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After A Man Took A Pregnancy Test As A Prank, He Suddenly Realized Something Was Very Wrong

Home Pregnancy Tests

Home pregnancy tests are very popular. If a woman suspects that she is pregnant, she can go to the drug store, buy a test, take it, and find out in three minutes or less if she is pregnant or not. The home pregnancy tests on the market today are much more advanced than they once were. Not only are they more accurate than tests in the past were, but they can also detect pregnancy much sooner. Some tests advertise that they can detect pregnancy just a few days after your missed period. These tests save women from having to schedule an appointment with their doctor.

How Do Home Pregnancy Tests Work

It is very simple to use a home pregnancy test. A woman simply pees on the indicated end of the stick, waits three minutes, and the test will tell her if the test is positive or negative. Some tests will show one line if you aren’t pregnant, and two lines if you are. Some tests will show a plus sign for positive and a minus sign for negative. There are also high-tech digital pregnancy tests on the market that will give you a digital readout of the word “positive” or “negative,” or “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” These tests can tell you if you are pregnant because they are designed to detect high levels of beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (beta HCG). When a woman is pregnant, this hormone is produced by the placenta as it develops in the womb, and it can be detected in urine. If a woman is pregnant, and there are beta HCG levels present, the test will detect it, giving a positive reading.

A Man Finds a Pregnancy a Test

A man went into his medicine cabinet a few months after his girlfriend moved out and found a box with an unused pregnancy test inside. When they were still together, his girlfriend had missed a period, and she was worried that she might be pregnant. The test that she purchased contained two tests. His ex took one test, and it came out negative, so she never took the second test. The couple broke up shortly later, and she moved out of the house, leaving her home pregnancy test behind.

Taking the Test

When the man found the test, he had a few friends over. He was in a silly mood, so he decided to take the test. He read the instructions, peed on the stick, and he waited three minutes. Since he was a man and couldn’t be pregnant, he was going to go back into the room to his friends, acting overjoyed. He was going to tell them that his pregnancy test was negative and get a few laughs. What happened next shocked the man and his friends.

A Positive Result

The man waited for the full three minutes, and he looked down at the test. Since he is a man and it is physically impossible to get pregnant, he was sure that the test would be negative. After a man took a pregnancy test as a prank, he suddenly realized something was very wrong. When he saw a plus sign, he didn’t know what to think. He went out to show his friends the test in complete disbelief. None of his friends knew what to think of the test, so the man turned to Reddit users to get answers as to why the test came up positive. He was sure that the Reddit users would tell him that he had a faulty test. Unfortunately, the answers that he got were much worse than a defective test.

Testicular Cancer

When the answers to the man’s question started pouring in, they were all the same. The Reddit users who saw this post told him to make an appointment with his doctor immediately because there was a good chance that he had testicular cancer. According to Dr. Mark Pomerantz, a Boston oncologist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, several types of testicular cancer can cause the body to produce beta HCG. Dr. Pomerantz says that there are very few things in the body that can produce beta HCG, and two of them are pregnancy and testicular cancer. The man took the other Reddit user’s advice to heart and scheduled an appointment with his doctor.

The Diagnosis

When the man went to see his doctor, he explained the story of the positive pregnancy test, and the advice he received online. His doctor told him that it was good that he scheduled the appointment. The doctor performed an exam, and he found a small lump on one of the man’s testicles. He also ran a blood test to confirm. The doctor told him that the cancer was at a very early stage, and the prognosis was excellent.

A Life Saver

The man couldn’t believe that a simple joke helped his doctor catch cancer early. Had he not taken that test, it could have been months or even years before he started to experience symptoms that would lead to the cancer diagnosis. By then, the prognosis would not have been good. The man calls the pregnancy test his lifesaver.

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