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30 Amazing Pictures Of Abandoned Places: Get Ready To Be Stunned

Abandoned Places

Abandoned places can be dirty and in ruins. They can also be incredibly fascinating. There is something about places that nobody has set eye on for years that makes them mysterious. Here are 30 amazing pictures of abandoned places: get ready to be stunned.

Nature Took Its House Back

This house has been abandoned for so long that trees grew up through the floor and out the roof.

An Abandoned Building In Spain

This building has been abandoned for so long that the ceiling is almost completely gone. You can see thousands of stars above, which is beautiful.

Home In the Desert

This abandoned house in Namibia is filled with sand. It is unknown whether the house was abandoned due to the sand issue, or if the sand came in after the residents left.

Stairs In Oahu, Hawaii

These stairs appear to be leading to Heaven. This is a well-known spot in Hawaii, but due to the height and the condition of the stairs, they are very rarely visited.

An Abandoned Greenhouse

Greenhouses are supposed to be filled with plants. This one has been abandoned for so long that the plant life is completely taking over.

Abandoned Bug

Someone left their Volkswagen Bug at the end of a road on Lagoon Beach in South Africa. The person who left it behind is unknown.

An Abandoned Ferris Wheel

This isn’t something that you see every day. It is all that is left of an amusement park in Ukraine.

Buddhist Temple

You would think that something this amazing would be cared for and a tourist attraction. Instead, it is rarely ever seen and covered in overgrowth.

Parisian Railroad

This railroad is located in Paris. It has been abandoned for so long that the walls and the tracks have been swallowed up by greenery.

Abandoned Train

This train may look like something from the future, but it has actually been abandoned for decades.

Austrian Nightclub

This is pretty amazing. It is an Austrian nightclub that has been abandoned. It looks as though the owners left one night and never came back.

Deserted Church

It isn’t every day that you find a deserted church. This church in France has been abandoned for so long that the greenery has covered the floor.

Belgium Castle

Most people don’t desert their castle, but this castle in Belgium was. It is weathered, and it appears that Mother Nature is taking over.

Another Church

This church, with all of its windows, is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a shame that someone left it behind and let nature and the animals take over.

Abandoned City

This is an ancient abandoned city called Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It is absolutely incredible.

Tiny House in Crystal, Colorado

This tiny house in Crystal, Colorado, was abandoned. Judging by the amazing views, it makes you wonder why the owners left it behind.

An Old Well

At one time, this old well was used for ceremonies in Sintra, Portugal. Today, it is abandoned and covered in greenery.

Abandoned Wizard Of Oz Amusement Park

There was once a Wizard Of Oz amusement park in North Carolina. Since it closed, it has been abandoned. The only thing left is this gorgeous yellow brick road.

Abandoned Fishing Village

Since this fishing village became deserted, Mother Nature literally took over everything.

Abandon Ship

This sunken ship has been sitting on the bottom of the ocean for what looks like decades.

Old Chapel

This chapel has been abandoned for decades. The light that flows through it since it began to deteriorate looks almost magical.

Castle In Portugal

Since the humans left this castle in Portugal, the birds and the geese have taken over.

Abandoned Mental Hospital

Since this mental hospital closed, it has been abandoned. With all of the scary stories about abandoned mental hospitals, it is no wonder why nobody has been there in years.

Detroit Church

This is an abandoned church in Detroit. There are no longer worshipers, and it is now home to vandals.

Degraded Ship

This ship ran aground in Baltray, Ireland. Judging by the way it has disintegrated, it is clear that it has been on the beach for a long, long time.

SS American Star

The SS American Star ran aground in Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands in 1994. It has been there ever since.

Abandoned Hotel

This abandoned hotel in San Antonio del Tequendama, Columbia has an amazing view of the falls. It makes you wonder why the owners left.


This city was once home to 50,000 people. After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1996, it was abandoned due to radiation. It has been untouched for close to 35-years.

Old Farmhouse

The owners of this farmhouse not only abandoned their home, but they also abandoned their truck.

Willard Asylum

Williard Asylum in New York has been abandoned for years. It is believed that over half of the 50,000 patients died there. It is also said to be haunted.

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