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A Guy Created A Secret Trapdoor – So He Could Watch Movies In His Own Underground Cinema

Home Improvements

With all of the videos on YouTube, today and the home improvement shows on television, more and more people are making their home improvement projects, DIY projects. Some of the projects are simple, like repainting a wall or retiling the bathroom. Other projects are much more extensive, like the one that one man took on. A Guy Created A Secret Trapdoor – So He Could Watch Movies In His Own Underground Cinema.

The Dungeon

The man’s name was Gez, and he and his wife purchased a house with a secret room. When they first bought the house, they called the room, “The Dungeon.” The room was located underneath the living room, but the only entrance to the room was an outside doorway situated in the garden. When they first moved in, they used the room simply for storage.

Making Some Changes

A few months later, Gez decided to make sure of his hidden room. The first step was to remove all of the junk that they had in storage to make room for Gez’s vision. While they were busy going through all of the things in the hidden room, Gez and his wife decided what they were going to do with the room. They thought it would make a great home theater room.

Fixing the Yard Around the Door

The first thing that Gez tackled wasn’t the inside of the room; it was the exterior of the home. The side of the wall was made up of wooden panels and bricks that he removed and knocked out. It was a lot of work, but this was the area where the only door was located. Next, he lay new brick down and filled in the gaps. To make it look nice, he included some decorative gravel. Next, he moved the fence with some help from his father. They were going to reposition it so that it was close to the old green door. They figured that it would be best if it were closer to the door, creating more space outside the back of the house. It was a tough job, but it was far from over. He also painted the green door white and painted the brick. Finally, the side of the house looked great.

Working On “The Dungeon”

When the spring cleaning in the area was complete, Gez took a look at the architecture of the room to see what he could do with the existing architecture. On one of the walls was a bench made of bricks and stones. Gez thought that it would be an excellent area for seating. Next, he painted the steel crossbeams overhead that were necessary to keep the room from caving in. To make more headroom, he had to move the heating duct. In the room was metal shelving around the walls that he removed to create more space.

Filling the Gaps

There were gaps in the walls when the metal shelves were removed, and Getz added cupboards. He painted them gray to improve the cinematic experience. There was a small area of the wall that he left empty so that he could use it as a bar. He worked on making the seating more comfortable and made a box for the projector. He even added LED lighting to make the room look better. He had to do something with the stone floor, so he covered it with large rubber slabs and covered it with astroturf. Finally, it was time to bring in the big screen TV. His theater room was really coming together.

Posting His Photos

As he did the work, he posted pictures to show his progress in Imgur. Many users really got into watching his progress, and his photos received over 300,000 views and close to 12,000 points. People were impressed with his work, but a few people commented on the door issue. This wasn’t news to Getz. In fact, he was already thinking about the problem.


Getz realized that being able to get to the theater room from outdoors was not very convenient. If it were cold outside, you would need a jacket to get down to the theater. He decided that he needed access to the room from inside the house. He could have just created a secret door in the floor, but then came up with a great idea. Rather than just making a hole in the floor, he could add more seating space to the living room.

Incorporating a Bench

Getz found a large trunk and realized that it would work in perfectly with his plan. First, he removed the bottom of the box and placed it in the area where he wanted the door. Next, he cut the hole in the floor. He got a heavy duty ladder and painted it to make it look nice, and he put it up so that you could climb up and down the ladder. When the ladder was safely installed, his wife went shopping for throw pillows and blankets to make the outside of the box look beautiful.


Finally, Getz’s theater room was complete. He invited his friends over to watch a movie, and everyone was impressed. The job took almost a year, but when it was done, it was well worth it.

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