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8 Famous Duos Who Secretly Hated Each Other

No matter how large of a group, there will always be arguments and disagreements. Though many bands and big name groups break up and move on, it is more tragic when a famous duo secretly turn out to hate each other. Whether they have good on-screen chemistry or perfectly paired musical talent, many dynamic duos tend to split up at one point or another. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most famous Duo’s who secretly hated each other.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Martin and Lewis are arguably one of the most beloved comedy duos of all time. The irreplaceable pair partnered up when they met each other in Atlantic City in 1945. Before taking the stage together, Martin and Lewis worked in pretty different fields.

Dean Martin had a phenomenal voice and was a frequent singer at nightclubs; meanwhile, Jerry Lewis took the stage as a comedian and lip-synced to records. After pairing up, both of their careers skyrocketed them to success. After gaining some name recognition, Martin and Lewis were able to branch out their act to radio, television, and even film! The duo starred on “The Martin and Lewis Show” which ran from 1948 to 1953. Eventually, the duo split in a dramatic fashion in 1956. Apparently after working together for so many years, they grew tired of each other. Martin told Jerry Lewis that he meant nothing to him except a dollar sign. After the big blowout, the duo seldom spoke to each other. Both Martin and Lewis went on to have extremely successful solo careers. Years later, Martin was a surprise guest on Jerry Lewis’ television show where they appeared to get along and mend their relationship. The axe was finally buried when Lewis secretly attended the funeral of Dean Martin’s son.

The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers are a classic american rock duo that rose to fame in the mid 1950s. The two brothers were best known for their long guitar solos and their beautiful harmonizing voices. The pair grew up in a musically inclined household where they sang alongside their father, Ike, and their mother, Everly. In the 1940s, the brothers received attention from famous Nashville stars like Chet Atkins, who would later go on to groom them for national spotlight. In 1956, the brothers began to write and record their own music in a small studio. One year later in 1957, the brothers had landed a hit single titled “Bye Bye Love”. Following a few more popular songs, the  brothers were given the opportunity to sign with the major record label; Warner Bros. Records.  After years in the public spotlight, their music died down. National taste in music began to change and both of the brothers got caught up in fame and began to use illegal substances. The band broke up at a 1973 concert, when Don Everly announced he was through with being an Everly Brother. Apparently the brothers had had a disagreement years earlier that was never resolved. Fortunately, the siblings paired up again to make music a few years later until the death of Phil Everly in 2014.

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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Astaire and Rogers were big names in the 1930s and 40s. The two were famous dance partners over the years and had long standing careers in which they were frequently featured side by side. The duo appeared in 10 films where they wooed audiences with their impressive dance skills. The partners were first placed together in 1933 when they appeared in a movie titled “Flying Down to Rio”. The film was a massive success and crowds wanted to see more of their dancing talent. Understanding the potential the dancing duo had together, RKO Radio Pictures decided to capitalize. Fred and Ginger signed a contract with the Production Company. The dancers worked hard to create an image for themselves, appearing in numerous films in the coming years. By the mid 1930s, Fred and Ginger were Box Office Famous and were even voted in the top ten of money making stars. After such massive success, the pair spent an unusually long amount of time apart from each other. Fred and Ginger only made one film together in 1938. The pair eventually went on to pursue separate success in the film industry with Ginger eventually winning an Academy Award for best actress and becoming the highest paid actress in Hollywood by the mid 1940s. Though Fred rarely spoke harshly of his co-star, he spoke out about their separation from each other in an interview. Apparently, they began to grow apart when Ginger insisted on wearing a feathered dress that wound up ruining one of Fred’s suits. Fred spoke out that Ginger always wanted to be the boss; even claiming that the duo should be pronounced “Rogers-Astaire ” rather than “Astaire-Rogers”. Though there was never a public feud, it seems that the dancer partners grew tired of each other’s antics.

Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis

What’s Hollywood without a little bit of drama, right? Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis originally starred together on the set of “Moonlight”, a beloved 80’s TV series. From the time the show began, the pair of actors had on-screen chemistry no doubt. Apparently, off of air though, the duo never stopped arguing. At the time of filming, Bruce had yet to become the Hollywood big-shot that he is today. Cybill disliked Willis from the first time she met him, for he had shown up to set hungover from the night before and half-dressed. Opposite of Bruce, Cybill had a reputation as a Type-A “Diva’ who never took “no” as an answer. Right off the bat. Willis and Shepherd were destined to not get along. Though it has never been confirmed, many rumors have been spread that Bruce and Cybill were an off-screen couple for a short amount of time. Having so much on-screen chemistry, it wouldn’t be surprising if it bled into their real lives.

After a few seasons of working together, tensions between the pair were so high that they did not stay on set one second longer than required. Producers of the show even had to space out their studio trailers so that they ran into each other less frequently. Eventually the show was cancelled and the on-screen couple no longer had to deal with one another. Though they were sad to see the show go, it was clearly the right decision for everyone involved.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Most people by now are fully aware of the Lennon and McCartney Duo. Most musical duo’s are composed of one lyricist and one musical composer; breaking from norms, both Lennon and McCartney wrote and sang their music together. The pair first met in 1957 and soon became well acquainted with one another during their time in the folk music group “The Quarrymen”. The pair shared a common interest and purpose of conveying messages through their music. Their ability to collaborate so well together is the main reason for their massive success. Though each member had massive careers ahead of them, it seems that there was some ill-will between the two musicians. Eventually when John Lennon and McCartney went on to explore solo careers, Lennon made some sly attacks on McCartney. Lennon wrote shady lyrics about the work ethic of McCartney, claiming that the only thing he truly provided was the hit song “Yesterday”. The singing-songwriting pair eventually mended their relationship, but not before music was written about their qualms.

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey

If you ever saw the classic Hollywood film “Dirty Dancing” you know that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey had some real chemistry as on-screen lovers. As it turns out, behind screens the two actors were much less friendly with each other. Though it’s pretty common for actors to feud on set, this feud came as a surprise to many fans who loved them together. Swayze was known for being a fearless leader on set and his constant bossing of others turned Jennifer off to him as a co-star. When Jennifer Grey was first offered her role in “Dirty Dancing” she did test auditions for many male co-stars. Though she was hesitant to audition with Swayze, the chemistry between them was undeniable. Once the duo began filming, they became very frustrated with each other. Patrick was a trained dancer while Grey was not, therefore testing the patience of Swayze. Despite their struggles, Jennifer Grey claims that their tension is what made them so good together on-screen. Though they may have not been friends, Grey expressed her deepest condolences when Patrick passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in 2009.

Sam & Dave

Sam Moore and Dave Prater performed together as a popular R&B duo from 1961 to 1981. After 20 years of singing together, Sam became known for his high voiced melodies while Dave was the baritone voice that provided the wholesome sound to their music. The duo’s biggest hit was their famous cover of the song “Soul Man”. Sam and Dave helped pave the future for Soul music that would become popular with white audiences as well. The pair of singers are members of the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Later in their career, Rolling Stone rated Sam & Dave number 14 on the list of “The 20 Greatest Duos of All TIme”. Like any group, the men had their troubles with each other. In 1968, Sam and Dave had split from each other after Sam claimed he had lost total respect for Dave. Sam was addicted to drugs later in life and Dave apparently shot and injured his very own wife. The Duo consequently fell apart not soon after the incident.

C-3PO & R2-D2

As they are fictional characters, the star wars cast-mates make an interesting Duo to take part in a feud. Though they were buddies on screen, the voice actors behind the beloved characters actually hated each other very much. Kenny Baker played the voice of R2-D2, while Anthony Daniels voiced the famous C-3PO. Similar to his on screen character, Kenny Baker was a man of small stature; coming in at a height of just 3 foot 8 inches. Baker made several attempts to be friends with Anthony, but he only ever replied “Go away little man!”. After many of these comments over the years, Baked revealed Anthony Daniels to be the rudest man he has ever met.

Though you may be sad to see them part ways, it is often in everyone’s best interest that some duos split up. Whether they have good on-screen romance or musical talent, some things just weren’t meant to last forever. Let us know what you think about these infamous split-ups in the comments below! Were you more surprised to find out about John Lennon and Paul McCartney or did the feud between the Star Wars fictional characters take you by surprise? If you enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a like and click the bell icon to stay up to date with all of the latest content from FactsVerse!

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