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Ancient Egyptians Created Their Own Zodiac Signs – And Here’s What Yours Reveals About You


Some people believe in horoscopes. They wake up every morning and check their horoscopes, and they use this information to figure out how to maneuver through the day. Some people believe in horoscopes so much that they make important decisions based on what they read about their zodiac signs. And some people find this crazy, but others really do believe. Some people believe so much in astrology that they won’t leave the house if they read something negative in their horoscope.

Zodiac Signs

Many people believe that their zodiac sign says something important about who they are. Some believe that it is nonsense. For example, Aries is said to be eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive. Taurus is strong, dependable, sensual, and creative. Geminis are versatile, expressive, curious, and kind. Cancers are intuitive, sentimental, compassionate, and protective. If you are a Leo, you are said to be dramatic, outgoing, fiery, and self- assured. Virgos safe, practical, loyal, gentle, and analytical. Libras are social, fair-minded, diplomatic, and gracious. Scorpios are passionate, stubborn, resourceful, and brave. Sagittarius is extroverted, optimistic, funny, and generous. Capricorns are serious, disciplined, and independent. Aquarius is said to be deep, imaginative, original, and uncompromising. Finally, Pieces are affectionate, empathetic, wise, and artistic. Each sign is different.

Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians believed in Zodiac symbols, but they are nothing like the ones that we use today. They also used a different dating system. Each of the 12 Egyptian Zodiac signs covered from two to four short periods as opposed to the monthly ones that we use today. Ancient Egyptians Created Their Own Zodiac Signs – And Here’s What Yours Reveals About You.


Bastet was a sign that covered birthdays from July 14 to 28, September 23 to 27, and October 3 to 17. She was an Egyptian goddess whose portfolio included love, pleasure, and cats. Anyone born under this sign was said to be well-adjusted and avoided stress and conflict. When it came to understanding others, people under this sign were said to have the gift of understanding others. The ancient people believed that these people had the gift of foresight. Because people who fell under this sign could understand others, it made people believe that these people could see into them and that they had powers.


Those who fell under the Nile symbol were born between January 1 to 7, June 19 to 28, September 1 to 7, and November 18 to 26. This sign is different than all the other signs that were gods or goddesses, and the Nile is a river. The people who were born on these dates are said to be passionate and prone to mood swings. A person who fell under this sign felt very strongly about their convictions. They felt so strongly, in fact, that it would cause them to become very happy, very agitated, or down. Despite this, these people were considered to be emotionally intelligent and generous, which made them popular with others.


Osiris is a god, Osiris had a brief that included the afterlife, resurrection, booze, a strange mixture of agriculture and farming, partying and death. His star sign belongs to those who were born between March 1 to 10 and November 27 to 18. Babies were known to have grown up with feisty tempers and a powerful sense of empathy. Even though a person could lose their temper quickly, they felt empathy, which calmed them quickly, helping them understand others. They had sharp tongues that were tempered by their natural kindness. When a person would become angry and lash out, their natural kindness would show through, making them very likable people.


People born between July 29 to August 11 and October 30 to November 7 had an Egyptian Zodiac sign of Sekhmet. Sekhmet was a goddess who believed in both war and healing. People under this sign had a contradictory view on life. Things were either black or white, with a little bit of gray in between. They had a temper but were able to attract others with their intelligence and appreciation of beauty.

Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians believed as much in their Zodiac chart as many people today do. They even used a person’s astrological sign to make excuses for poor behavior and also to choose who they were going to spend time with. The ancient Egyptians put a lot of stock into their zodiac chart, similar to the way that we do today. If you go on Wikipedia, they dismiss astrology as pseudoscience, but there are plenty of people, past and present, who dispute this. If the ancient Egyptians had Wikipedia, they would have disputed this. Although they lived thousands of years ago, they believed as much as many people do today that we can tell a lot about a person with their birthdays and using the stars.

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