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9 Secrets Of Uber Drivers


Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to get a ride these days. Whether you need a ride to the doctor, or a safe ride home after a night out drinking at the bar, you can call an Uber. Not only is Uber great for the public, but many drivers are also happy with their current employment situation. While you may think that you know all there is to know about Uber, there are 9 secrets of Uber Drivers that you may not know.

Secret 1: It’s Easy To Become an Uber Driver

The requirements to be an Uber driver aren’t too strict. Applicants must have a valid United States drivers license, and have been driving for at least a year. If the driver is under 23, they need to have had their license for at least three years. They need to have an eligible four-door vehicle, and they need to have a good driving record. Finally, they need to pass a criminal history check. According to a driver in Greenville, North Carolina, it took her 24-hours to be approved as a driver, and she was driving shortly after. She says that at the time, the car she was driving wasn’t even in her name.

Secret 2: Driving Isn’t For Everyone

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best job for everyone. You need to be a people person and bite your tongue when there is an annoying or difficult customer in your car. Driving all day can be draining and physically demanding. If you cannot sit down for several hours at a time, driving for Uber isn’t for you.

Secret 3: Some Drivers Say the Pay Is Good, Others Say It Is Bad

Uber drivers are at odds regarding the pay. The pay is based on where, when, and how often your drive. One driver says that driving for Uber is only worth it if you are jobless or homeless. Another driver says that the pay is well worth it. She says that she drove on evenings and weekends, and earned between $200 and $800 per week. Many drivers say that they do it as a second job, to supplement their income. Overall, if the money is worth it would be based on when you work and what you expect to make.

Secret 4: A Four-Star Review Can Get An Uber Driver Fired

Most people think that getting four stars out of five is great, but Uber would disagree. Too many four-star reviews can actually get a driver fired. When the driver reaches a certain threshold regarding their performance, their account can be disabled. In many locations, the threshold is 4.6 stars. Unfortunately, Uber doesn’t educate their passengers on the rating system. Which leaves some drivers fired and not knowing why.

Secret 5: Some Uber Drivers Put Party Lights In Their Cars

Many people who call for Uber rides late at night try to keep the party going in the car. Some install party lighting, some provide snacks and water, and many have multiple types of phone chargers available to impress their passengers. At the end of the day, these little extras can go a long way when it comes to reviews.

Secret 6: Uber Drivers Can Profit If You Vomit In Their Car

If you get sick in an Uber driver’s car, they can take a picture of the mess and file a claim with the company. In cases like this, you would be charged for getting sick in the car, and the money would go to the driver. This happened to one Uber driver, and she was given $80 for the mess. Many Uber drivers keep bags and disinfected wipes in their cars at all times.

Secret 7: Returning Lost Items Can Be a Major Inconvenience For Uber Drivers

If you leave something in the car, your Uber driver is required to return it to you. This can be very inconvenient. Not too long ago, they didn’t get paid to return the items. People leave many things behind, such as their phones, their wallets, and cameras. Some strange things that have been left behind include antlers, a full fish tank, and a mannequin. Things have changed a bit, and today, you will be fined $15 for each item that you left behind.

Secret 8: Uber Drivers Believe That They Deserve a Tip For a Good Ride

If you had a pleasant Uber ride, drivers believe that you should give them a tip. According to many drivers, younger people and college students never tip. Since getting a ride is a service, you really should tip if you are satisfied.

Secret 9: Uber Drivers Want Passengers To Be Courteous When Talking About TV Shows and Movies

Uber drivers hate when their passengers talk about movies that they cannot wait to see and TV shows that they haven’t’ caught up on yet. The passengers can easily spoil a show or movie without even realizing it.

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