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After 9 Years A Couple Finally Opens A Wedding Gift That The Bride’s Aunt Told Them Not To Open

Kathy and Brandon Gunn

Kathy and Brandon met while they were in college in Kalamazoo. The fell in love, and they got married. On their wedding day, they received plenty of gifts. One gift that stood out the most was a gift from Kathy’s great aunt, Alison. Most of their gifts were things that they could use during their marriage. The gift from aunt Alison turned out to be the most useful gift of all. After 9 years couple finally open wedding gift that aunt told them not to open.

The Gift

The gift from aunt Alison was in a white box. There was an envelope attached to the box, and it read, “Do Not Open Until Your First Disagreement.” the couple didn’t know what to think of the gift, and they had no idea what was inside of the box, but they decided that they would honor Kathy’s aunt’s wishes and they didn’t open the box.

9 Years Pass

Kathy and Brandon were your typical married couple. They had disagreements from time to time. They had shouting matches where they slammed doors, and there was one time that they thought that they were going to give up on their marriage altogether. Through all of this, they never opened the box. They never even considered it. Even after moving three times, they didn’t open the box.

Kathy’s Reason For Not Opening the Box

Kathy says that she has a good reason for not opening to box, even when she and Brandon had troubles. She said that they both avoided turning to the box because it would have meant that they had failed. She worried that opening it would mean that she didn’t have what it took to make their marriage work. They were both too stubborn and too determined for that. When they fought, they would wonder what would happen if it wasn’t their worst fight. They worried that if they opened it, they wouldn’t have it to rely on just in case they really needed it. Both she and Brandon had comfort that the box was always there, unopened if things got really bad.

Finally Deciding To Open It Up

One night, after Brandon and Kathy put their two children to bed, they went downstairs and had a glass of wine. They were discussing a wedding that they would be attending in their college town of Kalamazoo. They were trying to figure out what they were going to get the happy couple for their wedding. Kathy thought back to her own wedding to figure out which gift had the biggest impact. They wanted to give something just as meaningful to their friends. Kathy and Brandon agreed that the gift that had the biggest impact was the gift that was sitting up in their closet, still unopened. They finally decided to open it up.

What The Couple Expected

Kathy thought that when she opened the box that she would find the key to saving a marriage. Maybe it would be an age-old trick that her aunt Alison wanted to pass to her and Brandon who were rookies when it came to marriage. Her Great Aunt and her Great Uncle had been married for close to 50-years, so she thought that they had the keys to a successful marriage. Kathy and Brandon were wrong. There was something in the box for each of them.

Kathy’s Gift

Inside the box was a note for Kathy. It read, “Kathy, Go get a pizza, shrimp, or something that you both like. Love, Aunt Alison. PS Get a bath ready.” There was $200 wrapped in the note that Kathy was to use to pay for the food.

Brandon’s Gift

There was also a note for Brandon in the box. It read, “Brandon, Go get flowers and a bottle of wine. Love, Aunt Alison.” There was another $200 wrapped in the note.

Gifts For the Two Of Them

Inside the box were gifts for both Kathy and Brandon. There was a crystal flower vase, two crystal wine glasses, bath soap, lotion, and bubbles. The gifts were romantic, and they were meant to help the couple get over a fight.

A Truly Meaningful Gift

Kathy and Brandon were touched by the gift that had gone unopened on their wedding day. The unopened box gave them the will to fight to get things to the point where they didn’t need the box. Kathy says that it is the best gift she has ever received.

YouTube Description

Can you imagine getting a gift that you aren’t allowed to open? A couple got a gift for their wedding, and the sender told them not to open the box until they had a disagreement. Many people would have opened up the box within the first week. This couple didn’t. They waited nine long years before opening the box. This couple had some serious willpower. They weren’t even having a fight when they opened the box. They just thought that it was time.

When they saw what was inside the box, they didn’t expect to see what was inside. The woman expected to find pearls of wisdom and the keys to a perfect marriage. Instead, they got the necessary tools to make it through a fight. To find out what was inside the box and why the couple didn’t open it in the first place, watch the video.

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