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A Strange Noise Sounded In This House’s Walls For 13 Years. Then A Repairman Finally Found The Cause

Old Houses

Old houses tend to make noise. Over time, the floorboards start to creak, and the door hinges begin to creak. This is something that people expect when they move into an old house. Some people will spend money to try to fix the issues, while others find the creaking and squeaking give the old house it’s quaint charm.

Jerry and Sylvia Lynn

Jerry and Sylvia Lynn lived in an old house in Ross, Pennsylvania. They had been living in their house for 13-years, and during all that time, they heard something strange coming from the walls. The sound wasn’t a typical noise that you would hear in an old house, It was something entirely different, and it often startled visitors who stopped by in the evening. The sound began at the same time every night, and over the years, it got louder and louder. It started in 2004, but it didn’t bother the couple. According to Jerry, they found it kind of cute.


The noise started in 2004, which doesn’t seem like too long ago. When you think of all of the things that have changed since then, it shows how long ago it really was. Back in 2004, George W. Bush won his second term as President of the United States. After that, President Barack Obama served two years as President. This brings us to the current President, Donald Trump, who is by far the most controversial President in history. Back in 2004, he was nothing for than a businessman. It wasn’t until late 2004 that he got into the reality TV business.


Today, if you want to find an old high school friend or find out where your friends will be going on Friday night, you use Facebook. Back when the noise in the house began in 2004, you had to wait until your high school reunion to see your high school friends. If you wanted to find out where your friends would be going, you had to make a phone call. Facebook was created in 2004, but at the time, it was exclusive to a localized network of users. It wasn’t opened up to the public until 2006.

War and the Olympics

In 2004, the ongoing war with Iraq dominated the news every night. In 2004, the U.S. was just one year into the 10-year conflict. Saddam Hussein stood trial for his war crimes, and the country was handed over to a temporary government. In 2004, the 28th Olympic Games were going to be held in Greece. It was the first time that the games would be held there since the very first games back in 1896. Four billion people tuned in to watch the symbolic lighting of the flame.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show

The most talked-about Super Bowl halftime show occurred in 2004. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake performed together, when Janet had a “wardrobe malfunction,” which was embarrassing for her, and made the halftime show less family-friendly.

The Sound

Now that you know what happened in the year that the sound started, you should know a bit more about the sound. It echoed through the home for just under a minute, and it occurred at the same time every night. This went on for 13-years. The sound was something that would drive most people crazy, but the Lynns didn’t think too much of it.

TV Wire

In 2004. Jerry was installing a TV wire. He wanted to know where it would be safe to drill, and the best way would be to punch a hole in the wall. To make sure that it lined up perfectly, he tired an object to a string and sent it down into the wall through the vent upstairs. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to see the string behind the wall, so he tied an alarm clock to the string. He set the alarm to ring after 10 minutes, which would give him ample time to lower the clock and drill the hole where needed.

9 A Mishap

The plan worked perfectly until the end. The string came loose, and the clock dropped down to the fall behind the wall. He couldn’t get the clock out of the wall, but he wasn’t too worried. It was a battery-powered alarm clock, so he was sure that the batteries would run out soon.

13-Years Later

Its been 13 years since the alarm clock went into the wall, and it is still going strong. During standard time, the alarm rings every night at 10 minutes to 7 pm. During daylight savings time, it goes off at 10 minutes to 8 pm. Each night when the alarm goes off, the couple hopes that it will be the last time, but that day has not come yet. The alarm starts off as a beep, beep, and then the beeps get closer together, and it gets louder. The Lynns’ situation got attention from the local news, and after a report, local contractors from Low-Cost Heating and Air offered to remove the clock for free. Finally, after 13-years, no alarms are going off in the Lynn house that shouldn’t be. A strange noise sounded in this house’s walls for 13 years. Then a repairman finally found the cause.

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