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An Instagram Star Began To Sell Her Bathwater By The Tub – And Within Days It Had All Sold Out


Since Instagram was introduced, it has really blown up. At the end of its first year, it had over 10 million users. This caught the attention of the already mega-successful, Facebook. Due to its popularity, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in the spring of 2012. In May 2019, just under a decade after it was launched, Instagram reached a billion users. Instagram Stars were born.

Famous Users

Due to the popularity of Instagram, many celebrities use it to let their fans know what they are up to during their everyday lives. Soccer superstar, Christiano Ronaldo has the most followers of anyone on Instagram, with 175 million followers. Celebrities including Dwayne Johnson, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez are right behind him.

Social Media Celebrities

While there are plenty of celebrities who have hundreds of thousands and millions of users, there are some people who have found success thanks to Instagram. These are people who likely wouldn’t have become famous if it weren’t for the social networking platform. Belle Delphine is one of these people. Over the last few years, she had built up a considerable fan base on Instagram.

Who Is Belle Delphine?

Belle lives in London, England, and she is an Instagram model. Belle is best known for her NSFW cosplay photos. Many of her photos are racy, which is part of the reason that she has over four million followers on Instagram. Like most Instagram models, she needs always to be thinking of new things to do to capture the attention of her followers and to keep them coming back. When she poses for NSFW photos in cosplay, she often makes a face that is described as “ahegao.” This is a phrase that refers to the expression that characters make in racy Japanese video games and comic books. Belle may be incredibly well-known, and even famous today, but things weren’t always that easy for her before Instagram.

Belle’s Early Life

Belle was born in South Africa. When she was young, she moved to England. She has always been a beautiful girl, and when she was a teenager living in England, she started getting modeling jobs. When she began posting photos on Facebook when she was 14-years-old, she started getting followers. A few years after she turned on the “following” option, she had over 100,000 followers, which were mostly girls. It was at that point that she had an idea.

Instagram Star’s The Campervan

Belle saved up her money for a year and bought herself a campervan. After traveling around France for a month, she returned home with the realization that she didn’t want to get a job. She knew that she didn’t want to work, so she thought that it would be a good idea to pursue what she had going in her “online world.” It was then that she started an Instagram account. She got herself a proper phone that took good pictures, and then, she says, “things blew up.” She did take jobs in the service industry so that she would have exploits for her Instagram account. And she took jobs making coffee, working as a waitress, working as a dishwasher, and even took babysitting jobs.

Pornhub Of Instagram Star

In June 2019, she posted a very racy photo on social media. She told her followers that if her photo got a million likes, she would create a channel on the adult website, Pornhub. She stood by her word and did what she said she would do, but there was a twist. Each of her videos had very descriptive titles, but the videos were harmless. This stunt hit the news when the British newspaper, the Metro covered her story. Just a month later, she found herself in the news again because of her bathtub photo.

July 2019

In July 2019, Belle came up with a strange and outrageous way to remain relevant, and also to make some money. She posted a short video of herself wearing a swimsuit in the bathtub. In the video, she was filling small containers with her bathwater. Next, she explained that each of the containers of bathwater would be available in her official store.

Gamer Girl Bathwater

Belle was selling her jars of bathwater on her official online store for $30 each. The description read, “Bottled while I’m playing in the bath. This really is bathwater. This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

Another Interview

This stunt also caught the attention of the Metro. They asked her to explain where this idea first came about. She told the reporter that there is a joke in the gaming community where people say, “Let me drink your bathwater.” This gave her the idea, but she never expected to sell out so quickly. In just two days she sold 500 bottles of bathwater, which earned her $15,000. It’s incredible how Instagram can easily make a person a celebrity. An Instagram Star Began To Sell Her Bathwater By The Tub – And Within Days It Had All Sold Out. This is proof of the power of Instagram.

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