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A Bride Was Overcome To Discover A Hidden Message From Her Late Mother On Her Wedding Heels

Lace and Love

Lace and Love is a wedding shoe designer in Leicestershire, England. It is owned an operated by Amanda Weise. When she and her husband Kevin were getting married, she wanted a pair of vintage lace shoes, a wedding heels. She searched everywhere, but couldn’t find any. Finally, she decided to have lace designs painted onto her shoes. A year later, her sister faced the same problem when she was getting married. She found lace shoes, but they cost over $900. Since this was too much money, Amanda told her sister that she could make the shoes for her. Amanda posted a photo of the shoes that she made, and friends started asking her to make the shoes for their weddings. Soon, a business was born.


Amanda’s business gained a lot of attention, and she was getting orders from people all around the world. She was even featured on an episode of the reality show, Don’t Tell the Bride. Amanda runs the business on her own, but her husband Kevin helps with the website. She says that she has design skills, but no technical skills. She says that her dog helps out too because he offers her emotional support by cuddling with her when she starts to feel overwhelmed.

Emma Letts

Emma Letts is from Kibworth Beauchamp, England. On Christmas Day in 2016, Amanda’s dreams came true when her boyfriend, Richard Wilson asked her to marry him. Sadly, just a month later, Emma got some devastating news. Her mother found out that she had lung cancer, and the prognosis wasn’t promising. Her mother knew that her time on this Earth was going to be cut short, so she started writing letters to her family members. Later that year, Emma’s mother passed away. She was devastated. Planning her wedding without her mother was heartbreaking.


Emma decided to go ahead with her ceremony in the summer of 2019. She knew that it was what her mother wanted. In March before the wedding, Emma’s wedding heels from Lace and Love arrived. All of the shoes made by Lace and Love were unique, but Emma’s were more unique and meaningful than most. The shoes had been ordered for quite some time, back before Emma’s mother had passed away. Her mother knew that Lace and Love were making Emma’s shoes, so she sent Amanda a message with a special request, as well as offering to pay for the shoes.

A Special Message

A bride was overcome to discover a hidden message from her late mother on her wedding heels. Emma’s mother asked that Amanda engrave a hidden message on the bottom of both of the shoes. The message was written in gold, and it read, “Wanted you to have a gift from me on your wedding day. Your wedding shoes are my gift to you. Hope you have a magical day. Lots & lots of love & big hugs, Mum xoxo,”


When Emma opened the shoes, she became incredibly emotional. She had no idea what her mother was planning, but her fiance did. She says that when she took out the shoes, she saw a bit of the message and couldn’t think of who it was from. As soon as she saw the message, she started to cry. She couldn’t talk, she couldn’t breathe, and was an emotional mess. Because her mother couldn’t be at her wedding, she made sure that a part of her was. It was incredible.

Posting On Facebook

When Emma got her shoes, she posted a photo of them on Facebook. The caption read, “I cannot stop looking at my beautiful shoes. I am totally in love.” Shortly after creating the post, she received plenty of messages from other brides who had to get married without their mothers. She says that it gave her some comfort that other women were missing their mothers on their wedding days.

The Story

Amanda spoke with BBC News about the shoes in March 2019. She said that it was the most emotional pair of wedding heels that she had ever made. She said that she hoped that it would give Emma a bit of comfort on her big day. And she wanted her to feel as though her mother was with her while she walked down the aisle.

The Letter

Amanda says that Emma’s mother sent her a letter telling her about her cancer. She mentioned that she likely wouldn’t be there for her daughter’s wedding, so she wanted to give her a message for her wedding day that she couldn’t hold on to forever. She also wrote that she wanted to pay for the shoes. When Amanda wrote back telling Emma’s mother that she already put down a down payment, Emma’s mother asked that she refund her daughter, and she sent a check for the full amount.

A Wonderful Day

Even though Emma was brokenhearted that she didn’t have her mother there on her wedding day, it was still beautiful. She says that when she was walking down the aisle in her custom made shoes, she really did feel as though her mother was by her side.

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