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A Look Inside Air Force One, Just Wait Until You See Melania’s Bedroom

Air Force One

Air Force One if the name of the plane that transports the President Of the United States to various places around the world. U.S. Presidents have used it for decades. If you have any seen action movie about the President, you may think that you know what Air Force One looks like. There are many features that you may not know. Here is a look inside Air Force One, just wait until you see Melania’s bedroom.

The Name

You may assume that Air Force One is just a name, but it actually has a purpose. The first President to use the plane was John F. Kennedy, and he didn’t just pull the name out of thin air. The name is actually a call sign. Call signs are names that are used over radio communication used by pilots and air traffic controllers. The plane that any US President flies on anywhere in the world is considered Air Force One. There is only one Air Force One in the sky at one time, but it just means that the plane is flying the American President.

There Is More Than One Air Force One

Most people think that there is just one Air Force One, but there are more. If the President’s plane is not working, he will need a backup. This is why the military built two special planes for the President. They both have the same call name, and they are both used from time to time. The two that are currently in use were built in 1990 when George H.W. Bush was in office. Both planes are a bit different; therefore, each President has had a favorite, and the military makes sure that they can be flown in a moments’ notice.

State-of-the-Art Command Center

Because the President flies on Air Force One and split-second decisions may need to be made, the plane must be equipped with all tools necessary for any situation that comes up. At all times, both planes much have a mobile command center set up complete with highly-digitalized communication security. If there is an attack or a national emergency in the U.S., the President will be able to communicate from wherever he is. At all times, the President needs to know what is going on so that they can respond adequately.

They Are Both Boeing

Over the years, there have been several makes and models of Air Force One. As technology advanced, so did planes. The current Air Force One is a Boeing. They are used by major airlines internationally and have a reputation for being high-quality planes. The planes used have four engines that are built to last. Boeings have been used since Dwight Eisenhower was in office, and he was also known to use a Lockheed C-121 super Constellations.

Avoiding the Confusion

The name, Air Force One, was created in 1953 after an incident involving President Eisenhower. An aircraft, Eastern Air Lines Flight 8610, and Air Force 861 carrying President Eisenhower just so happened to be flying in the same airspace at the same time, creating significant confusion. Since then, only the President’s plane can be called Air Force One. While there are plenty of planes above with the same names, nobody is allowed to use Air Force One in their plane’s name.

Air Force Two

There is an Air Force One, and there is also an Air Force Two. This is the plane responsible for flying the Vice President where they need to go. It is a little bit smaller than Air Force One, but it is smaller. It is a C=32A military plane, similar to the Boeing 757. And it isn’t as flashy, but still very expensive. Every hour on Air Force Two costs $30,000. According to the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency report in 2016, any media and aides who fly with the Vice President are required to pay for their seats and their food.

Marine One

The President doesn’t always fly in a plane. There are times when a helicopter is the more practical means of transportation. This is when the Marine One comes into action. Like one, Marine One is also a radio call sign. It signals the Marine Corps Helicopter transporting America’s Commander-in-chief. According to a report by CNBC, the first of the new six Marine One helicopters being built by Lockheed will be ready by 2020. These helicopters have an anti-protection system and heavy-duty armor. The pilot for the new fleet will be called Nighthawks.

Medical Suite and a Doctor

The President’s health is essential, mainly when they are in the air. Since it can’t land quickly enough in case of an emergency, it is fully equipped with a medical suite, and there is always a doctor on board. If necessary, the medical suite can be used as an operating room.

Better Than President Trump’s Plane

Donald Trump has his own plane, and it is luxurious. It is believed that his plane is decorated all in gold. The seatbelts are gold-plated, and it has a movie theater. The plane contains the family crest, and the sleeping quarters are huge. He just isn’t allowed to fly in it. Due to security purposes, he must fly on no matter what. He has often complained that his bed on Air Force One isn’t large enough, but the taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for him to have a larger bed. There are many other things that the taxpayer’s money should be going to.

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