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A 35-Year-Old Teacher Was Desperate To Have A Baby – So She Fulfilled A Dead Man’s Final Wish

Liat Malka

Liat Malka worked as a kindergarten teacher in the city of Ashkelon, which is located in Southern Israel. She was 35-years-old at the time, and she was single. She had always wanted children, but due to her age and the fact that she was single, she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to when she finally did settle down with someone and she’s a desperate teacher.

Seeing the Doctor

Because of her age, Liat decided to see a fertility doctor. The doctor told her that due to her age, she was running low on eggs. He told her that if she waited much longer, her chances of becoming a mother could escape her. The doctor suggested that she use a sperm donor so that she could have a baby right away. Liat didn’t like this idea. It wasn’t what she wanted. She always hoped that her child would grow to know its father. To see what her options were, she decided to do some research online.

A YouTube Video

During her internet search, Liat, a desperate teacher came across a YouTube video of a 2009 interview with Julia and Vlad Pozniansky. They were from a city called Karmiel, a city in northern Israel. They were fighting legal action to allow them to use their deceased son’s sperm to have a baby. The couple had a mother lined up, and they wanted to have a grandchild.

Baruch Pozinansky

Baruch was a 23-year-old student of ecology at Haifa’s famous Technion. He found what he thought was a wound in his mouth, and it turned out to be cancerous. He started chemotherapy in hopes of beating the cancer. Because chemo can make it difficult for a man to produce sperm, he decided to freeze his so that he could still have children one day. Even with treatment, the cancer wasn’t getting any better. He lost his hair and had to have parts of his tongue cut out. While his parents could still understand him, Baruch told them that if cancer did take his life, that he wanted to leave a child behind. Sadly, in November 2008, when he was 25-years-old, he passed away.

Biological Will

Right after her son died, Julia decided to start working to make his final wish come true. She reached out to an attorney named Irit Rosenblum, to set up a biological will. Unfortunately, it took seven years to convince the courts to honor his wishes. While this was going on, Julia didn’t just sit around waiting. Instead, she started looking for potential moms. She was shocked that hundreds of women came forward. She made sure to let the women know that there were a few non-negotiable conditions. And she wanted the mother to be Jewish, and she had to be willing to use IVF. Baruch had a limited amount of sperm, and Julia wanted to make sure that a pregnancy would be successful.

Devastating News

The couple finally settled on a woman who was Russian, the same as them. The woman and Baruch’s parents had a contract signed, but soon, the woman gave them devastating news. She had met someone new, and no longer wanted to go through with the plan. The couple was devastated, but decided to move on, and go with their second choice. After having the contracts altered, the new women began IVF treatments. Sadly, after seven rounds, she didn’t get pregnant. Julia was devastated. She was worried that she would never have a grandchild. Julia was ready to give up on life altogether, and she and her husband decided to have IVF themselves. Julia got pregnant, and they had another son. Still, they didn’t give up on the hope of making her son’s dying wish come true.

Calling the Lawyer

Even though it had been four years since the couple did the interview that Liat saw on YouTube, she decided to reach out to the lawyer. She found out that Baruch’s wish had still gone unfulfilled. She was interested in using the man’s sperm because she could tell her child stories about their father, and they would have loving grandparents.

Meeting At a Mall

Julia and her husband agreed to meet Liat, a desperate teacher at a mall. Right when they met, Julia liked her. She was beautiful, smart, kind, and sincere. When Liat saw the photos of Baruch, she knew immediately that she wanted to have his baby. Something about his photos made a significant impression on her. It wasn’t long before a contract was drawn up in Liat’s name, and had to visit a social worker. They had to prove that Baruch’s final wish should be honored.


After two rounds of IVF, Liat found out that she was pregnant. Nine months later, she gave birth to a daughter named Shira, which meant poetry in Hebrew. A 35-Year-Old Teacher Was Desperate To Have A Baby – So She Fulfilled A Dead Man’s Final Wish and it was a blessing for everyone involved.

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