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35 Reality Shows That Are Totally Fake (#3 Is Indisputable)


Ever since The Real World, reality TV has become incredibly popular. While many reality shows are edited to take the plot in the direction that the producers want, most of what happened is real and unscripted. Unfortunately, there are some reality shows that aren’t real at all. Here are 35 reality shows that are totally fake (#3 is indisputable).

South Beach Tow

South Beach Tow was a great show. Sure, the things that happened were unbelievable and would never happen, but it was entertaining to watch. Take Bernice, for example. She could rip car doors off with her bare hands, and even fell from a parking structure and survived. Even though the show was fake, it was fun to watch.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson family from Louisiana. They are known for creating their duck call tools. The characters are great; the only problem is the most of the storylines are scripted to make the show more exciting. Also, it has been reported that the production team adds bleeps even when the cast doesn’t swear. They do this hoping they can make it look like the characters are angrier than they actually are to add more drama.

Undercover Boss

Millions of people in the US love this show. They like the basic premise of the show where bosses go undercover to see how well their employees are really doing. It is great when employees who are never recognized finally get appreciated for their work. The only problem is that there are reports that most of the show is scripted. Also, the promises the bosses make to their employees aren’t always kept.

Hardcore Pawn

This show followed father, Les, and his two children, Seth and Ashley, while working at the family-owned pawnshop. The show was entertaining with all of the fights on the show, but there were so many that it is obviously scripted. What are the odds of a significant fight breaking out every day, where the perpetrator needs to be dragged out by a huge security guard?

Project Runway

Project Runway is a top-rated show, but it has been accused of being fake. Contestants on the show, including Jack Mackenroth and Daniel Esquivel, have spoken publicly about the inauthentic nature of the judging. Daniel says that the producers tailor the show to sensationalize all of the contestants to the extreme.

Cake Boss

Cake Boss is led by the owner, Buddy Valastro. The show quickly gained popularity thanks to the incredible cake designs created by Buddy’s team. It is reported that things aren’t as dramatic as the show tries to make them. Buddy is not at the shop when they aren’t filming, and many of the weddings and events on the show are reportedly fake.

Ghost Hunters

Over the last few years, Ghost Hunters has become popular. Many people have accused the show of being scripted. One of these people is a former case manager, Donna Lacroix. She did an interview where she said that the show wasn’t authentic.

The Jerry Springer Show

If you didn’t know the Jerry Springer Show was fake, you must have never seen the show. From the outrageous guests and storylines to the production egging on the audience, nothing about the show is real.

Storage Wars

When Dave Hester was fired from Storage Wars, he told the world that she show is scripted. He admitted that some of the items found in lockers are put there by producers. He also claims that the interviews with the cast members are also scripted. After he was hired back, he must have regretted opening his big mouth.

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore started in 2009 and made celebrities out of all the cast members. Unfortunately, most of what you see on the show is scripted. A lawyer who had an office across the street from the Jersey Shore house says that he saw the cast rehearse their walks around Seaside. He also says that he has seen them reshoot scenes from different angles, and repeating dialogue and rehearsing facial expressions.

Say Yes To the Dress

Say Yes To the Dress follows brides-to-be while they try to find their dream wedding dress. They shop at Kleinfeld boutique in New York. The producers vet everyone who attends the appointment with the bride, and they ask the more outspoken ones to repeat or stress a comment that will add to the drama. Also, the boutique is much smaller and more crowded than it looks on TV. This gives people who shop there due to the show, the wrong idea.

Fixer Upper

This one is pretty disappointing. When the homeowner comes on the show, they have already purchased a house. They never really pick one of three houses. Also, the furniture that Johanna puts in the homes is not included in the budget. The only way they can keep it is if they pay extra. Finally, the only time Chip actually works in the houses is when the cameras are rolling.

Long Island Medium

This show follows Theresa Caputo, a medium who claims to be able to connect with people who have passed. Unfortunately, Theresa isn’t as gifted as you might think. Before the show, the producers find out everything they can about the people on the show. They use social media, questionnaires, and background checks. When Theresa is on the stage, they feed her the necessary information through an earpiece.

Cupcake wars

This show features on four bakers from all over the United States. They go through three rounds during the competition. They bake cupcakes to be featured in an event with a display of 1,000 cupcakes. During the first round, they have to bake cupcakes with ingredients that you wouldn’t generally put in a cupcake, like hamburgers. There are reports that the contestants know the ingredients they will be asked to use before the competition.

Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid send two contestants to an exotic location with no clothes. They have to try to live off the land. Many former contestants say that it is highly overproduced to add some drama. Also, the production team often supplies them with amenities, including medication, tampons, and vitamin B supplements.

Basketball Wives

Basketball wives follow the girlfriends and wives of well-known basketball players. Former cast member, Matt Barnes says that the entire show is staged and scripted. Another cast member, Tanya Young, backs up these claims saying the producers worked to pit the women against each other.

The Hills

This show had everything you want in a reality show, backstabbing, relationship drama, and work problems were all part of the show. The show was actually scripted. Spence Pratt revealed that he and Heidi Montag had to shoot the scene where she thought she was pregnant 15 times. Each time, he had to pretend to be outraged. The producers admitted to casting certain parts like Lauren’s coworkers to give her time to talk about her friends to someone else.

Last Comic Standing

This show claimed to find untapped talent, giving them exposure and a cash prize. According to reports, without the knowledge of the contestants or judges, the producers chose the winner. This often infuriated the judges. Also, many people claim that excellent performances are edited to make them look bad.

The Apprentice

Since Donald Trump was involved with this show, you have to know that it was fake. The show had contestants interviewing for a job at Trump’s company. When someone was fired, it was scripted, and the contestants already knew ahead of time. Worst of all is that there was no actual prize.

Love Island

Love Island was a combination of The Bachelor and Survivor. The show put a group of singles on a tropical island. They are encouraged to pair up for money and a chance to win the competition. According to former cast members, everything on the show from the fights to the dialogue is scripted. They would do numerous takes of each scene and would choose the most realistic one at the end.

Breaking Amish

This show was far from reality. There are official documents that prove that the Amish people who claim to be leaving the community for the first time actually defected many, many years earlier.

Britain’s Got Talent

This talent show showcases everything from children to dancers to magicians to dancing dogs. In 2015, a dog act called Jules and Matisse won the competition. It was later discovered that the whole thing was rigged. The cute little dog was swapped out for a similar-looking one because the real dog was too scared to do the hire-wired stunt.

Restaurant Stakeout

Willie Degel installs cameras in a failing restaurant to find out what is going wrong. The setup relies on Willie catching an employee slacking off or being rude to a customer so he can fire them on the spot. The owner of a restaurant featured in the first season admitted that he and his employees had to be screen-tested before filming the episode. Also, most of the people in the restaurant were extras, and they were told to be as annoying as possible.

Dance Moms

Dance Moms was a show loaded with drama. According to one young cast member, Maddie Ziegler, the show was really dramatic. The producers made them yell at each other and start fights for no reason at all. She also says that the moms would have dramatic fights for the camera, and afterward, they would laugh and talk about it.

Hell’s Kitchen

This show is hosted by Gordon Ramsey, a hotheaded celebrity chef. The show is entertaining, but it is said to be scripted. Even the customers who eat meals are paid, actors. The one thing that is reported to be real is Gordon’s temper.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been on the air since 2007. It follows the lives of the Kardashian/Jenner family. Many people have thought for years that the show is scripted. If you binge-watch the show, you will see that they have recycled storylines more than once. When Kim was divorcing Kris Humphries, the show producer, Russell Jay, admitted during a deposition that at least two scenes involving Kris were scripted and re-shot.

Toddlers and Tiaras

For some reason, many people love this show. Like many reality TV shows, the show is often scripted, and much of it is staged. Cast members are frequently asked to reword what they say and also to stir up the drama.


Survivor has contestants split into teams; they are led into the wilderness, forced to live off the land, and then go against one another in challenges. While it may look real, most of the competitions and challenges are fake. Producers have even admitted to adding a body double for some of the challenges and using reenactments for some of the footage. Former contestant Stacey Stillman has said over and over that her removal from the island was rigged.

American Idol

American Idol first aired in 2001. the show holds a bunch of singing auditions and a singer winner is chosen in the end. According to reports, not everyone will get a chance to be on the show. The producers send scouts to find the best singers before they hold auditions. Getting through to Hollywood isn’t all chance.


Catfish has hosts Nev and Max, helping solve the mystery of who a person is really communicating with. While the people on the show are actually being catfished, the producers run the application process in reverse. The people who are doing the catfishing are the ones who apply to be on the show.

The Voice

The Voice isn’t as real as you think. Rock star Adam Wiener admitted on Facebook that the show contacted him, but he declined the offer. He says that the competition is pre-cast, and the producers decide the style of music the contestants will perform. The show isn’t as upfront as you think.

Property Brothers

Canadian brothers Jonathan and Scott Drew work together on this show. Unfortunately, there are many aspects of the show that are said to be fake. First, the brothers don’t renovate the whole house. It is only a select few. Second, there are often re-shoots to create more drama. Finally, most couples choose the home renovation because the brothers show them houses well out of their price range.

Pawn Stars

Most things about this show are fake, beginning with the fact that the show is scripted. The Harrisons do own the store, but it is more of a tourist attraction than a store. Also, the show’s stars aren’t allowed to work on the counter due to the Nevada privacy laws. Finally, everything that is brought into the store has already been researched and priced before the scene is shot.

The Real Housewives

Theresa Guidice admitted under oath in court that the whole show is scripted. Also, the women plan their arguments with the producers, so they know when the women will go after one another.

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

These shows are great, but they are staged and scripted. The cast is fed lines, and the producers weed out the dramatic girls and try to get them to bring on the drama. The producers plan the rose ceremony, and the casting is so well planned that everyone knows who will end up in the final three.

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