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36 Powerful Photos Of Time’s Slow-But-Steady Impact On Everyday Objects


Time isn’t just a measurement of seconds, minutes, hours, and days. It is also a very powerful force. People say that time heals all wounds. Time can also have an effect on everything around us. These 36 powerful photos of time’s slow but steady impact on everyday objects are incredible.

Plants On a Fence

After years and years of these plants blowing against this fence has changed the look of the fence, and created a beautiful pattern in the wood. Something like this doesn’t happen overnight. It took years of wind and storms to create something this incredible.

Sharpening a Knife

Everyone knows that you have to sharpen your knives if they are going to cut properly. The person who owns this knife sharpens it so many times that there is barely any blade left. As you sharpen the knife, you lose a little of it each time. It may be time for the owner of this knife to head out and buy a new knife set. This knife doesn’t have much left for sharpening. Soon, the whole knife will have disappeared.

A Stone Wall

Water is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. Water had been trickling down this rock for so long that it left a deep impression in the stone. This is truly miraculous. It must have taken years and years for this to occur, but with time, anything is possible. Had someone tried to use power tools to cut through this rock, it wouldn’t have been quite so perfect and beautiful.

A Mattress

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, which is the reason that we need to replace our mattresses several times throughout our lives. This mattress slept on for so many nights that the pattern has begun to disappear. It may be time for a new mattress. If the design has disappeared from the mattress, you can only imagine what time has done to the stuffing inside.

Buddhist Prayer

Buddhists spend a large portion of their lives praying. For over 25-years, this Buddhist monk has been standing in the same spot to pray. Over time, a perfect imprint of his foot is a solid wood floor. This just goes to show you what can happen over time. Judging by how deep the imprint is, you can tell that he has spent most of his life in this spot praying.

The Affects Of the Sun Over Time

The sun is a very powerful force. It keeps the Earth heated, and it can change everything that it shines down on. Over time, the sun can have an effect on the ground. This lamp post has been casting a shadow on the ground for many years. When the sun hits the glass in just the right way, a powerful beam of light burns into the grass. As the sun moves, so does the light. It ended up leaving a barren strip of dirt where the grass can’t grow. The sunlight has burned so deeply into the soil that the roots have been completely destroyed.

Added Volume To Money

Over time, money changes. When it first comes off the printing press, it has a strong smell. After the money has been in circulation for a while, the scent starts to fade. This isn’t the only way that money has changed. Over time, the volume increases due to age and crumbling. As people pass money back and forth, they put it in their pockets, wallets, and purses, and it crumpled. Over time, this can add volume to each individual bill. Both of these stacks of money have the same number of bills. The one on the right is old; the pile on the left is brand new. The older pile is much thicker than, the newer one. It is so thick that it appears to be twice the amount of money when, in reality, each pile contains the same number of bills.

Playing Cards On a Table

This family has been using this table to play cards for years and years. Over time, a pattern has worn into the surface of the table. You can see where each player sat and where they kept their cards. You can even see a path going from the pile to the center of the table. This is where the players slid their cards to the center of the table. It looks like it is intentional, but it is just another example of what time can do.

Walking Through the Grass

When people tell you to stay off their grass, they have a good reason. This is what happens over time when people use the same path through the grass all the time. Over time, the grass stops growing in the area where people walk all the time, leaving permanent footprints. The next time someone tells you to stay off their grass, they are just trying to keep something like this from happening to their lawn.

Paper in the Copier

In an office, the copy machine is often used hundreds of times a day. This old copier has the imprints of the paper that has been placed over time. Since paper is so flimsy, it had to have taken years and years for paper to leave imprints in the plastic this way. The fact that the copier is still functioning after all this use is pretty impressive.

A Dirty Building

At first glance, it looks as though there was a fire in this building. It is actually dirt and grime that has built up over time. The pollution in the city can do a real number on the structures over time. The right side of the building has been cleaned, and the left side wasn’t. It’s incredible how much time can change the building’s beautiful stone. It doesn’t even look like the same building.

A Coin

After years of being used, the design on this coin has become completely worn. It is almost impossible to tell that it is a coin. The person who owns the coin carries it with them everywhere they go. It is their “lucky coin.” After years of keeping it in his pocket, the engraving is almost completely gone.

Photos Of Time: Metal Floors

This metal floor has grooves to keep people from slipping. Unfortunately, the grooves are not immune to the wearing effects of people walking on the floor. These are the floors at a popular tourist attraction, so there is a lot of foot traffic. A tourist was impressed by the worn-down grooves, and he decided to take a picture of it.

A Worn Bracket

This hook has lasted through the year, but the bracket that it hangs on didn’t hold up so well. After years of pressure, the bracket has almost completely worn out. After a few more years, there will be no bracket left to hang the hook on.

The Bathroom Floor

This once speckled bathroom floor has worn out to the point where there are no speckles left. After years of walking from the sink to the toilet, the design has disappeared. It may be time for the homeowner to replace the floor.

The Former Landscape

When the house beside this building was torn down, it left a lasting impression. Literally. For years, the old building was leaning on the one that remained standing, and it left a permanent reminder that it was once there.

Photos Of Time: Piano Pedals

The person who owns this piano played every day, and over time, the petals wore out.

A Door Handle

After years of opening and closing this door, it wore out. The handle on the left is a brand new version of the one on the right.

A Pocahontas Glass

This Pocahontas glass has been used since the movie was first released. Over time, the picture is almost worn off completely. The glass on the right is a never used version of the same glass.

Tetherball Pole, Photos Of Time

Over the years and year of playing tetherball, the chain has left an impression in the strong, metal pole.

Time In the Sun

This man drove a delivery truck for over 60 years. During that time, the left side of his face was always against the window in the sun. This is what time in the sun has done to his skin. Always wear sunscreen.

Wire Mesh

When this bridge in the forest was built, they put a layer of wire mesh over the top so that people didn’t slip while walking on it. Over time, after people had been walking on the bridge, the mesh completely wore off in the middle.

Layers Of Flyers, Photos Of Time

People put flyers on telephone poles all the time. They usually put one over the other. The person who took this photo tried to dig to the end to reach the pole, but they never made it.

The Pole In the Floor

Subway poles are designed to hold people up when they cannot find a place to sit. You don’t think too much of the amount of weight that a pole has to hold over time, but the cracks on the floor say it all.


The corner of this school’s hallway shows how many layers of ugly linoleum have been put over the next. It is almost like counting the rings on a tree to determine its age.

Nobody Sits In the Middle

The bench in this government building shows that most people don’t like to sit side by side. The two end seats have butt imprints, but the middle seat is in perfect condition.

Welcome Photos Of Time

This family had this welcome mat for so long, and people have walked over it so many times the word “Welcome” is almost gone.

A Statue, Photos Of Time

After years of oxidation, this statue has been left with a darker color. The parts of the stature that are touched most often are less damaged. The head is never touched, but the arms and torso are still in good shape.

Floors In a Bank

The floors in this bank are made of marble. Over time, after people have been standing in front of the teller, the marble started to wear out. You can see the places where the customers have been standing for years and years.

Worn Stairs

These stone stairs were once symmetrical and even. Over the years, with people walking up and down them, they have worn out to look like this.

More Stair

These stairs are just as worn as the last. After all these years of people walking on them, they don’t look safe to walk on.


These coins have been organized from the oldest to the newest. You can see how the older coins are worn and barely recognizable. The new coins still have their bright copper finish.

Stirring the Coffee, Photos Of Time

After years and years of stirring the coffee in this cup, the spoon has left a mark on the bottom that will be there forever.

Moving the Carpet

When this homeowner decided to redecorate their home, they pulled up the carpet that had been there for years. The difference between the covered floor and the exposed floor is incredible.

A Wedding Ring

This man has been married for 50 years and has almost never taken his ring off. It left a permanent impression, which is really actually really sweet.

A Branch On a Wall

For years, this branch has been growing on this wall. Over time, it completely flattened the branch, making it look like pressure-treated wood. This is an example of what time can do to a force as strong as Mother Nature.

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