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An 89-Year-Old Grandma Learns Photography And Can’t Stop Taking Hilarious Self Portraits


For some people, photography is a hobby. They enjoy taking photos and printing them out to hang on their walls, give to family and friends as gifts, and shoot the occasional special event. Some people take their love of photography and make it more than a hobby. Many people make a living taking pictures. Being a wedding photographer, a landscape photographer, and a family photographer can put food on the table and pay the bills. If a person is really good at their craft, they can have their work featured in exhibits.

Older People With Technology

Most older people today don’t want to have anything to do with technology. Young people believe that technology makes our lives easier, while the older generation thinks that things were just fine the way that they were. When the older generation chooses to give in and learn about technology, it is pretty adorable. In some cases, it is hilarious.

Remember the “Cool Father?”

Not too long ago, a man who is known as, the “Cool Father” started using the camera on his cell phone. The Australian man’s daughter taught him how to use the camera and he was excited. When he realized that he could carry around a camera in his pocket, he started talking selfies. His selfies were your typical selfie. He took his with pet dogs and sheep. It wasn’t long before the world became captivated with his photos. Soon, he was an internet sensation. People found his photos hilarious. Today, there is another older person who is making waves online. This 89 year old grandma learns photography and cant stop taking hillarious self portrtaits.

Kimiko Mishimoto

Kimiko Nishimoto is an 89-year-old grandmother from Japan. When she was 72-years-old, she found out that her son was teaching a beginner’s course in photography. She decided to enroll in his class. She wasn’t really into photography, but she thought that it would be a fun way to spend some time with her son. She never imagined how much she would enjoy it.

Awakening a Passion

When Kimiko went to her first class, she thought that it was fun. After a few more classes, she says that it awakened a passion that she never knew existed. It wasn’t just her passion that she discovered. She found that she was a very talented photographer. She wasn’t looking to become a world famous photographer. She just wanted to have some fun with it.

Taking Funny Self Portraits

After taking a few classes, Kimiko started taking funny self-portraits of herself. Most of them were hilarious. In this photo, she pretended that she dumped her bike.

Hit With a Shovel and a Fake Gorilla

In this hilarious self-portrait, she hung a shovel from the ceiling to make it look as though it hit her in the head. In another photo, she put on a furry costume and stood in front of iron bars. She was going for the gorilla look.

Ten Years Later

About 10 years after taking her first photography class, Kimiko’s photos were a hit She had her first solo exhibition at a local museum. For her, it was huge. When her photos made it to social media, she became a huge success. She was as well known as the “Cool Dad.” People from all over the world were loving the selfies that she was taking. She was doing some crazy things that you would never expect from a senior citizen. Her son says that is very proud of his mother. He never expected her to find such a passion while taking his photography class. He knew that she was in the class to spend some time with her son and to learn more about what he did. Neither of them ever expected her few classes to turn into something so amazing.

Another Showcase

Recently, Kimiko was asked to showcase her work at the Epson Espite Imaging Gallery in Japan. She is calling the exhibition, Asobokane, which means, “let’s play.” She gave the exhibition the name because of the photos that she takes. Her photos aren’t serious. They are basically of her playing. If you are planning a trip to Japan, make sure to stop in and see her show. If Japan isn’t on your travel itinerary, you can see her photos online. They went viral quickly, and she is an internet sensation all over the world.

A Changed Life

When Kimiko first resisted the use of technology, she lived a very mundane life. When she finally gave in to technology, she found something in her life that brought her joy and excitement. She says that if she has any advice to give to the older generation, it is not to resist so much. You never know, you could find a love for something that you never knew you had.

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