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70s Photos Only for Mature Audiences

There is no question that 70s photos have a certain energy that can’t be overlooked. You feel almost teleported into the scene and you can’t look away – why would you want to anyway?

Some pictures from just a few decades ago that perfectly highlight how different the world was in the 1970s.

Pictures like these, with all of their inescapable beauty, can have a tremendous effect on someone. They can shift your perspective for the better, especially if it’s your first time gazing at them.

Each photo that you’re about to see has a little hidden treasure that you’ll overlook if you’re not paying attention. What may look like a very ordinary picture of Lynda Carter, actually has layers of depth. You probably would miss it unless you knew what to look for. Although we suspect that some eyes will pick up on what we’re talking about pretty quickly.

Be fairly warned, however, these beauties aren’t for the younger audience’s eyes.

Facts Verse Presents: 70s Photos Only for Mature Audiences

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Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh as Studio 54

It’s got to be trying to be the daughter of a celebrity mom, especially when you are a celebrity too.

When Jamie Lee Curtis was rising to fame in the 70s and 80s, she managed to kindle a friendship with her mother. I mean it doesn’t hurt that both of them were superstars of iconic horror film fame.

Jamie Lee Curtis once said of Leigh following her passing that her mother, whom she called by her given name Jeanette Helen, had done a great job of raising her, and although the world knew her by a different name, she would always be Jeanette Helen to her.

Lynda Carter Hanging Out in 76

Even though she was the subject of every teenage boy’s dream and likely was on every one of their walls back then = thanks to her success as Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter was also a symbol of female empowerment.

She got her start as a pageant queen and as a backup singer, but she gained traction in the film industry by playing the iconic Amazonian princess with an affinity for taking down bad guys and putting a stop to criminal activity.

She never set out to be a sex symbol. Then, she wanted to go on the screen being a strong empowered woman. Also, she wasn’t against men but she did stand for things like fair play and fair pay.

Susan Sarandon as Hattie In Pretty Baby

Susan has always been all over the place when it comes to her roles. She has incredible range. She can tenderly play romantic roles that will tug at your heartstrings as well as playing frightening heavy hitters. In the case of the film Pretty Baby, she masterfully embodied the persona of a woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

She counts the setting of the film for some of the intensity she channeled into her role. The New Orleans house that the movie was filmed in was said to be haunted.

She also, unfortunately, experienced a bout with pneumonia during principle filming. Interestingly, the house that was used for the flick was going to be torn down, but thanks to the production team’s contributions to the building’s structural integrity and cosmetic appearance, it was saved.

21 Year Old Madonna

When this photo was taken, she had no greater desire than to perform in front of millions of people. When she was growing up, she wanted to be a dancer but she also enjoyed acting in her friend’s movies.

She came from a large family. She was the oldest sibling of 8 kids. Her parents struggled to keep up with such a large brood. That meant that Madonna had to babysit, cook, clean, and take care of her little brothers and sisters while her parents were at work trying to provide for the family financially. She took on so much responsibility but it also built character.

Tanya Roberts In a Very Cleverly Placed Loincloth

Although she never experienced major success, she did have a cult following of fans for her work on the Bond films, Tourist Trap, and the original Beastmaster flick, where this racy photo comes from.

Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland

Look at these two groovy cats. Was there any cooler couple around back then? We think not.

After the couple hooked up and got hitched, Bronson made sure that Ireland always played his onscreen romances just to avoid creating any rifts between each other.

They loved each other dearly, which is evident by the fact that they remained together from 1968 to 1990 when Jill passed away in her Malibu home.

Even then, Bronson carried her with him always – quite literally in fact, putting her ashes into a cane that he carried until he himself was buried with it in 2003 when he passed on. If that’s not a love story then we don’t know what is.

Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith on the Charlies Angels set

When the Angels debuted in 76, nobody expected the show to experience such a meteoric rise in popularity and become the cultural sensation that it became.

The original Angels, Fawcett, Smith, and Kate Jackson had become household names overnight. Even though only Smith would be the original Angel to see the show through to completion, the three women remained friends.

Christie Brinkley, 1978

Christie was successful at one thing in particular in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and that was making heads turn. She might have started off her career in the world of modeling by being some doe-eyed surfer girl from California, but there was something about her that set her apart from the rest and paved the way for her to become one of the most iconic supermodels of her time – and that was her curves.

Ann-Margret Shamelessly Posing For the Camera

Her career arguably peaked in the 50s and 60s, but from the look of this pic, she was still going strong and making the world blush in the decades that followed.

She exuded such confidence. If she wanted to sing a song, she’d blow us all away with her angelic voice, if she wanted to look amazing while riding through the desert on a motorcycle then she would. If she wanted to act alongside Elvis in a major blockbuster film, then she’d nail it. She consistently gave us the good, and even in the ’70s, she managed to gain the acclaim of critics for her role in Carnal Knowledge.

A Very Wet Lynda Carter on TV’s Battle Of The Network Stars

Millions were glued to their TV sets in 1976 to watch Lynda Carter, Farrah Fawcett, Penny Marshall, and Ron Howard duke it out in Olympic style games against other actors and actresses. The show was a massive hit but we think that this Wonder Woman star had something to do with it.

Don’t stare too long, you might break something.

Raquel Welch on Dick Cavetts Show

Typically Dick would interview artsy types and rock legends like David Bowie and John Lennon but Raquel Welch could hold her own in the fascinating conversation department. She appeared on the show to promote her film Myra Breckinridge, which was a major departure from her previous films.

Jacqueline Bisset during the filming of The Deep

Don’t write Bisset off as just being some kind of movie babe thrown into films for her sex appeal and breathtaking looks, she actually took her work on screen very seriously. When she was involved in a film, she’d commit to it 100 %. She described her work on films as being something that consumed her existence and became her primary focus.

Brigitte Bardot Making Us Wish We Were That Towel

Bardot was a legend in the 50s and 60s. She managed to capture the attention of the world’s lustful eyes while professionally putting out amazing performances for decades that set a precedent that is still being tapped into by actresses today.

She starred in 47 films and recorded 60 songs before retiring in the 70s. And she went on to start the Foundation for the Protection of Distressed Animals and has been using her status as an icon to help her cause ever since.

Hugh Hefner And A Couple Of Bunnies

Hef certainly lived a rich life. If there was anyone else that was living it up more than him in the 70s, we’d love to know who they are.

When this photo was taken in 1977 he was running his iconic magazine, hosting SNL gallivanting across the globe with beautiful women, and living in the beautiful Gothic Tudor Revival style Playboy Mansion.

Cheryl Tiegs 1977

Whether it was from the cover of Sports Illustrated, seductive posters such as this one, or through the lens of the TV screen, Tiegs looked out at us and demanded our attention. She was by far one of the most desired models of her generation.

Raquel Welch 1971

In this publicity photo for the film Hannie Caulder, there is no denying Welch’s appeal. Throughout her career, she had a wide range of roles. She played mythological creatures, she even once tempted Ringo Starr – and how could anyone resist her?

In the film, she did this sultry shoot for, she played a woman who sought revenge against a group of old-timey criminals in the wild wild west. She worked alongside a bounty hunter her showed her ropes of shooting and horseback riding before she set out on her own solo mission.

Spoiler alert: She gets her revenge, and looks damn good doing it.

Madeline Smith Posing With Her Bike

You may have seen her in Live and Let Die or perhaps Taste The Blood Of Dracula. She appeared in a lot of b-movies when she was younger but never regretted those roles. She enjoyed working on horror films but it was comedy that truly piqued her interest.

Unfortunately, we have to wrap this video up. We would love to share more of these amazing 70s gems but now it’s time to hear from you!

Who Do you think would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and the Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett? That question might seem obvious, but what if the playing field was leveled – as in, if Wonder Woman was stripped of her powers or if Farrah was granted some.

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