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80s Movies With Topless Scenes We’ll Never Forget

The 80s gave us many things that changed the world forever– Rubik’s cubes, Ronald Reagan, and the Game Boy, to name a few. And if you were a regular movie-goer back then, you were fed a steady diet of campy space operas, killer robots, dystopian futures, and time-traveling Deloreans.

But there was something else that was liberally sprinkled throughout 80s Movies With Topless Scenes that we haven’t forgotten about, namely topless nude scenes. Granted, nude scenes were far more commonplace the decade prior. It would be easier to list off all of the films that didn’t contain a bit of gratuitous nudity in the 70s than it would be to document all of the movies that showed the viewing audience an eyeful of skin.

Still, there was something so memorable about the scenes in 80s films that gave us a glimpse of what their stars were working with underneath those puffy shoulder pads and neon windbreakers. Join us as we pull a Marty McFly and take a little journey back in time to reflect on the 80s movies with topless scenes that we’ll never forget.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

We probably don’t have to refresh you on what this movie is all about. After all, it’s one of the most iconic stoner films of all time.

And you probably already know exactly what scene we’re referring to, but if you don’t, we’ll catch you up to speed.

In the scene in question, Phoebe Cate’s character, Linda, dived into a swimming pool before removing her red bikini top. After that, she proceeded to come on to her friend Stacy’s older brother, Brad, who was played by actor Judge Reinhold. We soon discovered, however, that this whole sequence was taking place in Brad’s imagination as he was enjoying a little bit of, well, let’s just say, alone time in the bathroom.

The film helped launch Cate’s career. She eventually married Kevin Klein and is generally considered one of the hottest girls of the 80s.

Hot Dog… the Movie

In this 1984 film, there’s a scene where a young couple check into a hotel room. While checking in, the desk attendant was buck naked for no apparent reason. Evidently, she had just gotten out of the hot tub and didn’t even bother to grab a towel. The scene wasn’t particularly special on it’s own, but the sheer randomness of it makes it memorable.

Trading Places

This John Landis-directed film, which hit theaters in 1983, featured an unforgettable topless scene featuring Jamie Lee Curtis – and that’s about it. Aside from that one scene, the rest of the film told the story of a commodities broker played by Dan Aykroyd and a street hustler played by Eddie Murphy, whose path’s cross when they became the subjects of a bet to test how each man would perform if their life’s were swapped. It was pretty funny, but let’s be real. Most people went to see this one for Curtis’ sweater removal scene.


This teen comedy centered around a clumsy guy who was trying to hook up with a young Kelly Preston.

The scene that earned it a spot in this video, however, saw Preston in lace being slowly undressed. After all that needless clothing was removed, she and her guy did the deed. It’s a pretty passionate and erotic scene – and certainly one that no one that’s scene it will forget.

Saturn 3

Farrah Fawcett was larger than life in the late 70s and early 80s. So, when audiences learned that she appeared topless in this 1980 film, they flocked to theaters in droves to see it – even if it was only for a fraction of a second. The rest of the film, though, was pretty sub-par.

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Weird Science

This one’s pretty golden. So, a hot girl was just minding her own business tapping away at a piano when suddenly her clothes got ripped off by some sort of cosmic vortex. If that weren’t enough, she was then catapulted through a chimney.

Blame it on Rio

So in this film, two pretty awful guys bring their smoking hot daughters, played by Demi Moore and Michelle Johnson, on vacation to Rio de Janeiro. After one of the dads catches their daughter skinny dipping in the ocean, he gets super, while the other dad joins in on the fun only to eventually sleep with his friend’s daughter. Weird? Yes. Memorable? Absolutely.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

This Fritz Gordon 1988 Slasher Flick starred Pamela Springsteen, Valerie Hartman, and Renee Estevez. Springsteen’s character Angela was a serial killer who worked as a camp counselor. For some reason, she got off on murdering misbehaving teenage campers. Needless to say, the film featured gratuitous amounts of nudity and was kind of awesome. You would lose count if you tried to count the number of times that Hartman removed her top over the course of the film.

Cat People

IMDB describes this 1982 film as being about how a young woman’s sexual awakening leads to horror after she realizes her urges transform her into a monstrous leopard. Much of the movie just involved the film’s star, Nastassja Kinski wandering around naked in the dark.


This fantasy sci-fi film was jam-packed full of nudity. Mathilda May, as a space vampire, is totally nude for the duration of the film. That’s one way to cut down on the wardrobe budget.

Return to Horror High

This miserably awful slasher flick has several memorable scenes. For one, George Clooney got killed off in the first ten minutes. Later on a bloody Marcia Brady is seen feeling herself up, but the real kicker involves a scene that takes place in the girls locker room – a locale frequently seen in 80s films.

Philip McKeon’s character was having an intense conversation with his girlfriend when for no apparent reason, she drops her towel. McKeon then carries her away naked on his shoulder.

Galaxy of Terror

This lousy 80s sci-fi film includes a scene where Taaffe O’Connell was brutally sexually assaulted by a giant space slug. We’re going to classify this as a topless scene that we definitely don’t want to see again.

Sixteen Candles

In this coming-of-age teen comedy, Molly Ringwald catches a glimpse at the popular girl from her school taking a hot, steamy shower, which leads her to being envious of her well-developed body. Was the scene necessary? Well, no. But it was the 80s after all.


This 1983 comedy directed by Greydon Clark tapped into the popularity of video games and arcades in the early 80s. Out of the blue, two topless women playing videos games showed up on screen for no reason other than to be eye candy. Granted, the rest of the film didn’t have a lot going for it.

The Blue Lagoon

We’ll just mention this one pretty quickly. Blue Lagoon starred Brooke Shields, who was only 14 when she appeared in the film, which was all about two kids who ended up getting shipwrecked on a deserted island. Shields spends the entire movie barely wearing anything. Not surprisingly, the movie was highly controversial and resulted in a fair amount of public outcry. This is one film that definitely wouldn’t be made today probably shouldn’t have been made back then either.

Malibu Express

IMDB describes this 1985 film as being about a womanizing PI who is assigned to investigate who is behind a computer technology leak to the Russians. The film wasn’t much more than one of those old-fashioned Skinemax late-night specials. Early in the film, Barbara Edwards showers with another girl. The remainder of the movie is liberally sprinkled with nude scenes as well.


P.J. Soles nude scene was pretty straightforward. We got to see her unclothed in a sex scene with Bill Murray. Soles previously did nude scenes in films like 1976s Carrie and 1978s Halloween. If that’s not an impressive resume, we don’t know what is.


Before there was American Pie, the sex comedy reigning king was Porky’s. While there were plenty of nude scenes throughout this film, the one that’s most memorable involved a hole in the wall of the girl’s locker room. The scene was later copied numerous times, notably by Revenge of the Nerds, but this one is considered by many to be the gold standard.

Private School

There are many topless scenes to choose from in this film. There’s the shower scene and one where a girl spills champagne on her clothes and immediately strips, but if you’ve seen the movie, then you know what scene takes the cake. Betsy Russell riding around topless on horseback is by far the most memorable scene in the entire flick.

Just One of the Guys

In this film, the character Terry pretends to be a boy for the majority of it’s run time. In the film’s climax, she finally gets the courage to convince the guys that she has fallen in love with that she’s actually a girl. Of course, she does this by flashing him.


Perhaps one of the most memorable nude scenes of the 80s involved a student dressing up as a doctor to administer breast exams to his fellow classmates. Instead of them suspecting anything and the perp ending up in handcuffs, the girls disrobe without thinking twice. Yet again. What in the world was going on in the 80s?

Anyway, later on in the film, there was a scene where the male characters challenged the cheerleaders to a game of strip bowling, but before we saw any skin, one of the guys got his manhood stuck in a bowling ball and the game was promptly aborted.

At the climax of the film, Purity dressed as Lady liberty, took the stage to sing the national anthem in front of the school assembly. The guys, however, clandestinely embedded metal into her dress and magnetized the two basketball polls on either side of the gym. You can probably guess the rest.

Alright, well we’re just about out of time for this video. But now it’s your turn to let your voice be heard.

What do you think is the most memorable topless film scene of the 80s? And can you think of any examples of gratuitous nudity in films from this decade that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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