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41 Best Sitcoms of All Time

Hello everyone and welcome back to another exciting video. Today, we will be exploring the best sitcoms of all time. With so many groundbreaking shows over several decades, we are here to rank the crème de la crème. This is Facts Verse Presents: The 41 Best Sitcoms Of All Time. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more. Click that little notification bell icon to make sure you never miss when we upload a new video.


The Beverly Hillbillies 1962 to 1971

After nine years of airing, this television series was beloved by viewers. The plot follows a family who recently relocated to Beverly Hills from mountain/country living. The shock from their transition makes for interesting and entertaining situations, events and dialogue.


Married… with Children 1987 to 1997

This show featured a host of stereotypes in its decade-long run. For example, father Al Bundy mainstreamed the “dim-witted” husband role. The show was named “the crudest show on TV” in 1996.


Bewitched 1964 to 1972

This series aired for 8 years. The storyline revolved around Samantha, a witch who married a normal man. As she becomes a housewife, her majestical family disagrees and sets the stage for numerous events that occur throughout the series. The incorporation of fantasy was iconic for that time period and paved the way for countless fantasy-comedy series to come.


The Nanny 1993 to 1999

After 6 years, this series left a lasting impression on the hearts of many. The plot features an over-the-top woman from Flushing, Queens. Fran Fine was stylish with a thick New York accent. She played the nanny for wealthy children in Manhattan. From an audacious butler to awkward romances, this series has everything you could want.


3rd Rock from the Sun 1996 to 2001

This series features an alien family that passes for humans. The Solomon family is committed to studying earthlings. Sci-fi seamlessly blends into this sitcom.


The Wonder Years 1988 to 1993

This sitcom was based 20 years in the future. It is both honest and innocent. The plot revolves around the main characters and their development into womanhood/manhood. It is distinctively different from other sitcoms of its time.


Diff’rent Strokes 1978 to 1986

The series main character Gary Coleman wowed viewers with his classic charm, spunk and catchphrases. The series is best known for creating programs dedicated to serious topics in life, even with the majority of episodes being humorous.


I Dream of Jeannie 1965 to 1970

I Dream of Jeannie features a magical genie. The genie is attractive with an astronaut husband. This series made for an interesting combination, especially in the late 60’s.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 2005 to present

This series revolves around a modern group of friends that lack good judgment to say the least. The dark humor and twisted events make this show an interesting sitcom. The main character Sunny walks to the beat of his own drum.


Roseanne 1988 to 1997

This show focuses on a working-class family with a strict and no nonsense mother. The larger than life personality of Roseanne makes up a great deal of the show’s appeal.


Family Matters 1989 to 1998

After nine years, this series landed a special place in the hearts of viewers, especially for those of color. This sitcom stars a black family, The Winslows and their goofy neighbor, Steve Urkel, made it an all-time favorite series. Steve’s classic catchphrase “did I do that?” has become a quintessential line for all pop culture references of the 80’s and 90’s.


All in the Family 1971 to 1979

This series features Archie Bunker, an iconic TV father. He is a man who has not aged well and is “on edge” most of the time. This grumpy and aggravated character contrasted his sweet, friendly and patient wife. This is a typical stereotype seen in real life.


Home Improvement 1991 to 1999

This series was hands down one of the most popular shows in the 90’s. The show pushed Tim Allen’s career forward with an acclaimed book and movie during that time.


Who’s the Boss 1984 to 1992

This show ran for 8 years, featuring ex-baseball star, Tony Danza. Tony accepts a housekeeping job for a successful executive named Angela Bower. This show features reverse gender roles in television. Tony has a sweet charisma about him which pairs well with strong business woman, Angela.


Scrubs 2001 to 2010

This medical comedy sitcom features so much to love, such as the protagonist, “J.D.,” played by Zach Braff. From drama to romance, Scrubs has it all. It is heart-warming, funny and well scripted.


The Mary Tyler Moore Show 1970 to 1977

This series is based on a strong, independent woman. It focuses on Mary Richards, a young woman who was developing her career. This concept was revolutionary, especially for the 70’s. The style of writing is both honest and realistic. For this reason, many viewers took a liking to the program as it rose to the number one spot in television.


Malcolm in the Middle 2000-2006

This series features a brilliant, middle child named Malcom. He has three troublesome brothers and extremely overwhelmed parents. Malcom’s brothers are destructive and aggressive, while he prefers to use intellect. The series navigates the issues and problems that arise as a middle child.


The Golden Girls 1985 to 1992

This sensational show was beloved amongst viewers. Featuring four elderly single women, The Golden Girls lived in Miami. The show ranked amongst the ten best shows for 6 seasons, without pause.


Blackish 2014 to current

This series took off after its first episode, making a bold stance on important topics with relatable comedy. Co-stars Anthony Anderson and Tracey Ellis Ross navigate all types of issues, including political, social and cultural. They showcase raising biracial children and staying true to themselves.


That 70’s Show 1998 to 2006

This series features teenage friends with a host of iconic pop culture references and humor. The storyline is feel-good and relatable. It features A-list talent such as Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.


The Dick Van Dike Show 1961 to 1966

This popular series won 15 Emmy awards as it portrays the life of Rob Petrie. Petrie is the head writer for a variety show. Fans adored the characters, leading to the show’s many awards.


Full House 1987 to 1995

Airing for 8 years and countless reruns, this show is absolutely sensational. The theme song alone will bring up memories of your childhood. Full House is a true gem, especially when discussing noteworthy sitcoms of the 80’s and 90’s.


Parks and Recreation 2009 to 2015

This series features an ensemble cast with favorites such as Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler. In fact, it was developed and created as a version of The Office, but took on a life of its own.


How I Met Your Mother 2005 to 2014

This series focuses on flashbacks, narrated by Ted, speaking to his children about how he met their mother. The show is unlike any other sitcom of its time, with a strong cast.


Family Ties 1982 to 1989

Family Ties was all the rave during the 80’s. The show focused on a teen with hippy parents. Producers were able to discuss a divided country in a palpable manner.


Three’s Company 1977 to 1984

This show focused on three single roommates living together, two female and one male. This show was groundbreaking, especially for the late 70’s and early 80’s. The trio found themselves in a variety of funny situations.


Will & Grace 1998 to 2006

This series was a favorite, with viewers developing bonds to each character. The script is timeless and well-written. Will & Grace won 18 Emmy Awards.


Friends 1994 to 2004

After a decade of episodes, fans consider this series a classic. Based around a group of successful and attractive friends in NYC, this show has something for everyone to relate to.


The Jeffersons 1975 to 1985

This series showcases a primarily black cast and even features interracial dating, a taboo topic in the 70’s and 80’s.


The Simpsons 1989 to current

With 30 seasons of content, The Simpsons has remained on air decade after decade. The characters make up a great deal of pop culture references and entertainment.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 1990 to 1996

This series features young Will Smith and his journey from Philadelphia to ultra-rich Bel Air when he moves in with his Aunt Vivian. The Fresh Prince is a staple in pop culture.


Frasier 1993 to 2004

This series features the main character, Frasier Crane, and his brother Niles. The show is funny and full of comedy.


The Andy Griffith Show 1960 to 1968

This show was filmed in the 60’s, however it has a timeless appeal that leaves viewers in awe. The show stars Andy Griffith and Barney Fife.


30 Rock 2006 to 2013

This show merges unique comedy and classic sitcom drama together. The series stars fan-favorite Tina Fey. Fey is best known for her one-liners on the show.


Modern Family 2009 to present

This series features stereotypical characters such as Phil Dunphy played by Ty Burrell. His character is the typical “clueless dad.” The series features diversity, which is important as most modern families today are diverse in culture, gender, ethnicity/race and religion.


MASH 1972 to 1983

This show follows army staff during the Korean War at a hospital with the abbreviation “MASH” (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital). This show blended comedy with serious and important topics of the era. It was the perfect balance between both. For this reason, viewers were immediately drawn to MASH for its realistic, yet fictional stories.


The Office 2005 to 2013

This series became an international sensation, especially in the US. Beginning in the UK, The Office took on a life of its own shortly after the first few seasons. Steve Carell stars as Michael Scott.


Happy Days 1974 to 1984

This show follows the teenage experience, set in the 50’s. The main character is known as “The Fonz.” The series showcases an idealized and wistful take on life. Fonz could water ski while wearing fashion-forward attire such as a leather jacket, making him a unique character all in one.


I Love Lucy 1951 to 1957

Lucille Ball starred in this iconic, quintessential comedy alongside husband Desi Arnaz (Ricky Ricardo). It was one of the first television shows to be shot in front of a live studio audience. The show ranked number one for 4 seasons, without pause.


Seinfeld 1989 to 1998

Starring popular comedian Jerry Seinfeld, this series has been acclaimed as “a show about nothing,” yet it is one of the most successful. In fact, many Seinfeld stars began their acting careers on the show.


Cheers 1982 to 1993

This show has received 117 Emmy nominations and a total of 28 wins. Cheers features some of the most talented writers and gifted actors/ actresses, landing it in the number one spot.

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