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A Flight Attendant Told This Mom To Get Off The Plane – Then Her Life Took A Turn For The Worse


Today, it seems as though we are always hearing about passengers being asked to get off a plane. In some cases, it is the passenger’s fault, and in others, the airline is at fault. A woman named Peggy Uhle was leaving from Chicago’s Midway International Airport, and the flight attendant told her to get off immediately. Before we get into why Peggy was asked to leave the plane, let’s get into a few times that a person was forced to leave a plane. Most of them have made the news.

David Dao Duy Anh

David is a Vietnamese-American doctor. In April 2017, he was taking a United Airlines flight to his home in Louisville. Four airline staff members had to get to Louisville as well, and the airline asked if anyone would be willing to give up their seats. When no passengers were willing to give up their seats, the staff selected four passengers to get off the plane. The first three complied, but David refused to give up his seat. David was described as being disruptive and belligerent, but witnesses on the plane told a different story.

Video footage was taken by other passengers also proved that David was not disruptive or aggressive. The airline staff was less than friendly. Security dragged David from his seat, causing him to knock his face on the armrest. David tried to explain that he was a pulmonologist, and he had a patient in the morning, which meant taking another flight wasn’t an option. David sued, and the airline settled for an undisclosed amount for his mistreatment.

Female Passenger On Southwest Airlines

In October 2018, a woman was taking a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Houston. When a flight attendant told her to fold up her table before takeoff, and she got angry with the flight attendant’s request. She refused to comply and became verbally abusive. Because of her behavior, the pilot returned the plane to the departure gate. Video footage showed the woman going into a racially offensive tirade against the airline staff. As she was removed from the plane, the other passengers cheered. This is an example of a woman who deserved to be thrown off a plane, and there was no settlement for her. She deserved what she got.

It Was Just a Joke

In May 2019, a man and his wife were traveling from Sacramento, California, to Austin, Texas. A problem arose when the plane was being refueled, and there were maintenance issues. This delayed the flight for several hours after the passengers had already boarded. The airline staff was handing out water bottles to keep everyone hydrated. When a man was offered a bottle of water, he suggested that they serve vodka instead.

The flight attendant didn’t find the joke funny, and she reprimanded the man. His wife intervened, telling the flight attendant that her husband was just joking and reminded the flight attendant that they had been on the plane for hours. The flight attendant responded by saying, “Well, so have I, so get used to it.” Soon, she was on the phone calling the pilot, and the couple was thrown off the plane. Southwest didn’t apologize for the incident, but they did release a statement saying that they regret any less than favorable customer experience. This couple didn’t deserve to be thrown off the plane.

No Phone Calls

Karen Momsen-Evers received a message from her husband saying that he wanted to kill himself. She was terrified, but the flight attendant told her to shut her phone off. She was distraught and asked the flight attendant if she could make an emergency phone call. The crew member ignored her, so she asked another crew member to allow her to make an emergency call. She was told that there was nothing that they could do for her. Karen was a mess the whole flight, and when she landed, there were police officers there waiting for her. They told her that her husband had committed suicide. According to Southwest Airlines, the aircrew is supposed to inform the pilot of an emergency situation, but they didn’t do anything this time.

Peggy Uhle

Now let’s get back to Peggy Uhle. A Flight Attendant Told This Mom To Get Off The Plane – Then Her Life Took A Turn For The Worse. When she was asked to get off the plane, she wasn’t unruly; she wasn’t causing a commotion. She was sitting quietly when she was told to get off the plane. Peggy didn’t want to create a disturbance, so she got out of her seat and did as she was told. When she got off the plane, she was told that her husband had been desperately trying to reach her. Their son had been in an accident and suffered from a brain injury. Peggy panicked. She didn’t know how she was going to get to Denver, which was where her son was.

Fortunately, the airline was way ahead of her, and they had her booked on a direct flight that would be leaving in the next two hours. They offered her a private waiting area, they rerouted her luggage, and they even packed her a lunch for when she got off the plane in Denver. She couldn’t believe how kind the staff of Southwest Airlines was to her. The airline flew her to Denver free of charge, and they called her a few days later for an update on her son. She was happy to inform the agent who called that her son was doing better, and he was expected to make a full recovery. Peggy can’t say enough about how wonderful she was treated during her ordeal.

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