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After Climbers Disappeared In The Himalayas, A Search Team Uncovered Footage Of The Doomed Ascent

Nanda Devi

Many people love to embark on thrilling adventures. One popular adventure is mountain climbing. For some, the higher the mountain and the tougher the terrain, the better. In 2019, a group of climbers decided to scale Nanda Devi, which is the second-highest peak in India.

Martin Moran

The team that headed up to the mountain was headed up by Martin Moran. He operated his own climbing business in Scotland. Before his trek up the mountain, he was already familiar with the area. With his company, he had led several excursions up the Himalayas. He was born in Tyneside, England, and always loved the outdoors. He decided to put his skills to the test by climbing the Alps. He loved the outdoors so much that he started working in an outdoor store, where he met a girl named Joy. Before long, the two were in love. After high school, Martin left the store to attend the University of Cambridge. He graduated with a degree in Geography and then moved to Sheffield, England with Joy, where he became a chartered accountant.

Moving To Scotland

While working in England, Joy and Martin indulged in their passion and often visited the nearby Peak District. Because they loved climbing so much, they decided to move to Scotland in the mid-’80s. The couple lived in an RV and planned to scale all of the Munro Mountains that were over 3,000 feet high. They climbed all of the mountains in one winter, which is something that nobody else had ever accomplished. This led them to write a book called The Munros In Winter.

Moran Mountain Limited

In 1985, Martin and Joy started their own business called Moran Mountain Limited. They arranged many adventure trips for clients where they traveled to Norway, Switzerland, and the Himalayas. Due to his extensive mountain climbing skills, Martin decided to climb Nanda Devi East in 1985 with Mark Thomas. Together, they mapped out their journey. They made it 1,600-feet but encountered a hazardous ridge. Because of the danger, they headed back down the mountain. It would be four years before he headed back up with the group.

The Group

On his journey up Nanda Davi, she brought along seven other people. A trio from Britain, Richard Payne, John McLaren, and Rupert Whewell were part of the group. From the United States, Ronald Beimel and Anthony Sudekum made the journey. Finally, an Australian named Ruth McCance took the trip. Everyone gathered to make the May 13, 2019 climb. The journey was expected to last 35 days, and each member paid over $8,000.

Leading the Group

Over the next few days, Martin led his group to the eastern peak of the mountain, known as Nanda Devi East. Martin’s friend, Mark Thomas also made the trip, but he chose to stay at the base camp. While there, he remained in radio contact with Martin and the group. About two weeks later, they lost contact with the base camp. Mark was worried, so he decided to try to find the group by picking up on their path on the mountain.

Signs Of an Avalanche

Mark’s search came to an end when he came upon signs of an avalanche in the Himalayas. He immediately contacted the local authorities who told him to leave the base camp. They told him that it wasn’t safe there. An air search began, which revealed the scale of the avalanche to the search and rescue team, but there were no signs of the climbers, their tents, or their gear.

Weeks Passed

As the weeks passed, there was no word on the missing climbers in the Himalayas. Search, and rescue teams were out searching for signs of them with no results. Mark worried as each day passed. All he could say was that he was grateful for everything that they were doing to find his friend. He let the public know that he would let them know when he heard any news.


In June 2019, seven bodies were found. According to the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, 25 members of the group were out searching for the missing climbers, and they found seven bodies. There was still one member of the team missing. The officials told BBC News that the rescue team set up camp where they found the bodies. They were hoping to find the eighth body by the next day. They added that it would take a few days for the group’s remains to be removed from the peak. When the bodies were removed, they still hadn’t found the missing one. It turned out that the missing climber was Martin.

A Video

After climbers disappeared in the Himalayas, a search team uncovered footage of the doomed ascent. In July 2019, the researchers found the video of the climbers. It captured their movement up the mountains. The footage showed the group in a line, climbing up the mountain. When the group got to the ridge, the video came to an end. Because monsoon season was approaching, the search and rescue team had to leave the mountain before finding Martin’s remains. He was declared dead, and Thomas posted a beautiful tribute to his friend.

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