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After A Teacher Wrote An Explosive Post About Bad Parenting, She Was Shell-shocked By The Reaction

Julie Marburger

Mary worked as a teacher at Cedar Creek Intermediate School in Texas. She taught English Language Arts to sixth-grade students. Before taking the job at Cedar Creek, she had plenty of experience as an educator.

Parenting Educator

Before heading to Cedar Creek, Mary worked as a parenting educator. He focused on behavioral psychology and child development. She loved the job because she could help parents and teaches her needed guidance. She felt like she was really making a difference in the families’ lives. When she moved to Texas and got a job at Cedar Creek, the school didn’t have a position like her former one. She needed a job, so she decided to adapt. She was qualified to teach many subjects, and she chose English Language Arts.

A Fulfilling Job

Mary found teaching to be a very rewarding and fulfilling career. She was able to guide young children through their school years, helping them get the best education possible. This meant a lot to her. She grew up in Richmond, Utah, and she enrolled at Utah State University in the ’90s. She focused on Family and Human Development and finally earned her degree in 1996.

After Graduation

After Mary graduated, she didn’t get into teaching right away. She worked for a while at Salt Lake City’s Valley Mental Health facility as a mental health rehabilitation worker. She also worked as a business manager in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mary found her work rewarding, but not nearly as satisfying as starting a family.

Becoming a Mother

Mary had always dreamed of becoming a mother and having a family. She and her husband had four daughters, and she says that she was fortunate enough to make motherhood her full-time career while they were growing up. Her daughters are now in their late teens and early 20s, and Mary is very proud of who they have all become.


After raising her daughters, Mary decided that she wanted to work with children. She went back to school to earn the qualifications necessary to get a job in education. At first, she loved child development. He was able to work with parents and children, and when younger parents asked for her advice, it brought her great joy. She loved her career until she and her husband moved to Texas. Because the Cedar Creek didn’t have a position like the one that she held in Utah, she became a middle school teacher. This job gave her a first-hand look at how children behaved in the classroom.

Posting To Her Website

When Mary worked with the children for a while, she posted her observations to her website. She wrote, “I see many gradual yet significant changes happening in our society that is negatively impacting all of us, but more tragically, our children. I see common civility declining at an alarming rate. Children are growing up thinking behaviors we would have shunned a could of generations ago are the norm and perfectly acceptable. They are not learning essential life skills and manners that will help them succeed in life.” Mary was just posting her thoughts, and she never expected the response that she got.


Mary also included photos with her post. Many of them showcased the damage that was being done in her classroom. She posted a picture of a destroyed bookshelf along with a caption that read, “I left work early today after an incident with a parent that left me unable emotionally to continue for the day. I have already made the decision to leave teaching at the end of the year. After today, I don’t know if I will make it that long.

Parents become too disrespectful, and their children even worse. Administration always seems to err on the side of keeping the parent happy, which leaves me with no way to do the job I was hired to do…Teach kids.” She posed more photos of the damage that is done to her classroom each day after the final bells rings. She mentions that the items that are damaged or destroyed in her class are her property since there is no classroom budget.

More Problems

Mary wasn’t just upset about the damage to her classroom. She was also upset about the fact that she held a student responsible for his actions, and his parents took his side. Most of her class wasn’t doing their work, and 50 percent were set to fail. She knew that she would be fielding calls and emails for days from parents wanting to know why their children had failed. The administration also wanted to know why she was giving many students failing grades.

Online Reactions

After a teacher wrote an explosive post about bad parenting, she was shell-shocked by the reaction. Her post was shared over 420,000 times on Facebook and received over 340,000 likes. There were around 100 comments and most offered Mary support. She says that she was a little shell-shocked over the attention her post received. She added an update letting her followers know that her students caught up on their work, and they passed. Then she admits that she loves teaching, but the issues were just too much. She was sad to leave teaching but happy that she wasn’t the only one who felt the way that she did about the future of our youth.

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