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Astounding Actors With Their Stunt Doubles

Hello everyone and welcome back to another special video. Today, we are exploring 25 incredible stunt doubles and their acting counterparts. These dynamic duos had viewers duped major action-packed scenes were done by their favorite actor. However, there is a well-kept secret hidden behind the curtain.

Stunt doubles are a necessity for television, films, and just about any production with intense action. Stunt doubles risk their lives to create dramatic and spectacular performances. From Marvel actors to your favorite A-listers, almost everyone has used a stunt double. Let’s take a look at these talented individuals and their celebrity pairs. This is Facts Verse Presents: Astounding Actors With Their Stunt Doubles. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more. Click that notification bell to ensure you never miss a new upload.

NUMBER ONE: Charlize and Alicia

Actress Charlize Theron has worked with an array of stunt doubles in her career. This includes Alicia Vela-Bailey. In fact, Alicia’s role as Charlize came in a music video, not in a movie. The music video “Crossfire,” by Brandon Flowers, featured Alicia fighting in order to save Brandon. Charlize shines as the hero in her role, however, Alicia played a large part in the success.

NUMBER TWO: John and Nick

John Travolta has made many onscreen appearances in fan-favorite films such as Pulp Fiction and Hairspray. However, one of his best stunt doubles was Nick Loren. Nick played John during the action scenes in his role for The Forger. In fact, Nick Loren had his own acting role in the film. It isn’t uncommon for stunt doubles to have acting experience as well.

NUMBER THREE: Mark and Anthony

Mark Ruffalo and his stunt double for the film “Now You See Me,” Anthony Molinari, have been mistaken for twins! The two look so similar, with dark curly hair and nearly identical facial features. The movie’s plot is all about magicians and their incredible ability to deceive whoever they need to, whenever they need to. However, it may have been the viewers who got tricked! This pair is truly one of the closest matches for a stunt double and actor in film history. In fact, it is common for stunt doubles and actors to only have important features alike such as body shape, body type, and hair color. Therefore this duo is one for the books.

NUMBER FOUR: Jennifer and Daniel

While it’s not every day a male portrays a female as a stunt double… it did happen with Jennifer Lopez and Daniel Arroyo. That’s right! Daniel played Jennifer during her music video for “Follow The Leader.” The music video is intense, featuring professional stunts and moves. For this role, Daniel had the exact same outfit and hairstyle as Jennifer. This further proves stunt doubles can make scenes look realistic as long as they have the important features in common.

NUMBER FIVE: Patrick and Carl

Patrick Dempsey had a role in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. His stunt double, Carl Paoli, was responsible for all the amazing action scenes you saw in the film on Patrick’s behalf. The pair dressed identical, with the same tattered clothes. For the scene, the stunt double was covered in dirt and makeup injuries in order to match Patrick’s role in the film. As we mentioned before, stunt doubles need to have the most important features of the actor to make the scenes believable.

NUMBER SIX: Shia and Colin

Shia Labeouf starred in the Transformers franchise. During his time, he paired up with stunt double Colin Follenweider. Shia and Colin do not look identical, however, their body types, hair, and outfits matched for the movie. There were a lot of action-packed stunts in the film, as Transformers films are all about action.

NUMBER SEVEN: Reese and Marny

In 2015’s “Hot Pursuit,” Reese’s stunt double was Marny Eng. Reese’s role as a police officer involved many stunts, high-speed chases, and intense physical activity. A stunt double is usually necessary when portraying an officer or agent. Reese and Marny share a lot of similarities and could be mistaken for each other with a quick glance. The duo wore a classic policewoman uniform for their scenes.

NUMBER EIGHT: Sarah and Sophia

Sarah Michelle Gellar shined in her role of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the help of stuntwoman Sophia Crawford. Sophia is also a martial artist who has been featured in various films including G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, and Poseidon.

NUMBER NINE: Robert and Paul

Star of the Twilight film series, Robert Pattinson, worked with Paul Darnell for all the fan-favorite stunts seen in the series. Robert and Paul look similar, with their hairstyle almost identical. Paul wore the classic “Edward” outfit for his stunts, adding to the believability.

NUMBER TEN: Shailene and Alicia

Shailene Woodley worked with the same stuntwoman as Charlize Theron. Alicia Vela-Bailey stunted for Shailene in Divergent. The role required martial arts moves with intense action. Interestingly enough, Alicia’s former training was in gymnastics and dance, not martial arts. The film required jumping off buildings, fighting, and running. Regardless, Alicia made the stunts believable with her extensive training in the industry.

NUMBER ELEVEN: Christian and Marc

Christian Slater and his stunt double Marc Shaffer worked together for the ABC series “The Forgotten.” The duo look identical, which makes the stunt scenes that much more believable. In fact, the show was canceled after just one season, however, fans applauded the stunt work. The plot of the show revolved around amateur detectives solving cases.

NUMBER TWELVE: Regina and Dartenea

Regina King worked with Dartenea Bryant for her role in Southland, a crime drama. The show was popular and aired from 2009 to 2013. Regina was a detective. The role involved a lot of stunt work. Dartenea made the role believable, helping the show to stay on the air for 4 years.


Uma Thurman played a very popular role on Kill Bill: Vol 1. Uma and Zoe have a lot in common, even down to their facial features. This combo could be mistaken for one another. Zoe is an accomplished stuntwoman in Hollywood. Some of her other projects include Death Proof, Final Destination, and Iron Man. Furthermore, Zoe acts as well.


Chris Evans and his stunt double Sam Hargrave worked together for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The duo sported matching outfits, similar hairstyles, and casual clothes for Chris’s scene in the movie. Stunt doubles should look as close to the actor/actress as possible.

NUMBER FIFTEEN: Kate and Sarah

All-time favorite movie, The Titanic, is filled with drama and romance, but action…? Apparently actress Kate Winslet needed a stunt double for her role as Rose. The talented Sarah Franzl played Rose during scenes with action. In fact, Sarah is a very popular stuntwoman in Hollywood, landing films such as Harry Potter, Fast and Furious, and the Avengers.

NUMBER SIXTEEN: Andrew and William

Andrew Garfield starred in The Amazing Spiderman 2. His role undoubtedly required a stuntman. This is where William Spencer excelled. William is a talented and experienced stuntman. In fact, William is a professional skateboarder as well. This training helped him with all the moves and tricks needed to make the role of Spiderman believable. The action scenes were physically demanding and required professional training. Also, Andrew and William naturally look similar.


Tom Hardy needed a stuntman for his role in Mad Max: Fury Road. Jacob Tomuri performed well in the action scenes. In fact, Jacob has been seen in other films as a stuntman such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Revenant. Jacob even appeared in Peter Pan and Avatar, however in these roles, he was acting.

NUMBER EIGHTEEN: Carrie and Tracy

Carrie Fisher starred in Star Wars. For her role, a stuntwoman was required. This is when producers brought on Tracy Eddon. Tracy is an accomplished stuntwoman, making cameos on Harry Potter, Doctor Strange, Mission Impossible, and Death Hollow.

NUMBER NINETEEN: Bruce and Stuart

Bruce Willis and Stuart Wilson are a stunt duo that has worked together on multiple films including Looper, The Expendables, and A Good Day to Die Hard. In addition to his stuntman work, Stuart also directs/choreographs stunts. Bruce has worked with many stuntmen for various roles, however, Stuart is the best fit.

NUMBER TWENTY: Tom and Casey

Tom Cruise and Casey O’Neill worked together for the film “Knight and Day.” While it is true Tom performed some of the stunts himself, including the popular motorcycle scene, more difficult stunts were done by Casey. The pair could be mistaken for one another, as they naturally have similar features. Casey is no stranger to stunting, as he has performed in Westworld, Tim Peaks, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

NUMBER TWENTY-ONE: Emma and Martin

Emma Watson’s role in Harry Potter was celebrated for her fine acting skills. However, Emma needed a stunt double for the series. Emma has used various stunt doubles for different films. One of these included Martin Bayfield, a ruby player.


Brad Pitt’s role in World War Z was a major success. His stunt double, David Paterson, did an amazing job with all the action-packed scenes. With a wig and hair/makeup, David strongly resembled Brad.

NUMBER TWENTY-THREE: Annie’s Stunt Double

While filming 2014’s “Annie,” Quvenzhane Wallis worked with an adult stuntwoman. This was surprising, as Quvenzhane starred in the role as a child. However, the stuntwoman had very similar features and was even around the actress’s height.

NUMBER TWENTY-FOUR: January’s Stunt Double

January Jones starred in X-Men: First Class. During the film, January uses a stuntwoman to help create the dramatic, action-packed scenes. Her role as Emma Frost (White Queen) is completed with the help of a talented stuntwoman. Not to mention, the duo looked identical in January’s classic white queen attire. The outfit included knee-high boots and a furry hat.


Hugh Jackman and stuntman Eddie Davenport worked together for the film “Logan.” Logan was a top-selling X-Men film, ranking as one of the highest revenue films of 2017. In fact, Eddie worked on other successful films such as Captain America and Real Steel.

Thank you guys for tuning into this video! We hope you learned all of the incredible stunt doubles that work hard to make your favorite action films a success. Many of the stunt doubles could pass as the actor/actress. Producers and casting directors have an important job when selecting the right stunt double for a film or TV series. Often times stunt doubles do not get the credit they receive. We hope you have a new perspective on these talented individuals. Make sure to give this video a ‘thumbs up’ if you enjoyed and subscribe to our channel for more. Let us know down in the comment box below which duo surprised you most and what you think of stunt doubles in Hollywood. Thanks again and we’ll see you in the next one!

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