more widely used by the general public. You can buy a spray or gel to protect your footwear, clothing, building materials, and even your tablecloths. Amazingly, this material has also been used to clean up the ocean. There is always research being done, and soon, this substance could be responsible for saving the planet

#2 SF6 Gas

SF6 gas, also known as hexafluoride, is a gas which solid objects can float on as though they were in water. This gas is actually five times heavier than air. It won’t escape from its container and light objects can float on the gas. One very strange ability that this gas has is that is can lower the tone of your voice. If you take in a gulp of this gas, you will sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars. This gas makes you sound so funny, that Kelly Ripa and Neil Patrick Harris inhaled it on Kelly’s morning show. There are several YouTube videos to prove it.

#3 Gallium

Many people believe that a metal that can melt in your hands is something out of a science fiction movie. There is actually such a substance, and it is called gallium. You may have seen liquid metal, often in your high school physics class, however, gallium will melt if you mix it with hot water. Its abilities don’t stop there, however, If it comes into contact with aluminum, the aluminum will become brittle. This substance is most frequently used in the high technology sector. It isn’t something that you can walk into your local hardware store and find in aisle 4.

#4 Nitinol

Everyone has heard of memory foam, where your pillow or your mattress will mold to the shape of your body or your head. What you may not know is that there is actually a memory metal called nitinol. It is actually a nickel and titanium alloy. If you bend this metal, it will return to its original form when it is heated up. It is pretty impressive.

#5 “Smart Wood”

Smart Wood is going to be very popular in the future. It is actually a programmable wood. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used 4D printing to create wooden laminates that change to the shape that you need when they are submerged in water. This Smart Wood could one day change the face of construction. One day, cutting a measuring may no longer be necessary during building projects.

#6 Hot Ice

The word hot ice seems like an oxymoron but it is actually one of the substances that defy the laws of physics. The scientific name for this substance is sodium acetate. When the slightest influence is placed upon the substance, it will turn from a liquid into crystals, the same way that ice does. The only difference is that this substance is warm, unlike ice. This is actually a substance that you can make yourself. It doesn’t serve much of a purpose in your everyday life, however, it really is pretty cool.

#7 Hydrogel

Hydrogel has been used in medical applications, and it has actually helped medical researchers make huge strides. It can actually change its shape and size based on the temperature. If you watch this material closely when it is going through its transformation, it will look as though it is alive. It is actually one of the most amazing substances on Earth. If you have the chance to see it in action, you should take advantage of it. You may not get another chance.

#8 Self-Repairing Material

This is likely one of the most amazing substances on the planet. It is impossible to harm the material, as it can repair itself quickly. Deep within the material lie microcapsules of bacteria. When the item encased in the material is damaged, the bacteria becomes activated, filling in the cracks. This material is already used in building materials, for medical purposes, and on Smartphone covers. Researchers are currently trying to find a way to use this material on the asphalt on roads. This will make potholes and cracks a thing of the past. This can save towns, cities, counties, and states hundreds of thousands of dollars on road repairs.

#9 Aerogel

Aerogel is amazing as it is 7.5 times lighter than air. It is also transparent, hard, flame-resistant, and it can hold in heat extremely well. It is also one of the most expensive substances in the world. It has an amazing appearance, as it actually resembles a hologram. Most people have never heard of this substance until recently, however, it was discovered in the late 1930’s by a chemist named Samuel S. Kistler. If you were to buy a piece the size of your palm, you can expect to pay $100. It is also known as Stardust, and it is most commonly used by NASA. Over the past few years, more and more companies have been testing this material to for use in everyday objects. It’s most famous job thus far has been in the twin Mars Exploration Rovers. They landed on Mars in early 2004 and the aerogel protected the electronics, the computers, and the electrical box.

#10 Nitrogen Triiodide and Fulminating Silver

This substance actually has no true purpose. This is likely because it is very dangerous to transport. The problem with this substance is when it is struck, no matter how lightly, it can explode. What makes this substance so impressive is that when it explodes, it turns into a brightly colored smoke. It could make a magician’s show amazing if they could get their hands on this substance, but chances are most magicians won’t know where to find it. It isn’t available for purchase in every magic store because it is so dangerous. It also has no useful purpose in the industrial or medical field.

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