8 Things You Did Not Know The Use For

#1 The Soft Plastic Disc Under a Soda Bottle Cap

Most people believe that the soft plastic disc underneath the soda cap is to keep it from spilling. While it can help with leaks, it actually has another purpose. The disc keeps the bottle airtight which will keep the soda from going flat. If you remove the disc when you open the bottle, the next time you open it you won’t hear the sound when you open the bottle and all of the carbonation will be gone.

#2 The Hole Beside the Back Camera on an iPhone

If you have ever looked at the back of your iPhone, you will see a small dot next to the camera. Some people believe that it is a reset button. This is not the case. This small hole is actually a microphone that is used so that you can hear what people are saying when you take a video using your back camera. Thanks to this small hole, you won’t need to worry about having muffled voices in your videos.

#3 The Hole in a Ruler

Most rulers have a hole at the top, often at the 3-inch line. Most people don’t know the purpose for this hole. It doesn’t have a scientific purpose and it won’t help you make a straighter line and it won’t help you to measure things easier. The reason for this hole is so that you can hang your ruler on a small nail near your desk. It is just there to make it easier to store.

#4 The Bump On the “F” and “J” Keys on Your Computer Keyboard

Most trained typists don’t need to look down at the keys when they type. It is much faster to be able to type without looking down often. There is a small bump on the “F” key and the “J” key so that the typist can get their fingers on the home keys without needing to look down to find the home keys.

#5 The Spike on the Top of a Tube’s Cap

If you have ever bought a tube of cream or a tube of toothpaste, you may have noticed the spike on the top of the cap. There is actually a purpose for the spike. Oftentimes, there is a piece of protective aluminum covering the hole. To easily get the aluminum open, you would push the spike through the protective foil so that you can easily open your tube. It is much easier than using a pair of scissors or a pencil to open the tube.

#6 The Arrow Next To the Gas Gauge on Your Vehicle

If you have ever looked at your gas gauge, you may have noticed that there is a small arrow beside the gas tank icon. Most people have no idea what this is for. The auto manufacturer put this arrow on the gas gauge so that you know what side of the car your gas tank is on. If the arrow points to the right, it means that the gas tank is on the right. This makes it easy to pump gas in a rental car or if you are borrowing a friend’s car. When you pull up at the gas pump, you won’t need to get out of the vehicle first to check what side the gas tank is on.

#7 The Hole in the Middle of Your Pasta Spoon

Of the 8 things you did not know the use for, this is the most useful and the most misunderstood. Most people look at the hole in their pasta spoon and think that it is there to drain the hot water. When testing your pasta to see if it is done, the last thing you want is to get burned with boiling water. While the hole will drain the hot water, it actually has another purpose. The hole is just large enough to fit one serving of dry spaghetti. If you don’t want to make the whole box and you would rather make a portioned amount, all you need to do is fit the spaghetti in the hole.

#8 The Pen and the Nail

If you have ever looked at your nail and noticed a white spot underneath, it means that you have a calcium deficiency. It is very common and it really isn’t serious. If you start taking calcium pills, the white spots should disappear. Even adding more milk to your diet will help. If you have ever looked at the ink in certain pens, you might see yellow ink. This actually isn’t ink, it is just a liquid to keep the pen’s ink from drying up quickly.It mixes with the pen’s ink when necessary so that your pen will always write perfectly.

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