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An Old Man Was Holding Up The Line At McDonald’s, So This Builder Decided Enough Was Enough

Waiting In Line

Most people hate to wait in line. Standing there waiting to get what you want can be infuriating. This is especially true when the line seems to be going very slow. When you are in a long, slow line, the only thing that you can do is wait and hope that your patience holds out until it is finally your turn.

Dave Love

Dave Love is a tradesman from Bendigo, Australia and he has some experience with long lines. In June 2018, he asked his longtime girlfriend, Melanie Langley to marry him. Melanie is an entrepreneur who runs a Facebook page called Six Figure Collective. When Dave asked, Melanie immediately said yes. It was her dream to marry Dave one day and finally that was coming true. She wanted to marry Dave because she loved him. She also wanted to marry him because he was kind. He showed this to her every day. One day, Melanie was able to capture one of Dave’s acts of kindness on video. An old man was holding up the line at McDonald’s, so this builder decided enough was enough.

A Trip To McDonald’s

Dave and Melanie often stopped by their local McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat. Sure, it wasn’t the healthiest food in the world but it tasted good, and it was quick. These were two things that Melanie and Dave were looking for on that day.

The Old Man

Dave placed an order for himself and Melanie, and he moved down in line to wait for his food. While waiting, the next customer in line caught his attention. There was an elderly man who was sorting through loose change so that he could pay for his meal. Dave saw what was going on. He looked back at the long line and realized that the man was holding it up the line. Melanie was filming the whole thing on her phone.

Paying For the Man’s Food

Dave saw the man struggling, so he took out his wallet and paid for the man’s meal. He told him to put his money back in his pocket. The cashier smiled at Dave and told the elderly man that all of that change was going to weigh him down. The elderly man told Dave that it was nice to know that there will still nice people in the world. Melanie was thrilled that she was capturing this amazing moment on video. It was further proof of what a great guy her future husband was.

The Kindness Doesn’t Stop There

When the elderly man moved down by Dave to wait for his food, Dave took out his wallet again. He handed the man some money and told him to save it for his next coffee. The man smiled and told Dave that he was a gentleman and he thanked him. When Dave went and sat back down, he made sure that Melanie hadn’t been filming him. She assured him that she hadn’t.

The Filming Continues

Melanie kept filming without Dave knowing, and he began telling her why he did what he did. He said that he just wanted to help the old guy out. He said that he lived on a pension, he was down to his last $20 and he just wanted to pay for his breakfast. Dave said that it wasn’t right that he had to pay for his breakfast in change, so he decided to buy it for him. He told her that he gave him an extra $20 for the next time. He told Melanie that it was what life was all about. Finally, he asked her again if she was filming. Melanie assured her future husband that she wasn’t.

Uploading the Video

Even though Melanie assured Dave that she didn’t film what he did in McDonald’s, she posted it on Facebook. She wanted everyone to see what a wonderful man she was engaged to. Along with the video, she posted a caption. She wrote, “This man melts my heart. I had no idea what he was up to as he ordered his morning coffee, but I quickly realized and couldn’t not video this incredible act of kindness. Your true character is revealed when nobody is watching. Oh and wouldn’t you believe it, his last name is Love. He bought the man’s coffee and breakfast and gave him $20. I told him I wasn’t filming because if he knew he would tell me to turn it off.

An Internet Sensation

Melanie uploaded the video expecting her friends and family members to see her fiance’s act of kindness. She never expected Dave to become an internet sensation. After posting the video, it received over 4.2 million views. It also received 80,000 likes and close to 60,000 shares. Over 17,000 people commented on the video praising Dave’s actions.

Seeing His Dad

When the video went viral, Dave posted a comment regarding why he did what he did. He said that the man reminded him of his dad. His father worked his whole life and lived off a small pension, just like this man. Fortunately, the man, whose name was Burt, also got something from the video. McDonald’s gifted him a year-long supply of food from their chain.

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