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After Thieves Stole From A Little Boy With A Brain Tumor, The Duo Returned To His Home Yet Again

Timmy Vick

Timmy Vick is a young boy from Blades, Delaware. When he was two years old, his family started to notice that there was something wrong with him. His family found that they were having trouble talking to Timmy because he wasn’t speaking back to them. He was also having severe emotional outbursts, and it was difficult for them to calm him down. When his parents took him to the doctor, they learned that Timmy had autism.

More Bad News

The family was struggling with Timmy’s autism when they received even more bad news about their son. The doctor was concerned about the proportions of Timmy’s head, so they ordered an MRI. The scan showed a brain tumor, and the news was devastating for the whole family. A year later, the doctor wanted to recheck the tumor to see if it had grown. Sadly, the tumor had grown, and it could be cancerous. The doctors would need to run more tests. Fortunately, the tumor turned out to be benign, but he would need further treatment. All of these doctor’s visits and tests were putting a tremendous financial strain on the family.

Financial Responsibilities

Timmy’s special needs created plenty of expenses for the family. His dietary costs alone were putting a financial strain on the family. This, coupled with the equipment that he needed and the tests, things were getting harder and harder for the family to keep up. Timmy’s father, Timmy Sr. and his mother, Angel, both had jobs. To get on top of his finances, Timmy Sr. sold his car, but it still wasn’t enough. They started selling everything that they had that was worth anything in hopes of paying off some overdue bills and putting food on the table for the family.

Timmy’s WWE Replica Belts

One of Timmy’s prized possessions that he didn’t sell was his WWE replica belts. They were in need of change to make them more unique, but it would be expensive. Unfortunately, the family didn’t have room in the budget to pay for something so frivolous when they had so many medical bills weighing them down.

Timmy Jr. Loved the Belts

Timmy Sr. isn’t the only family member who treasured the belts. Timmy Jr. loved them just as much. When he would go to sleep at night, he always slept with a belt. He also took one with him everywhere he went. The family believes that the belts give him comfort, and they make him feel special.

Timmy’s Love Of Wrestling

The whole family loved to watch wrestling on TV, especially Timmy Jr. His parents say that kids with autism usually have trouble concentrating on anything for more than a few minutes, but when wrestling was on, he could focus on the whole thing with his father and his siblings. When they had the chance to get Timmy Jr. his own championship belt, they knew that it would make him happy. The replica belt was nice, but the stones didn’t look real, and the plates in the middle weren’t just right, but Timmy loved the belt anyway. Because the belt already cost the family $1,000, they didn’t have the extra money to have it refit.

Finding a Way

Timmy Sr. wanted his son to have the best belt possible, so he did some research. After looking into it for a while, he finally found an artist named Serg More, who was willing to do the work for no charge. All they had to do was send the belts off to Washington State, where Serg lived. He was going to replace the plastic stones with cubic zirconia or Slovakian crystals. To make the plates look authentic, he was going to stack then, just like they do with the WWE belts. This would make them twice as thick.

The Package

The family packed up the belts and sent them to Serg’s home in Englewood. He wasn’t home on the day that it was delivered because he was at a show. His wife was in California, so the mailman left the parcel on the porch. He assumed that they would be safe, but he was wrong.


Serg had a security camera on his porch, and the camera caught two women on the porch, stealing the packages. The two women clearly didn’t realize that they were on camera when they stole the boxes. When Serg saw the footage, he went straight to the police. He was appalled that someone would steal something that belonged to a 5-year-old who has autism and a brain tumor. Serg reached out to the media and used Facebook to try to figure out who the women were who stole this young boy’s prized possessions. It wasn’t long before the story made national news.


After thieves stole from a little boy with a brain tumor, the duo returned to his home yet again. The women who stole the packages must have felt bad after hearing the story, because Serg’s camera caught them back on his porch, returning the boxes that they had taken. Serg went outside, and the girls apologized immediately. They also gave him a not to give to Timmy apologizing for taking his belts. One of the girls mentioned that she had a 6-year-old son, and she was disgusted with herself. Serg was thrilled to have the belts back so that he could fix them. Timmy Jr. was happy that soon, he would have his precious belts in his possession again.

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