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An Enormous Sinkhole Opened Up In Australia And Sucked In An Entire Beach

Inskip Point

Inskip Point in Australia looks like a small patch of paradise. Beautiful blue waters surround the peninsula; it is one of Queensland’s most beautiful places. Everything in the area remained normal, until one evening, everything changed.

September 24, 2018

The incident happened on September 24, 2018. According to reports, a huge void opened up along the shores of Inskip Point. It created a 25-foot-wide hole which makes people wonder what the future in the area holds. Many are concerned because this isn’t the only time something like this has happened. In 2015, a 650-foot-wide hole opened up in the ground and took everything in its path, including a caravan, tents, and another vehicle. Fortunately, there were no people around when it happened.

The Following Spring

The spring after the September 24th incident, another chunk of Inskip Point was lost. Again, nobody was around at the time, so nobody was injured. However, since this is becoming a regular occurrence, people are wondering when it will happen again. The weakness in the land is leaving may people concerned about Inskip Point’s future.

A Reason To Worry

Ever since the 2018 incident, experts warn that it will happen again. This has been causing great concern for the locals. The ocean entirely encircles Australia, and 85 percent of the residents live near the coast. There are over 31,000 miles of coastline in Australia, and the fact that it is at risk of disappearing is a scary thought. Beaches are the heart of the Australian way of life, and they are all being sucked up, never to be seen again, it could essentially destroy Australia’s coastline and a considerable portion of the economy.

Home and Away and Surfing

Home and Away is a very popular soap opera that is broadcast in more than 80 countries worldwide. The beach is also reflected in Australian songs, in films, and many Australian TV series. It isn’t just tourists who love the Australian shores. Most people who live in Australia live there because of the gorgeous beaches. According to a recent survey, 10 percent of the population surfs. Every year, thousands of people visit Australia just to ride the famous waves.

Famous Beaches

According to Vogue magazine, there are over 10,000 beaches to visit in Australia, and some are more popular than others. Bondi Beach in Sydney is a very popular destination for both the locals and tourists. Rainbow Beach is another very popular spot. There are only about 1,100 people living there, but thousands of people visit every year. This is why there are so many hotels and campgrounds around the beach.

Inskip Point’s History

Experts believe that Inskip Point was the first in the area where the Europeans settled. By the beginning of the 20th century, a school was built for the workers’ children to get an education. Inskip Point isn’t all beach. Along the coast, there is vibrant plant life, including trees and shrubs that birds have made their home.

Dwindling Tourism

While some people are worried about going to Inskip Point, there are many who still consider it the perfect vacation destination. Since the June 2011, incident; however, tourism has dropped a bit. On a June day, a hole materialized in the ground at Inskip Point. It started out very small but grew very quickly. Soon, the gap had swallowed up a vast amount of the beach, and the holes were 165-feet deep. There was nothing that anyone could do but watch helplessly.

Just the Beginning

Many locals believe that what is happening at Inskip Point is just the beginning. A Rainbow Beach worker named Greg Garing saw the holes appear in 2011. He says that the hole was the largest that he had ever come across throughout his career. He says that there were trees collapsing into the hole, being swallowed up. Also, he believes that this is just the beginning, and over the next several years, Australia’s coastline will be unrecognizable from what it is today.

Threatened Campsite

Four years after the first holes appeared, enough beach to cover a football field was swallowed up, right beside a campsite. According to a tourist who was there, Casey Hughes, it started with the sound of thunder. When people realized what was happening, they did their best to get their campers out of the area. Fortunately, 140 people managed to get away, but many did lose their camping gear and vehicles. What is happening in the area can be considered to be a landslip, and it is showing no signs of stopping. Only time will tell how much more of Australia’s coastline will disappear underneath the water. With this disruption in the coastline occurring, Australia is worried about their tourism, and the locals are concerned about their way of life being disrupted. An enormous sinkhole opened up in Australia and sucked in an entire beach. This has people panicked.

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