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35 Legendary Products And Brands To Grab Right Now Before They Vanish From Shelves

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In the consumer world that we live in, we often get attached to products that we love. It could be a beauty product, a cleaning product, a food item, a brand, or a whole store. We buy these items expecting them to be on the shelves when we run out. The only problem with this is that nothing is guaranteed to be around forever. Here are 35 legendary products and brands to grab right now before they vanish from shelves.


Many people love crocs for a variety of reasons. Not only do these shoes come in more styles than you could ever imagine, but they are also comfortable and very versatile. Unfortunately, the toughness of the shoes could prove to be their downfall. They are so durable that people don’t need to replace them often. As a result, close to 200 shops were shut down in 2018.


Claires opened their doors in the early ’60s, and it is targeted toward young girls. They sell jewelry, accessories, and offer ear piercing services. Business hasn’t been too good lately, and the chain declared bankruptcy in 2018.


Before we had cell phones with cameras, we had Kodak cameras. Since then, photography has changed dramatically. This has put Kodak in financial trouble, and they went bankrupt in 2012. Since then, the company has been veering away from its traditional camera products, and they are focusing more on cryptocurrency. Unfortunately for Kodak, this hasn’t been much of a success either.

Chef Boyardee

For decades, people have love Chef Boyardee products. Today, more and more people are avoiding canned foods and trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The company has changed its recipe to offer healthier options, which caused the prices to go up.


There was a time when Kenmore was one of the most popular brands in the United States. The company produces appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens. Kenmore products were available in Sears stores, but since Sears stores have been closing all over the U.S., Kenmore is failing too. Many consumers believe that Kenmore cannot keep with today’s technology, making the appliances sold in the remaining Sears store a bit old school.

The Legendary Product: Diet Pepsi

Diet Pepsi was released in 1964 in the United States, which was years ahead of the U.K. launch. The soda did pretty well for years, especially during the ’90s. Today, Diet Pepsi isn’t doing so well. More and more people are looking for healthier alternatives, which has left Diet Pepsi’s sales dwindling. Between this and the competition from Diet Coke, it might not be long before you no longer see Diet Pepsi on the shelves.


As mentioned above, Sear is in real trouble. In 2007, sales started to dip. From there, they were losing money every year, which caused them to file for bankruptcy. Today, there are only 400 Sears stores left in the United States.

Fabric Softener

In today’s world, there are plenty of products on the market to clean your clothes. Over the last few years, the fabric softener sales have gone down. According to market research, the younger generation isn’t using it because they just don’t know what it does.

The Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle is one of the most recognized cars in the world. Decades ago, the original Beetle was taken off the market, only to be replaced with a newer version over 20 years later. In 2019, Volkswagen announced that they are taking the Beetle off the U.S. market. Maybe it will come back again one day.

The Gap

Gap opened its doors 50 years ago. Since then, Gap stores have been popping up in almost every mall in the United States. In the spring of 2019, the store announced the closing of over 200 stores by 2021. What will every mall in the U.S. replace it with?

Old Country Buffet

Old Country Buffet offers a wide variety of choices, but that might not be enough to keep them open. In just a few years, hundreds of restaurants have closed down. By August 2019, there were only 19 left, and most were in the Midwest. The reason for this is that consumers today prefer to dine somewhere that offers a more straightforward choice.

The Legendary Product: Jell-O

Just about every kid in the United States grew up on Jell-O. Since more people are eating healthy today, they aren’t buying Jell-O. Currently, the company is trying to come up with new products to bring the old customers back and keep from going out of business.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is one of the most popular book chains around. They opened their doors in 1886, and despite the longevity, the business lost $17 million in 2018. Since many people read eBooks today, bookstores are becoming obsolete.


There is plenty of competition in the clothing game, and Aeropostale couldn’t stand up to the competition. In 2016, they filed for bankruptcy. The chain recovered a year later, but experts aren’t sure how long the company can stay afloat.

Bar Soap

For decades, people were using bar soap in their sinks and showers. Today, the younger generation is worried about bar soap carrying germs, so they are using bottled soap and body wash. Because of this, the sales of bar soap have dropped dramatically.


For a long time, Wheaties was one of the best selling cereals on the market. They even had countless sports stars on the boxes. Today, with all of the options out there, the sales have drastically dropped.


When a person wanted a classy piece of jewelry, they went to Tiffany’s. Today, fewer people are shopping there because of all the other options. As a result, the business’ stock has dropped by 20 percent. Also, consumer research has shown that fewer people are spending as much money on jewelry.


iTunes made it possible for people to download their favorite movies, games, and music. Sadly for the company, these days could be coming to an end. Thanks to an iOS update, soon, iPhone users will have to browse through three separate sites for music, podcasts, and video. This is too much work.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most widely recognized lingerie brands, and with its release of Pink, things were looking great. Over the last few years, things weren’t going so well. In 2019, 50 stores closed.


There was a time when SlimFast was the go-to product if you want to lose weight. In 2018, the numbers were falling, and the company sold for $350 million. This is a far cry of the $2.4 million that it sold for in 2000.


Many people buy products in bulk from chains like Costco. Recently, the sales have gone down because millennials don’t buy in bulk. This could be trouble for Costco in the future.


Like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Fiat won’t be around for much longer. SUVs are available in smaller sizes, which is drawing people away from the Fiat. Currently, they are moving away from the U.S.


When the eBook was first introduced, people were buying eReaders. Today, people can do the same thing from their phones. Between this, and the fact that fewer people read today, the eReader is becoming obsolete.

Chevrolet Cruze

Every brand will have a product that stands out above the rest. For Chevrolet, it was the Cruze. With all of its competition, the Cruze’s popularity has died out. Chevrolet has announced that it will be discontinued in 2019.

Digital Cameras

For a while, everyone owned a digital camera. Today, thanks to the advanced camera technology in cell phones, people are buying them less often. These cameras are considered to be out of date.

Arabica Coffee

People love the distinctive flavor of Arabica coffee, but they might not have it for long. The beans and crops are considered under threat, which means that they could be gone within a few years.

GPS Units/Sat Navs

Before the GPS, we had to use maps to get around. When the GPS came out, everyone had one. Today, Smartphones have their own GPS app, which is making these bulky versions obsolete.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch first opened their doors in 1892. Since then, they have been one of the most popular clothing store chains in the United States. Unfortunately, the chain is in trouble, and they announced that they would be closing 40 stores by 2020.


Since 1930, kids have been playing with Fisher-Price toys. Sadly for the future generation, these toys may not be around much longer. In 2019, they reported a 10 percent drop in sales, which could mean trouble in the future.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is the most popular brand of motorcycle on the market today. The problem is that fewer people are riding motorcycles because they deem them to be dangerous. Experts believe that the sales will go down over the next few years.

J.C. Penny

J.C. Penny has been one of the most popular chains for decades. Over the last few years, they have taken a hit. Over the next couple of years, they plan to close many stores. In 2019, 18 will close down, with more to come in 2020 onward.


GoPro is great to capture photos from angles that you never thought possible. Even though the idea is excellent and people love them, the company is losing money. Experts believe that it is because the company is struggling to create new devices that people want.

Campbell’s Soup

When people think of soup, they immediately think of Campbell’s. In 2012, the company’s numbers started falling as customers have been turning their backs on canned soup for organic alternatives. Campbell’s’ has tried to implement healthy options, but they aren’t flying off the shelves.


For years, Budweiser was “The King Of Beers.” In 2018, things changed a bit. That year, three other brands beat it in U.S. sales. Many believe that the decline is due to the alternative beverage options available today.


Portable music players have always evolved with the times. We had the Walkman, the Discman, and thanks to technology, the iPod was introduced in 2001. These devices made it possible to copy music from your computer to your device. As the technology gets better and better, you can put all of your music on your iPhone, and the iPod has become obsolete.

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