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3 Young Men Run From Gas Station To Grab Elderly Couple While A Cop Stood In Awe

Getting Old

Getting old is never easy. At the first sign of wrinkles, many people start to panic. Things only get worse when you are no longer able to do the things that you once were. As you get older, simple things like getting in and out of the car can be difficult. While getting old is part of life, it isn’t always easy. Most people refuse to let their age stop them from doing things, which can lead to problems.

The Griests

Rose and David Griest knew the hardships of getting old. Rose was 89-years-old, and David was 100-years-old. They had trouble getting around, but they refused to give up their independence. They had family members who were willing to take them anywhere they needed to go, but they refused. They wanted to do things on their own. It may have been irrational, but it is a common reaction to aging.

Rose’s Doctor’s Appointment

Rose had a doctor’s appointment one day, and she and David decided to drive themselves. They figured that getting to and from the doctor’s office would be easy. They didn’t expect that they would need to take a detour to the gas station on the way home. On the way home from the appointment, they needed to get gas, and they both had to use the bathroom. They pulled their SUV into the gas station and parked in front of the first pump that they saw. After leaving the gas station, the couple struggled to get back to the car. The walk from the car to the bathroom had taken a lot out of them. A police officer was nearby and saw the couple struggling.

Officer Kanesha Carnegie

Officer Kanesha Carnegie was on patrol across the street from the gas station and noticed the elderly couple coming out of the gas station. She saw that they were visibly struggling, so she decided that she should step in and help. Just as she was about to drive over to the couple, she noticed that someone was following them. 3 young men run from gas station to grab elderly couple, only for cop to stand in awe of kindness. When she saw the men coming after the couple, her heart melted.

The Three Men

As the couple was leaving the gas station, three men inside saw them struggling. The men were Orlando-based rappers, Joc Koe Stoe, Marty, and Freddy G. When Kanesha saw the men running after the couple; she immediately took out her phone to start recording what was unfolding in front of her. It wasn’t because she thought something terrible was about to go down; it was because she was witnessing an act of kindness. She says that this wasn’t something that you would ever expect from a group of rappers. After witnessing the act of kindness, she realized that rappers have reputations that aren’t always correct.

The Men’s Act

The men ran out of the gas station, and two of them grabbed Rose’s arms and the third held David by the arm. They walked the couple to their car and helped them to get in. Next, they offered to pump gas for the couple. Because Rose and David were exhausted, they were more than willing to accept the help.

Asking Permission

Before taking the video, Officer Kanisha asked the men their permission. The men said that it was okay because they just wanted to get the couple to their car safely. Kanesha recorded the whole thing with pride.

Uploading the Video

After getting the kind gesture on film, Kanesha decided to upload the video on her social media page as well as Levy County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page. She wanted people to see how kind these boys were. It didn’t take long for the post to go viral. People from all over the country were liking and sharing her video.

Faith In Humanity

Kenisha says that she uploaded the video because it restored her faith in humanity. Many of the comments on the video said that it did that for them as well. In a world where most things that you see on the news are negative, it is nice to see that there are still kind young people in the world.


When the video went viral, the local news caught wind of the story, and they reported the story. They spoke to Kenesha who says that just as she walked over to help the couple, the three men surprised her by helping them the couple themselves. She says that she was glad that she was there to catch the whole thing on video so that she could share it with the world.

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