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60 Minutes Hosts Then and Now

Have you grown up watching 60 Minutes? It’s arguably one of the most famous talk shows and news programs in America. In fact, the show was so popular that it managed to travel abroad as far as Australia!

The show was noted for its incredible interviews and first-rate news programming. But what made the show even more enjoyable were the variety of 60 minutes hosts. These 60 minutes hosts became a part of our lives each night when they informed us about what was going on in the world.

But how did these 60 minutes hosts get their start and what was their life like after they left the show?

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Mike Wallace was arguably one of America’s most outstanding journalists and it was a great loss for the country when we lost him on April 7, 2012, at the age of 93.

He began his career as a radio journalist before graduating to television during its golden age. Apart from his news reporting he was also responsible for hosting some of the most important television documentaries of all time, including The Hate That Hate Produced – about the Nation of Islam.

He became close to one of the Nation’s most prominent ministers, Malcolm X, and later interviewed him in 1964. Mike Wallace gained a reputation for being a respectful interviewer who wasn’t afraid to tackle complex subjects with controversial figures.

Mike Wallace became one of the lead hosts of 60 minutes in the 1960s and retired from the show in 2006 – after almost 40 years. Some of his most memorable moments in the show was when he challenged Minister Louis Farrakhan on the corruption of the United States, his interview with President Ronald Reagan, and his interview with author Ayn Rand.

Mike Wallace retired and lived a quiet life until his death in 2012. He was one of America’s greatest journalists and 60 Minutes was where his talents shone the most.

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Harry Reasoner also began his career working in radio journalism working for CBS Radio. He also briefly worked for the United States Information Agency and was based in the Philippines. One of his early successes in radio was covering JFK’s assassination.

He also covered Lee Harvey Oswald and provided live coverage of Oswald’s arrest. The nation was gripped by Harry Reasoner’s fascinating reportage and he established himself as one of America’s greatest radio journalists.

He joined up with Mike Wallace in 1968 to help create 60 Minutes. Harry Reasoner was one of the hosts of the show, a producer, and also served as a writer for the show.

He remained with the show until he retired in May 1991. Sadly, he passed away a few months later in August at the age of 68.



In the 1950s, Morley Safer was a well-known news reporter and war correspondent working with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He became famous for reporting on some of the most harrowing wars around the world including the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Civil War in Nigeria, and the Vietnam War.

His skills as a reporter became known beyond the borders of Canada. He was asked to replace Harry Reasoner as a reporter and host on 60 Minutes after he left the show.

Morley Safer developed a reputation for being able to ask pressing questions to guests without seeming too pushy. He had a calm and friendly demeanor and this helped him challenge his guests with ease.

He died shortly after his retirement in 2016. He’s remembered as one of the greatest journalists in the English-speaking world and there’s an award bestowed in his honor called The Morley Safer Award for Outstanding Reporting.



Without a doubt, Dan Rather is one of the most recognizable faces on American television. He began his career as a reporter in Huntsville, Texas working for the Associated Press. From these humble beginnings he became a reliable face to report on some of the nation’s and the world’s most important events ranging from JFK’s assassination to the Watergate scandal.

He became one of the most well-known reporters to host 60 Minutes and though he has retired now, he’s still regarded as one of the last few examples of great journalism in the country.

In fact, Dan Rather has received so much acclaim in his life that before the Iraq War, Saddam Hussein personally requested that Dan should moderate a debate between him and President George W. Bush. Needless to say, this never happened, but if there was ever a person who could do a great job at such a debate it would be Dan Rather.



Ed Bradley’s first claim to fame was when he reported on the 1964 race riots in Philadelphia. He began his career as a radio reporter before graduating to television. Ed Bradley also served as a White House correspondent and also covered Jimmy Carter’s Presidential Campaign.

He joined 60 Minutes in 1981 when Dan Rather left his hosting duties. Producer Don Hewitt would later state that Ed Bradley was hired because of his reporting skills and the fact that he was a gentleman.

What made Ed Bradley stick out was that he managed to show the human side to many of his larger-than-life guests. His most notable interviews included Lena Horne, Muhammad Ali, and Jack Henry Abbott. He also received acclaim for his reporting on schizophrenia.

Ed also conducted the only interview of Timothy McVeigh and also received acclaim for his reportage on the AIDS crisis in Africa. He also investigated Emmitt Till’s murder and the sexual abuse scandals within the Catholic Church.

Ed Bradley died in 2006 after suffering from leukemia.


Diane Sawyer came a long way from her early days as a weather forecaster at a Kentucky news station. She became the first female correspondent at 60 Minutes in 1984 and became one of the show’s most acclaimed hosts.

By the time she was hired for the show she had already gained a notorious reputation. She worked alongside President Richard Nixon to help him write his memoirs as well as prepare for his now infamous interviews with Sir David Frost. There were even rumors that Diane Sawyer was Deep Throat though later it was confirmed that this was W. Mark Felt.

She served as a 60 Minutes correspondent from 1984 to 1989 before moving on to other programs. She’s now best known as one of the hosts for 20/20 – a position she’s held since 1998.


Like many of her 60 Minutes colleagues, Meredith Vieira began her career working in radio in the 1970s. She became famous as a reporter in Chicago in the early 1980s and was later hired as a host and correspondent for 60 Minutes.

She served as a reporter for 60 Minutes from 1989 to 1991. This further catapulted her to fame and brought forward many opportunities. She eventually left CBS and moved to ABC and became a correspondent for the show Turning Point. She also became the host of Intimate Portrait on the Lifetime Network.

Before Regis Philbin, Meredith Vieira was the first host of the American version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

She later became the host of her own self-titled show. Her current claim to fame is as the host of the game show 25 Words or Less.


Bob Simon is remembered as one of America’s greatest journalists. His first major breakthrough was when he reported on The Troubles in Northern Ireland. He became known for reporting on wars and civil unrest all over the world.

His resume included reporting on the Gulf War, the Israeli-Lebanese Conflict, and the student’s protests at Tiananmen Square. He joined the staff of 60 Minutes in 1996 and became one of the most well-known correspondents, receiving many awards for his reportage. He gained a great reputation for discussing foreign events and keeping Americans informed of what was happening overseas.

His awards included Peabody Awards and Emmy Awards and he was greatly loved by the public and his colleagues. He died in 2015 after sustaining serious injuries from a car crash.


The British-born Christiane Amanpour emigrated to the United States to study journalism at the University of Rhode Island. She joined CNN in 1983 as a desk assistant. She soon rose the ranks to become a correspondent – focusing mainly on foreign news. Christiane covered the Iran-Iraq War and later reported on the fall of communism in Eastern Europe.

She’s been a controversial journalist throughout her career: receiving praise for her work but also occasionally getting accused of pushing a bias or even misinformation in her reports. Nevertheless, her career was successful enough to land her a brief spot on 60 Minutes and become the host of her own show.

She briefly served as a special correspondent for 60 Minutes and received a Peabody Award for her work. However, producer Jeff Fager wasn’t a fan of her reportage and eventually terminated her contract. She also eventually replaced Charlie Rose to host her own show on PBS.


Lara Logan grew up in South Africa and began her journalism career as a news reporter for the Sunday Tribune in Durban. She later became a freelancer and covered international conflicts around the world. Lara Logan also worked as a Breakfast Television Reporter in the UK.

She was given several opportunities to report for 60 Minutes and discussed a variety of topics, focusing mainly on foreign affairs and international conflicts. But for much of her career, she’s focused on freelancing.

In recent years, she was hired to host her own show on Fox News called Lara Logan Has No Agenda.

She gained notoriety for her outspoken views on COVID-19, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and even her views on Charles Darwin and the Rothschild Family!

She’s currently taking a break from journalism and stated in 2022 that she’s no longer working with Fox News.


Steve Kroft became a prominent journalist when he served as WJXT in Jacksonville where he exposed much of the corruption in the city. He later moved to Miami and became a reporter for WPLG-TV. He caught the eye of CBS executives and was soon offered opportunities to report for the station.

One of his earliest successes with CBS was his reportage on the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for which he won an Emmy Award. He also received high acclaim for his reportage for 60 Minutes.

He also conducted interviews with major personalities, most notably with President Barack Obama. One of the most notable events of his journalism career was when he accused the former President of being “punch drunk” when he was laughing during a discussion about the economic recession.

Steve Kroft is now retired and is still recognized as one of America’s most eminent journalists. He’s made a cameo appearance as himself in the show Murphy Brown and in Woody Allen’s film Small Time Crooks.


John Dickerson worked as a reporter for Time Magazine for 12 years and also worked as a White House Correspondent during this time. He’s also written books such as On Her Trail, about his mother, the journalist Nancy Dickerson. He also wrote The Hardest Job In The World about the responsibilities and lives of American Presidents.

John Dickerson has also gained a reputation for being a great and challenging interviewer. In fact, his style has been given the moniker “Dickersonian.” He once caught President George W. Bush off guard in a question about 9/11. The President remarked that he wished John Dickerson had given him the question in advance!

John Dickerson is currently working with 60 Minutes as a correspondent.



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