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Airport Photos So Funny You’ll Laugh Till You Land

Airports can be the location for some of life’s most interesting experiences. This is as persons from all walks are likely to transit airports as they (like you) move from one destination to the next. From unlucky moments to unusual, awkward, and downright hilarious ones, we have a great collection of airport photos for you to enjoy. You are bound to find something you can relate to in there.

Here’s our collection of airports photos so funny you’ll laugh till you land.

A Place to Call Home

When natural disasters result in flights being unable to go in and out of airports, passengers are left stranded with nowhere to go and not much else to do. This is exactly what happened to these passengers who found themselves stranded in an airport for days. They made the best of their circumstances, however, and built makeshift cardboard boxes for temporary living arrangements while they waited out the storm.

Instagram Pilot Yogi

It’s so great that we live in an age where careers and industry worlds can collide seamlessly. That was exactly the case for this pilot and yoga practitioner who combines her love for flying and yoga to create a really amazing Instagram feed.

Welcome Home Mom and Dad

Welcome home or other attention-grabbing signs are the norms around airports. Some of the messages are framed in super creative ways, however. So, when one grown man welcomed his parents back home dressed in a onesie and informing his parents that they were out of cereal, we totally lost it. We indeed laughed all the way to our destination.

The Antithesis of Traveling Light

Most of us are finding new ways to travel lightly and practically – especially when we are traveling by air. This includes lightweight portable tech devices – for most of us anyway. These two travelers pictured here, however, are more into the devices of the vintage kind – heavy, and not terribly useful.

A Meeting of Road and Air

When you think of a runway for an international airport, the last thing you think about is peak hour vehicular traffic. However, for this runway in Gibraltar International, cars are forced to stop to give way for landing planes. This scenario, in the event of an emergency during peak hour is a disaster waiting to happen if you ask me.

National Security Baby

Traveling with a small baby can be challenging to say the least. This is particularly true when you have to make your way through security. So much so, that when one lady had to take off her shoes, her toddler was placed in one of the security bins. Let’s hope she retrieved the little fellow before that part of the conveyor belt made its way through the X-ray machine.

Please Just Kiss and Say Goodbye… Quickly

Airport departure dropoff sites are always buzzing with traffic and airport security is always on hand to ensure drivers drop off their loved ones quickly so as to not cause a backup. This Danish airport is, however, saying it with a sign. This is hands down one of the best signs we’ve seen in an airport yet.

Cosplay Airport Reunion

Airport reunions are great! They are even better when they have a really great theme to go with them – like the Star Wars theme featured in this photograph. Darth Vader arrived to much fanfare and celebration from friends, which included a spirited rendition of the “Imperial March.”

Playing on the Job

Airport security is among some of the tightest security you will find anywhere and for good reason. So, of course, airport security was caught slipping – like in this photo – is likely to raise more than a few eyebrows.

Run, Forest, Run…Or Fly

When cameras caught this Forrest Gump look-alike seemingly on his way to see his proverbial Jenny, we had to include it in our list. The resemblance is uncanny. If there’s no Jenny, perhaps there is a promo

A Handle on the Kids

Parents need to watch their children closely at all times, but particularly when in public spaces like airports. Home Alone 2 is an indication of how important that is. The mother in this photo took this to heart by putting her children on a leash.

Cosplay Shoeshine

While many of us will avoid the shoeshine option when trying to catch our connecting flights in the airport, for some travelers it is an absolute necessity. The travelers in our photo needed both their shoes and their suits looking shiny and new.

All Choked Up

We’re guessing that Mokie has a great sense of humor. That’s the only explanation we could find for his friends using the most embarrassing photo (a blow-up of him choking on food for all the airport to see) as his welcome photo.

A Sweet Proposal

We could hardly think of anything sweeter than proposing to the one you loved as they got off the plane to get home. This photo says it all…well, sort of. She also said yes!

Leveling the Playing Field

A dead battery during an airport layover is a travesty. Thankfully, most airports have free charging stations. When this airport decided to charge passengers for charging, one passenger was not having it. He/she unplugged the charging machine and used that outlet to charge their phone free of cost.

There you have it! A few of our airport photos so funny you’ll laugh till you land.

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