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20 Photos That Might Prove Ghosts Are Real

Eerie Photos

Have you ever taken a photo and noticed something scary and a bit eerie about it? There could be something strange in the corner of the photo or a strange orb in the shot. These abnormalities could be due to tricks of light caused by the flash or something over the lens. Many people wonder if these things can justify these things and believe that they have photographed a ghost. Here are 20 photos that might prove ghosts are real.

A Dog Always Knows

If you have ever seen a horror movie about a haunting, you know that the family dog always senses the ghostly presence first. In this photo, the pug seems to be watching something floating in the room. There is a strange white figure hovering over the woman’s head. It might be time for the woman to pack her bags and move.

An Abandoned Hospital

There are many stories of abandoned hospitals being haunted, and this photo proves that theory. Written on the door is the word, “No.” If you look in the window, you can see a ghostly figure standing there, making sure that people are heeding her warning. This photo is scary enough to keep people out of the hospital for good.

A Church Haunting

When you go to church, you pray to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. You just never expect to see an actual ghost. This photo was taken in 2008 during a church service. The photographer captured a picture of a ghost in the corner. An exorcism might be necessary to remove the spirit. Fortunately, there are priests around.

Get Off My Grave!

This guy drunk and walking through the cemetery. He decided to rest on a Revolutionary War-era grave. The spirit within the grave wasn’t too happy about it, and it looked like the spirit is ready to strike. The person who took this photo may have saved the drunk man just in the nick of time.

A Haunted Nightclub

Bobby Mackey’s Music World nightclub is said to be haunted. The club is very old, and there are stories of murders taking place in the nightclub over the years. This photo shows more than one ghostly figures in the nightclub. What can be scarier than that?

Glowing Eyes

This is a photo of an old Victorian home in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The house looks creepy at first glance, but when you look in the first-floor window, things get even creepier. The glowing eyes could belong to a cat, a raccoon, or something more sinister. The house looks creepy, so it only makes sense that there is a demon inside.

A Ghostly Photobomber

Two students from the University of Texas wanted to take a fun shadow selfie on campus. They took the photo without seeing the ghostly figure right across the street. Had they noticed the spirit watching them, the photo would have been of two shadows running away.

The Burst Feature

This iPhone user hit the burst feature button on his camera, and it took ten photos within a second. When the user looked at the pictures later, he noticed a ghostly figure standing in the doorway. There is a good chance that he moved after discovering that his house is haunted.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium has been closed for years, and it is said to be haunted. Ghost enthusiasts can take a tour of the sanatorium, which can be terrifying. One person on the tour entered room 502, which is said to be haunted. They took a picture in the pitch-black room. After, they upped the brightness and the contrast of the photo, and his horrifying figure was displayed. The tour-goer is now convinced that the angry spirit of a patient haunts room 502.

A Gateway To Hell

It is believed that there is a Gateway To Hell in Kansas. The man who took this photo may have stumbled upon another. He was out for a walk with his dog when he came across a swirling portal. The way the dog is staring down there makes you wonder if there are spirits in the hole that aren’t visible to the naked eye. If this man is smart, he will take his dogs and run like hell.

A Falling Corpse

There have been a lot of theories about this photo over the years. It is a photo of the Cooper family that was taken in the ’50s. In 2013, it went viral because of the strange figure coming from the ceiling on the right side of the photo. Some people say that the strange figure is just a light trick, while others say that it is a corpse that came down from the ceiling right when the photo was taken.

A Strange Stain

The person who took this photo ripped up his old, dirty carpeting. When he lifted the carpet, he discovered a stain on the floor that looked like a body had been left there for a long time. The homeowner thought that the stain was odd, and he took a photo of it. After looking at the photo, he noticed a strange orb right over the stain. Is the ghost of the person who died on that floor and left the stain behind? The homeowner believes that this is the case.

A Ghost At Homecoming

This boy and his date were dressed up and ready to go to homecoming together. Before heading off to the dance, the boy’s mother wanted to take a photo. It wasn’t until they looked at the picture that they saw that something was watching them. It could be the ghost of a teenage girl who is angry that she never got to attend her own homecoming. This is absolutely terrifying.

A Ghost On Fripp Island

A girl went to Fripp Island, South Carolina, for a nice day in the sun. She took a photo out of her car window and captured the figure of a woman. Later, she was talking about what she saw in the picture, and a local overheard her. He informed her that Fripp Island is said to be haunted. The girl quickly got in her car and never looked back.

A Ghost In St. Augustine, Florida

A person was taking burst photos in an old jail in St. Augustine, Florida. After looking at the picture, he saw a ghostly figure in the corner. Skeptics say that it is just a technical issue caused by the flash and the light inside the jail, but others are sure that it is a ghost. There are rumors that the old prison is haunted by the prisoners who died there, leading people to believe that this really is a ghost.

A 1920s Wake

This photo was taken at a wake in the ’20s. The man in the picture seems to be comforting the woman, but they have no idea that there is a ghostly apparition standing right in front of them. It’s a horrifying picture, which many believe is the person who just died refusing to leave this world.

William Hope

William Hope was a famous photographer and paranormal researcher in the ’20s. He is the one who took this photo. The couple in the picture doesn’t seem to notice that there is a ghostly figure hovering right above them. Some people believe that William doctored these photos, and others are sure that it is a ghost.

Possessed By Satan

This parent took a photo of their video monitor while their new baby was sleeping. What they saw when they looked at the photo is terrifying. The baby’s eyes are glowing, and it looks like the Devil possesses him. It is more likely that the night vision feature caused the child’s eyes to light up, but it doesn’t make it any less frightening.

The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

Lady Dorothy Walpole is also popular as The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. She was the second wife of a rich man named Charles Townshend. After she had a scandalous affair, she was banished to Raynham Hall until she died in 1726. The hall is said to be haunted by her ghost, and this eerie photo was captured in 1936. It looks as if Lady Walpole’s spirit is coming down the stairs to greet the photographer.

Bonus 1: A Terrifying Teen’s Selfie

This pretty teenager took an ordinary selfie. When she looked closely at the photo, she saw the mirror in the background and became terrified. There is the reflection of a demon in the photo, which is absolutely horrifying.

Bonus 2: Slender Man?

The girl in this photo had a friend take her photo in a park at night. It wasn’t until the girls looked at the photo that they realized that they weren’t alone. Off in the distance, you can see a figure of what appears to be Slender Man. The girls never returned to this park at night again.

Bonus 3: A Stalker

The girls in this photo got together to take a group photo. What they didn’t know was that they had a stalker. If you look between the two columns, you can see him watching. This could have either been a student playing a joke, or they really did have a stalker. We may never know.

Bonus 4: A Human Profile

The family who took this photo paid good money to take an African safari. They knew that they would be seeing elephants, but they never expected to see one this unique. In the elephant’s ear, you can see the perfect outline of a human profile, complete with an ear. This may not be a ghostly photo, but it is creepy enough to make it on this list.

Bonus 5: A Ghost Behind the Couch

At first glance, this looks like a photo of your typical living room. It isn’t until you look at the pillow on the left that you see that a ghostly figure is watching the photographer. This is a gorgeous living room, but it isn’t beautiful enough to stay in the house. After seeing something like this, most people would sell right away.

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