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14 Famous Food Myths Busted By Science

14 Famous Food Myths Busted By Science

Myth #1: Wooden Cutting Boards Accumulate BacteriaFor years, people have been avoiding buying wooden cutting boards due to the myth that they can accumulate dangerous bacteria that can survive in the cutting board.
Truth: There is no scientific evidence that shows that wooden cutting boards are any more dangerous than plastic cutting boards. As long as you wash your cutting board carefully in hot water after each use, it won’t retain bacteria and you won’t get sick.

Myth #2: Salt Water Boils FasterMany people believe that salt water boils much faster than unsalted water. This is the reason that many people add a few shakes of salt to their water before they put it on the stove to boil.
Truth: People who are experts in chemistry know that this is not true. All of the salt in the world won’t change the boiling point of water. If you do add salt to your before it boils, do so for the flavor, not to make the water boil faster.

Myth #3: Eggs Increase Your Blood CholesterolPeople have been avoiding eggs for years believing that eggs are responsible for increasing the cholesterol levels in your blood. At one point, the yolks were blamed and the egg whites were said to be healthy. The whole story is a myth.
Truth: It is saturated fat and trans fat that makes your cholesterol levels rise. An egg contains around 0.05 oz of fat and there are no trans fats at all. Eggs are actually good for you. They contain conaysin, which is an antioxidant that helps your eyesight.

Myth #4: Aluminum Cookware Causes Alzheimer’s DiseaseWhen you cook with aluminum cookware, it can produce a toxin that is known to cause Alzheimer’s disease.
Truth: After the Alzheimer’s rumors started, scientists decided to test aluminum cookware. It was found that all of the aluminum from the cookware is processed by the kidneys, therefore, it cannot cause any type of disease.

Myth #5 Energy Drinks Give You EnergyThere are plenty of people who drink energy drinks in the morning to start their day. Others drink energy drinks to stay up late and cram for tests. They do this because they believe that the drinks will give them energy.
Truth: The sugar in the energy drinks will give you a short burst of energy. The caffeine in the drink will prevent drowsiness for a short time the same way that coffee does. You won’t get any real energy from these drinks, you will just suffer from insomnia and you are a candidate for obesity.

Myth #6: Fried Food Causes Heart AttacksMany people avoid eating fried foods because they are afraid that it will cause them to have a heart attack.
Truth: Since the fried food myth got started, scientists have been doing studies on the connection between fried foods and heart disease. To this day, they still cannot find a connection between the two.

Myth #7: You Should Eat 5 Small Meals Each Day Rather Than 3 Large OnesThere are many people who have changed the way they eat. After reading weight loss guides, people are eating 5 smaller meals rather than 3 larger ones.
Truth: Scientists have not found any evidence that eating 5 small meals each day will help you lose weight.

Myth #8: Vitamin C Can Combat a Cold and the FluDuring cold and flu season, millions of people start taking vitamin C to keep from getting sick.
Truth: There is no scientific evidence that supports this vitamin C myth.

Myth #9: Coffee Is Bad For Your HeartThere are many people who limit their coffee intake because they worry that it will damage their heart. There are others who avoid coffee altogether due to the risks to their heart.
Truth: This myth is completely opposite. People who drink coffee daily have a 25 percent smaller risk of developing coffee than those who don’t.

Myth #10: Carrots Lose Nutrients When They Are CookedMany people eat their carrots raw because they are afraid that they will lose some of their nutrients during the cooking process.
Truth: Carrots are actually healthier when they are cooked. When the carrots are cooked, it can release high levels of beta-carotene, which is healthy.

Myth #11: Skinning a Chicken Will Make It Lower In CaloriesObsessive calorie counters often remove the skin on their chicken thinking that it will be healthier and have fewer calories.
Truth: Removing the chicken before you cook it will not reduce a number of calories that it contains. In fact, you should leave the skin on while you cook it because it makes the chicken juicier.

Myth #12: Carbonated Drinks Are Bad For Your HealthMany people avoid drinking carbonated drinks because they are believed to be bad for their health.
Truth: This myth is half true. Carbonated flavored drinks are not good for you, however, carbonated water won’t harm your health at all.

Myth #13: Eating a Lot of Spices Can Cause UlcersThere are many people who believe that eating too many spices will cause ulcers.
Truth: Overloading on spices can make your stomach feel uncomfortable, however, it is not an ulcer. It is just mistaken for an ulcer.

Myth #14: Drinking Alcohol Kills Your Brain CellsOf the 14 famous food myths busted by science, this is the most well-known one. Many people believe that if they drink alcohol, they can kill off their brain cells quickly.
Truth: There have been several studies that have shown that heavy drinkers have the same number of brain cells as people who don’t drink alcohol at all.

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